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‘Losers need attention’: Andrew Tate slams streamers, ignites feud with Sneako

ByVedanth Shinde
Oct 06, 2023 04:53 PM IST

Andrew Tate's comments on streamers lead to a feud with Sneako, sparking controversy and online backlash

In a recent livestream on Rumble, Andrew Tate made some critical remarks about certain streamers, referring to them as individuals lacking talent, seeking attention, and having a dearth of experience and knowledge. These comments stirred up quite a bit of controversy within the online community, with various X accounts suggesting that Andrew's comments were specifically directed at Sneako.

Online clash: Andrew Tate's streamer remarks ignite feud with Sneako. (@Cobratate/Twitter. X, sneako/Instagram)(Twitter. X, Instagram)
Online clash: Andrew Tate's streamer remarks ignite feud with Sneako. (@Cobratate/Twitter. X, sneako/Instagram)(Twitter. X, Instagram)

Sneako wasted no time in responding to Andrew Tate's remarks. His reaction was composed but disappointed and confused, questioning why Andrew would choose to press matters at hand.

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Sneako replied to the clip, saying, “I agree with a lot of the message. I obviously have some disagreements with the messenger, but I don't think it makes sense to go around insulting, name-calling, and belittling the work I do.”

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When addressing the incident, Tristan became visibly agitated, furiously stressing that Andrew had never mentioned Sneako's name while making those comments.

The allegations made by the various Twitter accounts emphasize that they entertained no fear of openly naming individuals if they had an issue with them. Furthermore, Andrew claimed that Sneako's personal insecurities led him to perceive the statements as directed at him, despite the absence of any specific name mention.

In the video that circulated on social media, Andrew said, “Losers need attention to sell their content, and none of them have any talent, none of them are insightful, none of them have any wisdom or life experience, and none of them have anything to teach you.”

Andrew also made statements in the clip, mentioning, “I don't think I will be surprised by how low they will sink, and if hanging around with OnlyFans girls is going to get them some attention, then they're going to do it.”

Tristan Tate, on the other hand, spoke of Sneako as a younger brother to him. Andrew interjected, saying, "If I say a name, I mean it, and if I don't say a name, I don't mean it at you," and went on to clarify that he would unhesitatingly call someone out if he had a problem with them.

Fans in the online community found it difficult to accept that these remarks were not directed at Sneako, saying Andrew was backtracking on Sneako after downgrading him.

Additionally, some argued that this situation showcased Sneako's emotional vulnerability and lack of control over his feelings.

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Various users online supported Andrew's remarks, suggesting that Sneako and N3on were the most likely targets of his criticism, but this certainly does not make the relationship between the two influencers better anytime soon.

According to Andrew, certain streamers were characterized as losers, lacking talent, and desperate for attention, willing to do whatever it took to boost their streams and gain viewers.

However, Andrew faced backlash due to his comments, with many in the online community labelling him as irrational and asserting that he was in no position to pass judgment on others. Some also pointed out that Andrew had compromised his own standards to ensure financial gains.

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