Some hair-raising tales from Euro 2016

  • Abhinav Verma, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 17, 2016 09:36 IST
For footballers, tournaments such as Euro 2016 are a great platform to showcase their new hairdos.

If you thought their foot skill is the only thing at display during the ongoing Euro 2016, think again. Footballers are making many a head turn with their unique and funky hairstyle on field. From mun being sported by Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Wale’s Joe Allen pulling off a Jesus cut and France’s Paul Pogba flaunting new barnet- there’s loads of hairstyle inspo on the field.

“Footballers are in the limelight and their hairstyles reflect their personality,” says celebrity hairstylist Rod Anker. Hairstylist Ambika Pillai says the hairdos of footballers are a hit with the youngsters in the city. “The most popular choice of haircuts among footballers is the side-parted undercut and mun. Mohawk is also becoming popular this time around. A lot of youngsters are coming to us with pictures of their favourite footballers and asking for the same cut,” she says.

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Footballers set the trend for the coming season. “Hair trends are often driven by players. From whacky to classy footballers flaunt the most hip hairdos, ,” says Tanya Mukherjee, hairstylist.


France’s Olivier Giroud, Spain’s Sergio Ramos and Wales’ Aaron Ramsey sport undercut.

France’s Olivier Giroud, Spain’s Sergio Ramos and Wales’ Aaron Ramsey are flaunting undercut (side square) and have grown a beard to complement it. “The pastel pale blonde sported by Aaron Ramsey is certainly eye- catching,” says Rod Anker. “The side square is the hottest hair trend of the season. This cut is styled in such a way that the hair is brushed up at the crown of the head, leaving it voluminous by buzzing the sides short, till the back” says Tanya Mukherjee.


Gareth Bale of Wales flaunts the man-bun where as Zlatan ibrahimovic of Sweden goes for the puny bun.

Gareth Bale of Wales flaunts a man bun (mun), whereas Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Sweden goes for a puny bun. “If you play sports and have long hair, there is very little option to keep your hair out of your way other than a man bun,” says Rod Anker.


Belgium’s Radja Nainggolan and Slovakia’s Marek Hamšík flaunt mohawk.

Belgium’s Radja Nainggolan and Slovakia’s Marek Hamšík flaunt mohawk. “I love the Mohawk and white streak sported by Rajda. If this isn’t going to intimidate everyone, I really don’t know what will,” says Rod Anker. “Keeping true to the style, the actual Mohawk is spiked with extra strong gel and the rest of the hair is shaved or kept very short,” says Tanya Mukherjee.


France’s Paul Pogba sports the new barnet.

France’s Paul Pogba is known for sporting the most unique haircuts. Popularly known as Pogboom among his fan, this time he has inscribed it on his head.“This is the most bizarre hairdo among all the players this season. It immediately catches the eye. Like it or not, it is definitely a conversation starter,” says Tanya Mukherjee.

Joe Allen of Wales goes for the Jesus look.

Joe Allen of Wales goes for the Jesus look. “The caveman or the Jesus cut, is a tried-and-tested formula that always works,” says Rod Anker. “This particular hairstyle will suit people who have a slightly long face structure,” adds Tanya Mukherjee.

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