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5 tips to keep your cat mentally stimulated

Oct 07, 2022 06:19 PM IST

Cats are very intelligent creatures and need to have their brains stimulated. Check out top tips to keep your cats' brains stimulated.

Cats are very intelligent creatures and need to have their brains stimulated to ensure a happy and healthy life, this is particularly important for house cats. Regular play sessions each day are a good way to bond with your pet and can be a good physical and mental exercise for them too. Cats can be kept amused and their innate hunting instincts are well-stimulated in a variety of ways. A cat's busy mind thrives on difficulties, so if their surroundings don't offer them something to concentrate on, they will soon come up with their own issues to resolve. With the aid of entertaining toys and games, you can channel your cat's pent-up energy toward enjoyable pastimes rather than letting it transform into a pet lion. (Also read: Pet care tips: Ways to protect your cat from worms )

5 Top tips to keep your cat mentally stimulated(Unsplash)
5 Top tips to keep your cat mentally stimulated(Unsplash)

Dr. Charlie Astle, Veterinarian and Pet Wellness Expert, suggested five top tips to keep your cat mentally stimulated.

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1. Cardboard boxes and paper bags

They are inexpensive and recyclable and can make cats go crazy over them. Cats enjoy being in enclosed spaces because they feel safe and secure there, which is why cats enjoy spending time in cardboard boxes. Cats use boxes as hiding places so that wolves and other predators can't approach them from behind or on the side.

2. Play with your cat

There are lots of great toys on the market, try different types to see which your cat likes the most. All cats are different, but no matter what breed you choose, there are indeed some toys that every kitty loves to play with.

3. Food puzzles

Such as mazes, food balls and food trees that make your cat work for the reward. Most puzzle feeders and hunting feeders are made to stimulate your pet's mind and awaken their natural instincts.

4. Interactive toys

If you are away a lot then an interactive toy that your cat can trigger on their own is a great idea. These mentally-stimulating toys can help relieve your cat from boredom, stress, anxiety and aggression.

5. Home-made agility course

Design a simple course using kitty tunnels, cardboard boxes and your furniture. Dangle a toy on a stick to get them interested and take them through the course with a yummy treat at the end!

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