Over 80% of engineers in India still unemployable: Survey

  • Rozelle Laha, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 25, 2016 17:34 IST
Delhi has produced the highest number of employable engineers followed by Bangalore and other states in western India. (Sushil Kumar/HT file Photo)

Despite a record growth in intake of candidates at All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)-approved institutes, not to mention thousands of students trained by private universities, more than 80% of engineers in India remain unemployable, reveals a national employability report by Aspiring Minds.

The survey takes into account more than 150,000 engineering students from over 650 engineering colleges who have graduated in 2015 across the country. “The first large scale study on employability was done in 2011 but there has been no significant improvement in the last five years,” a press release said.

Delhi has produced the highest number of employable engineers followed by Bangalore and other states in western India.

Employability: Tier-I versus Tier-2 and 3

The employability of engineering graduates being produced by colleges in Tier-1 cities records a slight increase in all roles except those of sales engineers.

Employability Percentage across Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 Cities (Source: Aspiring Minds)

Employability by Metros:

Delhi records the highest employability, followed by Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune. The southern cities however, show no improvement and continue to have the lowest employability figures.

Employability percentage in different Metro cities (Source: Aspiring Minds )

Employability by gender

Roles of sales engineers, non-IT, associate ITeS/BPO and content developers have slightly higher employability of females. Employability indices for males and females are almost equal.

Employability of male vs female engineering graduates (Source: Aspiring Minds )

As per the AICTE approval process handbook 2015-16, in 2010-11, intake in AICTE-approved institutes was 1,314,594, which rose to 1,903,722 in 2014-15. “Engineering has become the de-facto graduate degree for a large chunk of students today. However, along with improving the education standards, it is quintessential that we evolve our undergraduate programmes to make them more job centric,” says Varun Aggarwal, CTO Aspiring Minds.

Growth of intake in AICTE approved institutions in last nine years (Source: AICTE Approval Process Handbook (2015 – 2016))

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