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Vitamin H brings us closer to the people we love and heals us

Hug and be happy.

opinion Updated: Mar 04, 2016 22:03 IST

A sky writer draws a smiley face in the sky at the start of the Los Angeles County Air Show in a file photo.(Reuters)

Hugs are a part of my daily life, I can’t do without them. I need to hug my parents, my children, my family, my friends, and even my dogs. Hugs give me a ‘feel good’ feeling. I meet a friend, I need to hug him or her and say goodbye with a hug. People might think I’m crazy that I hug too much. But for me, this essential ‘Vitamin H’ not only brings us closer to the people we love, it connects us to them and in turn, heals us. It re-establishes the emotional bond with that person. When you hold and trust them, you make them feel loved and tell them without words that they are a very special part of your life.

As a teenager, I had once become shy of hugging, especially uncles and aunts who had brought me up in their arms. Realising my embarrassment, my uncle then told me, “You will never be old enough for me to not hug you.” I felt small and understood that I had been hurting the very people who had loved me all my life.

Today, I think my son, too, is going through the same stage, especially since he’s a teenager. “Mum, I am a big boy now…please…Hugs in private only,” he reprimanded me one day.

I told him that if he was old enough for me to not hug him, then he should start touching my feet in public. The pact was made, and the next time I met him, I stopped myself from giving him that loving hug. He was running around and picking up all his stuff when all of a sudden, he turned around and told me, “Mum, you forgot to hug me.” When I reminded him of ‘the pact’, his reply touched my heart: “Oh ma! Who cares? I need your hugs!” I suppose my son is just like me, a hugger.

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