Bigg Boss OTT: Karan Johar 'only discussed fights, hungama and controversies,' says Karan Nath

  • Karan Nath was recently evicted from Bigg Boss OTT. The actor has now opened up about Karan Johar's hosting skills.
Karan Nath talked about Karan Johar as host of Bigg Boss OTT.
Karan Nath talked about Karan Johar as host of Bigg Boss OTT.
Published on Aug 24, 2021 06:13 PM IST
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Karan Johar has not been receiving love from Bigg Boss OTT fans, especially after the recent Sunday Ka Vaar episode. Several viewers felt he was biased towards Shamita Shetty. Now, Karan Nath has shared his views on Karan Johar's hosting skills.

The Bigg Boss OTT contestant was evicted on Sunday along with Ridhima Pandit. In a recent interview, Karan Nath said that while Karan Johar is an entertaining host, he only seems to be discussing controversies.

"He is very entertaining as a host, no doubts on that. What I didn’t like was that my niceness was ignored completely. He only discussed fights, hungama and controversies. If you are going to only highlight that, what is the kind of example you are setting? The good things should also be put forth for people to understand and know me better," Karan Nath told

On Sunday's episode, Karan Johar pulled up Zeeshan for his comment: “Ladki ho toh daayre mein raho (You are a girl, stay in your limits)”. The host said that it was the 'most misogynistic remark (he's) heard recently.' He added, "This remark of yours reeks of misogyny and chauvinism."

Following the episode, Millind Gaba and Zeeshan Khan discussed Karan and called him a 'biased' host. As reported by Zoom, Zeeshan said, "I was termed a misogynist because of that once sentence and the 1000 sentences that were thrown at me by Akshara (Singh) went unnoticed."

Millind added, "You spoke about her daayra (limits) and he (Karan Johar) asked about every female contestant's perception, but he never spoke to any of the boys, why?" Suggesting that Karan allowed only Shamita Shetty to speak but no one else, he said, "I found him biased."

Suyyash Rai too criticised Karan's hosting skills after the director-producer's fight with Divya Agarwal. Divya had said she would 'nominate' Karan for elimination. Karan mentioned her statement on Sunday's episode and Divya said it was a joke. Karan asked Divya to not mention his name inside the house if she cannot give him respect.

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The argument led to Suyyash penning a series of notes on Instagram. "Dear Karan Johar, come let me burst your bubble. You aren't Salman Khan. Try talking sense. Never knew KJo is such a loser. Dear KJo, you fkin check your tone next time then expect others to speak with you nicely. And you better not point that finger of yours at Divya. Do all this with your Shamita (Shetty)," he wrote. "Filmein banao, wahin tak theek hai (Stick to making movies)," Suyyash added, tagging Karan.

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