Game of Thrones Episode 5 spoiler-free review: The Door

  • Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 23, 2016 17:06 IST
The Door could very well be the best episode of the season so far. (HBO)

After almost losing hope with the current season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, our interest has finally been redirected to the things about the brilliant series we fell in love with five years ago: George RR Martin and his storytelling.

Bran will play a pivotal role in the series now from what the episode has decreed. (HBO)

The Door has reminded us what great plot twists are, the endings that beloved characters deserve and how a single show can have elements of so many genres without making it seem pushed or chaotic. Internet peeps are claiming this was maybe the most gut-wrenching episode after The Red Wedding and we agree.

Yes, we have had plenty gut-wrenching episodes in between --- Sansa’s wedding night with Ramsay, Cersei’s walk of shame--- but this one doesn’t involve nudity or the element of shock. Martin, who told the creators what and how the story will unfold, uses only the power of our love for a character and the inevitability of what happened to give this episode one of the saddest endings in the series.

How can Sansa still be so gullible after all that has happened? Apparently hardships don’t change everyone. (HBO)

However, the episode is still not short of disappointments (if only GRRM finished that damned book in time): Sansa lets Littlefinger know how she can get him killed for throwing her to the Boltons but even then, by the end of the scene it is Littlefinger who wins, yet again. He is still able to control Sansa’s gullible mind, disappointing all fans who thought Sansa will not let anyone take advantage of her naiveté.

The Greyjoys tangent has no connection to the rest of the plot and as much as we felt for Theon and his misery last season, we couldn’t care less about him and his way-too-confident uncle.

Even then, The Door has set a lot of things in motion and guys, Bran is important.

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