Game of Thrones Season 6: Here’re the 4 clips you should’ve seen by now

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  • Updated: Apr 13, 2016 20:59 IST
Daenerys has been taken prisoner by the Dothraki. (HBO)

What do we want? Game of Thrones season 6! When do we want it? Right now!

Your favourite TV show’s newest season is still 10 days away (it starts on XYZ on April 24), and before your excitement reaches its peak, here’s a small gift for you: All the four scenes from the series released so far. Don’t worry, they reveal nothing you don’t know already and do not spoil anything either. If anything, they only build the tension and leave you wanting for more.

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Here is one with Ser Davos Seaworth guarding Jon Snow’s corpse from the men of the Night’s Watch who killed him last season. There is also Jon Snow’s pet direwolf, Ghost, by his side, ready to attack the men on the other side of the gate.


Here is another: A conversation between Cersei and Jaime where she is still reeling under the pain of losing her daughter, Myrcella.

The High Sparrow and his men should take shelter and hide and so should Ellaria Sand because Cersei doesn’t look happy at all.

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Here’s one where Daenerys has been taken prisoner by the Dothraki. The men push her and make fun of her, calling her Khaleesi and their intentions do not seem kind at all.

The final one. Here Sansa and Theon are running away from Ramsay Bolton and his army. Looks like they did make it out alive. You can hear dogs howling in the background, so they are indeed being chased by Ramsay’s men. They arrive at an icy river but there is no boat to take them across.

Don’t know about you, but we surely think this season is going to be absolutely epic. It airs in India on April 24.

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