Netizens ask why so cheesy?

From cheese dosa to cheese pav bhaji to cheese masala papad to cheese samosa, it is cheese, cheese and cheese everywhere you turn , slowly becoming a national obsession
Netizens ask why so cheesy?
Netizens ask why so cheesy?
Published on Sep 22, 2021 03:15 PM IST
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You may have steered clear of cheesy pick-up lines in the past, but you can’t avoid grated cheese on your next plate of pav bhaji. With appetizing and ‘gratest’ #cheesegoals being set every second, we must say we are not complaining after all sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I do dis a brie? From cheese dosa to cheese pav bhaji to cheese masala papad to cheese samosa, it is cheese, cheese and cheese everywhere you turn and it is sure to become an obsession. “From cheese omelette to cheese dabeli, people are experimenting with cheese even more and that fact is people eating it are loving it even more, now do you actually believe, Cheeeeese badi he mast mast,” rightly puts Gaurav Wassan, Food explorer and founder, Swad Official.

Cheese and its inherent beauty will continue to gain traction on social media, for cheese lovers are in no mood to dial it down. “Instagram is where food trends are born, go viral and then drift into oblivion. Cheese is having its moment with it being lavishly grated on chaat, pizza and even ice cream! Fusion is the latest food fad and grated cheese is a quick way to make gol gappa chaat to cheela go western by topping it up with grated cheese. It also makes for drool worthy food reels and boomerangs on Instagram,” adds Vishakha Talreja, lifestyle influencer.

The visual of cheese being grated does whet the appetite and make us crave cheese on every dish. For Gagandeep Singh, Executive Chef, Roseate Hotels and Resorts, grated cheese is a delectably edible, convenient and gastronomically feted glue that binds, holds and fuses things together to rustle up things from pasta and pizza to risotto and salad or even a toast.

For most, till the time cheese screamed out of pizza, it was okay but they don’t want their dosa to be cheese burst. The trend has definitely cheesed off some puritans. “I think the introduction of cheese, at least in street food, has destroyed the taste of many dishes. All you see nowadays is loads of cheese on everything, be it samosa or dosa or even paranthas for that matter,” says Sahil Jain, Tandooribeer.

We may like our puns to be cheesy but some are definitely not cheesily pleased with the trend, “Everyone is trying to be innovative. In their zeal without knowledge of which flavour will go well with what they try to do certain fusion which mostly results in confusion. Though I am not against people trying, such flavours should be introduced in the market only after test marketing so that customers do not end up suffering with food debacle,” says Pawan Soni, food critic and traveller - Indian Food Freak.

“India has not historically been a cheese country. Cheese was mostly used for sandwiches or to make dishes that could be served as evening dishes or cocktail accompaniments. In recent years, the use of cheese and cheese spreads has become more common in India,” adds Palash Ghosh, Executive Chef , Taj Hotel & Convention Centre Agra.

Some feel that street food, which has gained us global acclaim, may lose its essence because of such senseless experiments. But trends do always have takers and critics and if you are the kind who likes pure cheesiness from start to finish, we say cheeeeese!

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