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Can eating curd in winters make you sick? Nutritionist busts myths

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Dec 06, 2022 05:42 PM IST

We often skip curd or dahi during winter thinking it would raise risk of cold and cough. But is curd harmful or a must-have during cold weather? Know from expert.

Curd or dahi is a healthy probiotic with high amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals with low carbs. Having it with your meals in the form of raita, yoghurt or buttermilk can enhance taste of your food and boost digestion. But many people tend to skip curd during winter season thinking it would increase their risk of cold and cough. Parents also discourage children from having curd in winters especially in the night. But is card intake really harmful in cold weather? Here's what a nutritionist says. (Also read: Curd vs buttermilk: Nutritionist on why chaach is better than dahi)

Curd is considered a super-nutritious food and is packed with good bacteria(Pinterest)
Curd is considered a super-nutritious food and is packed with good bacteria(Pinterest)

"Curd is considered a super-nutritious food and is packed with high amount of good bacteria like lactobacillus acidophilus, lactococcus lactis, lactococcus lactis cremoris etc and good quality protein. Add to this calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B2 and B12 and you get nothing short of a treasure trove of nutrients," says Haripriya. N. Executive Nutritionist, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Chennai – OMR Branch.

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Haripriya says there is no reason to include curd in the list of 'to-avoid' foods during winter season and busts certain myths regarding curd consumption in winters.

Myth 1: Consuming curd during winter season may lead to cold and cough

Fact: Curd is a perfect food or dessert to be consumed during winters as it contains probiotic and vitamins helpful in improving the immune system irrespective of any season. But remember to take it at a room temperature.

Myth 2: Curd should not be consumed at night

Fact: It’s a myth. Curd can be a good side dish to have in dinner. In fact it can be quite relaxing. It helps release a unique amino acid called tryptophan in the brain which calms one down and helps one think clearly. As a matter of fact your neurons get recharged with a mild rest because of Tryptophan.

Myth 3: Lactating mothers must avoid curd as it can cause cold in both mother and baby

Fact: That isn't true. Only the nutrients will pass via breastmilk to infant and it will not cause any cold or infection as breastmilk is rich in immunoglobulins. The active bacteria in the curd helps fight disease-causing germs and keep your gut healthy by improving digestion. Curd is packed with vitamin and protein along with lactobacillus which gives your immune system a boost. Raita or curd rice can be consumed by the lactating mothers to meet up their calcium requirement and good quality protein.

Myth 4: Kids should avoid curd in winters

Fact: Curd is an excellent immunity builder, has anti-inflammatory property and also boosts WBC synthesis. Hence, kids must be encouraged to eat curd in any form but make sure it is at the room temperature and not from the refrigerator. You can add fruits and vegetables to the curd or yoghurt to make a tastier and nutrient-dense evening snack. You can also add oats or breakfast cereal in curd to make it a perfect meal.

Myth 5: Avoid curd if trying to lose weight

Fact: It’s not true. Consuming healthy fatty acids is also equally important for the weight loss. Intake of curd made from low fat milk or skimmed milk will not increase the saturated fats or make you fat. Apart from fat, curd is also packed with calcium, Vitamin D, potassium and protein which make it a perfect combo of nutrients for better absorption.

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