Pak Army gives weapons, training to IS in Afghanistan: Former fighters

  • PTI, Kabul
  • Updated: Feb 25, 2016 20:42 IST
Afghans listen to a radio broadcast run by the Islamic State terrorists, in the eastern city of Jalalabad. (REUTERS File Photo)

Former members of the Islamic State have revealed that Pakistan’s military provides weapons and training to group’s fighters in Afghanistan and instructs them to kill the “infidel” Afghan forces.

“Pakistani military gave us weapons and used to tell us that Afghan forces are infidels and you must kill them,” Zaitoon, a former IS fighter who laid down his arms and joined the peace talks, was quoted as saying by the TOLO news on Wednesday.

Arabistan, Zaitoon’s co-fighter, said: “I was tasked to fight in Nazian district [in Nangarhar]. We used to present our daily report to Punjabis and Pakistanis and they encouraged us to fight the Afghan government.”

The 10-member group has joined the peace process due to efforts by the High Peace Council office in the province and also with the help of the Afghan security forces, said chairman of Nangarhar Provincial Council Malik Nazir.

“There were 24 men in two groups – the first group was 14 Taliban fighters and the second group included 10 Daesh fighters who for the first time joined the peace process,” Nazir added.

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