Gucci, clout, OK Boomer, deadass: Gen Z’s slang decoded to ease your FOMO

It is understandably hard to keep up with every single trend that happens on the internet, even if you are a part of the newest high-tech generation.
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Representational image(Unsplash)
Updated on Jul 29, 2020 02:37 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, Delhi | | Edited by Jahnavi Gupta

The world might be in the throes of a pandemic, but you best believe that Gen Z is going to Tiktok (more like Mitron or Chingari now that TikTok is banned) their way through it while still being politically motivated. Sounds strange? Understandably so, it is hard to keep up with every single trend that happens on the internet, even if you are a part of the newest high-tech generation. And to be very honest, who hasn’t Googled a certain term after coming across it on the internet and being absolutely shook (perplexed) by its meaning. We have compiled a list of the terms that are most in usage these days, to help you on your quest to vanquish FOMO.

Bougie – Short for bourgeois, used for someone who has expensive tastes or is lavish with their wealth.

“This neighbourhood is a little too bougie for my taste.”


OK Boomer – Used in a not so positive way, this is used by the younger generation to address the older generation in a dismissive way. Not to be disrespectful, but to show that they belong to a different generation and do not understand the new norm.

“Women cannot date other women” “Ok Boomer”.


Karen – what started out as a few videos of ‘Karens’ asking for the manager of an establishment because they felt they were being wronged, has turned into the meme of the year. It is also meant in a dismissive way to anyone who is being exceptionally rude to others, in an attempt to show off their privilege.

“No, I cannot call my manager ‘Karen’, because this is my establishment.” 


Bread – This is used as a slang for money because bread is made of dough and dough is another word for money. You get it.

“Who has the bread, bro? How are we going to pay for these milkshakes?”


Asdfasggjhj or sksksksks – Popularly known as the key smash, it says a lot of things with really saying anything. Gen Z uses it to denote excessive excitement or excessive laughter, depending upon context.

“Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Folklore’ just came out.” “asdfdfgdgjfk” 


Glo up – A transition after which one looks better than they did before, like from pre-teen years to adulthood.

“Ever since Alex traded his football jersey for a button-down shirt, he has had such a glo up” 


And I … oop! – Used in the case of an accident or blunder. It is also used when one is caught off guard or is at a loss for words.

“My brother just came out to our parents. And I … oop!”


Uwu – This is more of an expression rather than a word. Usually typed out to express a warm fuzzy feeling or happiness or affection. It is also used when one wants to appear cute. It comes from anime as you might have guessed.

“I stan Taylor Swift, she looks so uwu in her ‘Cardigan’ video.”


Gucci – This is used when come one wants to express that something or someone is chill or awesome.

“My sister is so Gucci, she got me the new PS5”


Bruh – Further slang for the word Bro but is used as a gender-neutral noun. It is used in an informal way to address a friend. It can also be used to show disgust or shock.

“Did you just dent my car? Bruh!”


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Enby – Short for non-binary. It is used as a noun for people who identify as gender neutral.

“Is it alright if my friend comes over for dinner?” “What’s her name?” “Oh, their name is Alex and they are enby.”


Cap/No Cap – Cap means to exaggerate or lie. No cap means you are serious about what you said.

“I saw a monitor lizard, the size of a baby alligator outside my house, no cap.”


High-key – This means the opposite of low-key. Not subtle at all. It means intensely or a lot.

“I high-key cannot deal with the lockdown any longer.”


Clout – This means that you have influence or pull in a certain situation. It Is usually used for popular tiktokers.

“Rey has worked so hard for her clout on Tiktok, her content is so top notch that she has up to a million followers.”


Finna – It means that one is finally going to do something or that they feel like doing something.

“I’m finna get some McDonalds.”


Say Less – When said in response to something it means that you understand and that nothing further needs to be said.

“Nas is the greatest rapper and hip-hop musician of all time.” “Say Less!”


Deadass – This is used to denote that one is serious or that they agree with something absolutely.

“I need to buy a new car.” “Deadass! This junk doesn’t even have a music system.”


Bop/ Banger – Used for music and songs that are particularly good.

“Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles is such a bop!”


Yeet - This one comes straight out of the ‘Vine’ era, (RIP Vine). People use it to in the context of throwing something or to denote a throwing motion. Urban Dictionary defines the term, “To make a violent motion of any variety, such as a ‘whip,’ or any motion that may be associated with violent camera shake or photo blur.”

“My sister is such a tyrant, she literally yeeted me into the pool.”


Simp - This term is used to refer to a simpleton or someone lacking common sense.


“Girl, you got to stop simping after that man, he is not interested.”

In the Tiktok era, simp is used for someone who foolishly overvalues another person and puts them on a pedestal.

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