Who is a Lightworker?

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
Apr 13, 2004 11:40 AM IST

Being a Lightworker reflects a passion for seeing everything in the Light of God, the Infinite Omnipresent Energy to which we all return.

The term Lightworker has been used by me often enough, in my writings, yet a number of people have still not probed the depth of the meaning of this magnificent word!

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The collective consciousness of the world is a conglomeration of light and dark, and for the light to exist, we must have the dark, so that the polarity throws up the contrast, to help us understand the intensity of the Light.

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The objective in choosing to be a Lightworker reflects a passion for seeing everything in the Light of God, the Infinite Omnipresent Energy to which we must all return. The question is not whether we shall all return to our original Lightness, but 'when' we can make it our mission to do so. And the time is NOW!

When we give Intent for turning into Light Beings, and changing the world around us into the Light, we have started the process, subtly and unmistakably, at that precise moment. Dear ones, do you not see how the Universe celebrates each one of you who chooses this path of life? For this is exactly what we have come to achieve, when we stood in line before the Powers that be, and stated unequivocally, that we shall work for the Light of Ascension in this Age of Enlightenment. The vow was made, and we shall remember that the purpose of our existence on Earth at this time is to fulfill the Divine Plan!
Master Kirael, a great Being of Light has channeled thus:

"When you become cognizant of the fact that you are a light particle banded together in a conglomeration of thought energy, you also become aware that you live in a perfect reality, which is shaped by the collective consciousness of human experience. The collective consciousness has been ruled for a long time by a source that is not of the highest light, and the part of the source which you are is the part that you no longer want to open yourself to.

Yet, in order to discover what might be dimmed in your own world, are you not wholly responsible to take the journey to inspect every aspect of your light? That being the case, what if it leads you into that over-mastermind which has permeated the entire force of human consciousness? Well, if you were to enter into it and hold your light the highest and the brightest, you would begin to consciously connect more and more others to the source of evolution. You would begin to enlighten the whole of your reality.

You are light particles. Even the darkest of energies on your planet is a light particle. It has infused itself into a non-looking, non-bearing, non-questioning space. Hence, it leaves itself open to the slowness of the dimmed energy.

But when you become enlightened, you become personified in light, you begin to feel a vibration that causes question after question, a need to find out more, a desire which is insatiable. And that is what a Lightworker looks like - an insatiable desire to spread its light so it can find more light, until it can tie itself into the whole of all light, until that which is considered to be the light of dimness is merged and dissipated. And then the darkness becomes part of the light, and the light shines within it.

What happened to the dim that was surrounding you? Has it moved away from you? No, it lit up all around you. Isn't that a beautiful thought? That is how you piece it together. One heart at a time. And there is your answer."

You too are a Lightworker! Recognise your Power!

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