India vs England Highlights, 4th Test, Day 3: Rohit century leads the way as India lead England by 171 runs at stumps

IND vs ENG 4th Test Day 3 Highlights: Bad light stopped play at The Oval with India ahead by 171 runs. India ended the day at 270/3, with Rohit Sharma and Cheteshwar Pujara scoring 127 and 61, respectively. Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja will resume India's innings on Day 4.
IND vs ENG Highlights, 4th Test Day 3.
IND vs ENG Highlights, 4th Test Day 3.(ANI)
Updated on Sep 05, 2021 12:15 AM IST
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India vs England 4th Test Day 3 Highlights: Virat Kohli (22*) and Ravindra Jadeja (9) will resume India's innings on Day 4 after bad light forced early stumps on Day 3. The visitors were 270/3 when bad light stopped play at the Oval, lead England by 171 runs. Rohit Sharma and Cheteshwar Pujara were dismissed in the same over by Ollie Robinson soon after the pair brought up their 150-ruin stand. While Sharma fell to a pull shot on 127, Pujara was caught in the slips for 61. India finished the second session at 191/1 after 69 overs, leading exactly by 100 runs. Rohit tonked a massive six over long-on off Moeen Ali to get his first-ever Test century outside India. It also happened to be his 8th career century in the longest format. India 108/1 at lunch on Day 3, with a lead of 9 runs over England. KL Rahul missed his half-century by four runs as he was out caught behind by James Anderson. Rahul and Rohit started Day 3 on a confident note, safely negotiating the first hour to fashion a strong start for India in their second innings, putting on 83 runs. The story of the series has been the story of the 4th Test as well. 


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  • Sep 04, 2021 10:44 PM IST

    That's all

    That's all we have for you today. Thank you so much for joining us. India dominated most of Day 3 except that little phase of the second new ball where Ollie Robinson dismissed Rohit and Pujara in the same over. India have a hefty lead going into the penultimate day and it will be interesting to see how many can they add before setting the target. See you tomorrow for the live action! Until then, it's goodnight. CIAO!

  • Sep 04, 2021 10:36 PM IST


    And it's official! Bad light has forced early stumps on Day 3. India end the day on 270/3 after 92 overs, lead by 171 runs. 

    Kohli remains unbeaten on 22, while Jadeja goes back unbeaten on 9

  • Sep 04, 2021 10:19 PM IST

    Play stopped due to bad light at The Oval

    The inevitable has happened. After bowling a couple of overs of spin, Joe Root eventually decided it's better to go off than keep bowling his spinners and give runs. India lead England by 171 runs with 7 wickets remaining.

  • Sep 04, 2021 10:11 PM IST

    Ali to Jadeja: FOUR

    Rocks onto the backfoot and whips the ball away on the leg side for a four. Since the lights isn't that great, Joe Root has opted to go with spin.

  • Sep 04, 2021 10:00 PM IST

    90 overs done and dusted

    FOUR! Virat Kohli carves the ball quite beautifully past the point region for four. Pitched on length, Kohli lunges forward and opens the face of the bat. Easy picking, in the end.

    FOUR! Just delightful! So easy on the eyes when Kohli times the ball to perfection with the cover drives. 

    263/3 after 90 overs, lead by 164 runs

  • Sep 04, 2021 09:49 PM IST


    NOT-OUT! Robinson and the English team appeal, and appeal very loudly, for Kohli's wicket but the umpire turns it down. Pitches on length and jags back in sharply. Beats Kohli for pace but the ball was going to run over the stumps. 

    FOUR! As they say, let your bat do the talking. Robinson delivers a rank half-volley and Kohli punishes him by creaming the ball through covers. Hold the pose for the camera, Virat. 

    Players take drinks. IND 254/3 after 87, lead by 155 runs.

  • Sep 04, 2021 09:29 PM IST


    You are bound to one turning into twos and two turning into threes when Jadeja and Kohli are in the middle. Kohli lunges forward and guides the ball behind point. Haseeb Hameed puts in the chase but the duo run three.

    FOUR! Streaky but he'll take it! Jadeja drives but the ball races behind point off the edge. 

    IND 245/3 after 83 overs, lead by 146 runs.

  • Sep 04, 2021 09:23 PM IST


    Once again, Ravindra Jadeja has been promoted ahead of Ajinkya Rahane

  • Sep 04, 2021 09:21 PM IST


    OUT! ROBINSON GETS TWO IN ONE OVER! Inside edge onto the pads and the ball ballooned to the slip cordon. Initially, the umpire gave it not out but had to change his decision after snicko showed that there was a spike when the ball passed the bat.

    He's gone for 61.

    IND 237/3 after 81 overs, lead by 138 runs.

  • Sep 04, 2021 09:19 PM IST

    Kohli is the new man in

    Virat Kohli walks in next

  • Sep 04, 2021 09:14 PM IST



    Pitched short, Rohit ended up rushing into the shot as the ball held up after pitching. Sharma top-edged the ball and holed out to Chris Woakes at fine leg.

    Sharma departs after a well-made 127

    IND 236/2 after 80.1 overs, lead by 137 runs.

  • Sep 04, 2021 09:10 PM IST

    150 UP!

     The 150-run stand between Rohit Sharma and Cheteshwar Pujara has put India in the driver's seat.

    IND are 233/1 after 79 overs, leads by 134 runs.


  • Sep 04, 2021 09:07 PM IST


    FOUR! At last, Pujara gets it through the boundary. He was eying that shot for a while now, getting to pitch of the flighted delivery by Moeen and hammering the ball past mid-off.

    IND 228/1, 78 overs, lead by 129 runs

  • Sep 04, 2021 08:56 PM IST

    Root comes on to nowl

    England and captain Root, desperate for a breakthough, have turned to another spinner as Root brings himself on.

  • Sep 04, 2021 08:45 PM IST


    Overton bangs it short outside off, Pujara hops onto the backfoot and guides the ball past gully and also beats the third man fielder. Brings up his 31st Test century.

    IND 206/1 after 72 overs, IND lead by 107 runs. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 08:36 PM IST

    200 for India

    The first ball of the session is short from Overton. Rohit gently pulls the ball off the backfoot behind square for a single. 

    IND 200/1 after 69.1 overs, lead by 101 runs

  • Sep 04, 2021 08:31 PM IST

    Session 3 starts

    The players are back out for the third and final session of Day 3. India owned the first two sessions of the day. Can they make it 3/3? Let's find out!

    Just before Sharma walked out, he was seen having a serious conversation inside the dressing room and he seemed a bit unhappy about something. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 08:13 PM IST


    Pujara defends the last ball and that's tea! India finish the second session at 191/1 after 69 overs, leading exactly by 100 runs. Courtesy of Rohit Sharma's 100 and his century stand with Chesteshwar Pujara (48*), India are in command now.

  • Sep 04, 2021 08:09 PM IST

    100-run lead

    INDIA LEAD BY 100 RUNS! A Sharma single takes India's lead past 100

  • Sep 04, 2021 08:07 PM IST

    The scoreboard keeps ticking

    SINGLE ! Well-flighted from Moeen and Sharma does charge down the track but is happy to take a single off the final through mid-on and keep strike. 

    Last over before tea coming up!

    IND are 198/1 after 68 overs, leads by 99 runs.

  • Sep 04, 2021 07:51 PM IST



    Floated on the off-stump line from Moeen Ali. Sharma, once again, skips down the track, hoists it high and over long-on for a maximum.

    This is his first overseas 100 but his 8th of the Test career.

    IND are 195/1 after 64 overs, leads by 96 runs.

  • Sep 04, 2021 07:48 PM IST


    100 run stand

    100-RUN PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN ROHIT AND PUJARA! The pair bring it up with a single and Rohit then follows it up with a boundary through deep mid-wicket.

  • Sep 04, 2021 07:41 PM IST


    FOUR! Rohit Sharma has a clear plan against Moeen, that is to attack him. Sweeps him through deep fine leg for four. 

    FOUR! This time, it's a lot more delicate. Gets down on one knee, and he guides the ball behind square for four. 

    Rohit, who is now on 88, has brought up his highest score abroad in Test cricket.

    IND 179/1 after 62 overs, lead by 80 runs

  • Sep 04, 2021 07:37 PM IST

    3000 Test runs for Rohit

    With a couple off James Anderson, Rohit Sharma breaches the 3000-run in Test match cricket.

    IND are 170/1 after 61 overs, leads by 71 runs.

  • Sep 04, 2021 07:33 PM IST


    FOUR! Lovely use of the feet from Rohit Sharma. Dances down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball, and creams the ball over covers for four. 

    5 of the over. 

    IND 168-1 after 60 overs, lead by 69 runs. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 07:30 PM IST


    42 off just 72. Cheteshwar Pujara, who is often called out for “batting too slowly” and not showing “an intent to score runs," is doing just the exact today. In fact, he batted briskly in the second innings of the Headingley Test.

  • Sep 04, 2021 07:22 PM IST

    Sharma moves into the 70s

    Short and wide from Moeen Ali and Sharma late cuts the ball down the third man region as the Indian duo run a brace.

    IND 162/1 after 57 overs, lead by 63 runs

  • Sep 04, 2021 07:09 PM IST

    Inside edge races away for FOUR

    The 150 is up for India with a four that races to the boundary off the inside edge of Rohit's bat. The last ball which Rohit timed brilliantly was too straight and hit the stumps. The one that came off the inner edge of his bat gave him a four. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:53 PM IST

    FOUR: Pujara amuses onlookers with an upper-cut

    Hang on! Is Cheteshwar Pujara warming up for the IPL here? He is 34 off 46 with seven boundaries with a strike rate of almost 75. The boundary he just hit is possibly the last shot you would expect Pujara to play - an upper cut off Woakes.

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:51 PM IST

    Rohit, Pujara add 50 partnership

    Consecutive fifty-run partnerships for India. After Rohit and Rahul added 83, here's another half-century stand between Rohit and Pujara. And this one has taken less than 100 balls. Just shows the rate at which these two players have scored.

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:47 PM IST

    Pujara moves to 30 off 41 with two fours in three balls

    Cheteshwar Pujara is in a whole different mood today it seems. There's no slow going today. Cracks a crunching boundary off a cut short and two balls later, gets another as he glides the ball between third slip and gully. Overton not happy with himself. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:45 PM IST

    FOUR! Cracking shot

    Wide half volley, Rohit leans into the drive and result isn't really surprising. What a glorious boundary that is from Rohit. The lead, slowly and steadily, piling up on England now. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:38 PM IST

    FIFTY for Rohit

    The second of the series for quite easily India's best batsman in this series. After two low scores in Headingley and another one in the first innings of this Test, this fifty has come at the right time. With Rahul missing out on his, it was important for India that Rohit did not throw away his start, and he hasn't so far.

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:35 PM IST

    Relief for India as Pujara right back up

    That seemed like a temporary discomfort, as after some heavy taping on his ankle, Pujara is up and running. No discomfort whatsoever, evident in the last over, where Pujara took off for a single even when there wasn't one.

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:27 PM IST

    Pujara on the ground after twisting ankle

    Cheteshwar Pujara received attention as he twisted his ankle while running towards the non-striker's end. It looked bad, and Pujara instantly went up in pant. The physio is attending to him as the batsman lays on the ground. The ankle is being rapped up with some heavy taping. India would be hoping there's nothing serious here. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:23 PM IST

    Pujara in the mood

    Short and pitched out off by Overton. Pujara rocks onto the backfoot and cuts the ball, which rolls onto the practice pitches and into the boundary. Four boundaries off 21 balls for Pujara already.

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:14 PM IST

    Second session underway

    Overton starts the post lunch session on Day 3. Pujara rolls his wrists to dab the ball on the leg side and complete a couple of runs. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 06:09 PM IST

    Once again, early intent shown by Pujara

    Today hasn't been one of those slow starts from Pujara. He's played an authoritative drive down the ground and brutally pulled a ball for a four, the force was such that he almost fell back on the wickets. Pujara has always looked good when he's not played too many balls and is stuck at one end. With conditions brilliant for batting, the opportunity is ideal for India's No. 3 to press on, along with Rohit.

  • Sep 04, 2021 05:56 PM IST

    Controversy over KL Rahul's dismissal

    England struck with their DRS appeal as the caught behind appeal against KL Rahul was overturned and the batsman was given out. However, the spike that appeared on the ultra edge apparently sparked a debate. Was the spike due to the ball hitting the pad or the bad brushing the pad? It could have hit the pad, but there was a huge gap. Most likely there's a feather edge. Sunil Gavaskar on air feels there's more to it. Even Rahul walked off the field disappointed.

  • Sep 04, 2021 05:33 PM IST

    End of the first session: India 108/1 at lunch

    And that would be lunch on Day 3. India lead England by 9 runs at the interval. Rohit Sharma unbeaten on 47* and Cheteshwar Pujara batting on 14 off 21 balls. 65 runs have come in this session and safe to say, this session has belonged to India. Just one little blip in there - the wicket of KL Rahul - but it wasn't before he and Rohit continued the good work from last evening and forged a solid opening partnership.

  • Sep 04, 2021 05:30 PM IST

    Rohit nears fifty

    The Rohit Sharma pull shot in all its glory. Short ball from Woakes and he rocks onto the backfoot to smash the ball towards square leg for a four. Doesn't matter if it's the penultimate over before lunch. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 05:28 PM IST

    India have wiped off the deficit

    Pujara plays a crunching pull shot for four to bring up India's 100, and that means India are no longer trailing in the match and have taken the lead against England with nine wickets remaining. Second boundary for Pujara.

  • Sep 04, 2021 05:20 PM IST

    Exquisite timing from Rohit

    Very little margin of error but such has been Rohit's touch in this innings. Slightly full and the India opener times the ball brilliantly and gets himself his fourth boundary. India now inching towards their century. 10 minutes remain in the session. India 98/1

  • Sep 04, 2021 05:19 PM IST

    FOUR: Down the ground goes Pujara

    That's a real authoritative stroke from Cheteshwar Pujara to. Overpitched and India's No. 3 batsman drives it with force to collect his first boundary. That's more like it.

  • Sep 04, 2021 05:00 PM IST

    OUT! Anderson gets the breakthrough for England

    OUT! The promising stand ends as Anderson has Rahul caught behind. India 83/1. The umpire missed a big edge but England knew they had their man. There is a huge spike on the ultra edge and a disappointed Rahul has to walk back four short of his fifty. England are delighted and rightly so. It's Anderson with the breakthroug 

  • Sep 04, 2021 04:37 PM IST

    India 36/0 in the first hour on Day 3

    India would have begun the day hoping to not lose any wickets in the first hour of play, and that's exactly what they've done. What's been impressive is that they haven't been too watchful or cautious. They've hit whatever's been worth hitting.

  • Sep 04, 2021 04:24 PM IST

    Dropped: Burns puts down Rohit again

    Rohit plays it wide from the body. Gets a healthy edge that flies to the right of Rory Burns. He gets his hands to the ball but grasses. A tough chance but it was an opening for England none the less. That's six catches England have dropped in this Test. Well, well, well… two dropped catches and an LBW call overturned. Luck favouring India.

  • Sep 04, 2021 04:07 PM IST

    Saved by DRS: Rahul survives

    WOW! Things going India's way here. England seemingly got the breakthrough with Woakes trapping Rahul out LBW, but their joy was short-lived as the DRS overturns the decision. Rahul reluctantly went for the review and it proved to be a good decision. The ball was going down leg and the umpire has to change his decision.

  • Sep 04, 2021 04:06 PM IST

    Woakes to Rahul: Pulled for SIX

    The first six of the day and it comes off the bat of KL Rahul. Woakes drops it short but without much pace. Rahul gets in position quickly and swivels across to send the ball flying over the fine leg boundary.  

  • Sep 04, 2021 04:03 PM IST

    FOUR: Rahul beginning to show intent

    Just a little room available outside off and Rahul gets in the line of the ball and caresses it through point for a four. Incredible timing as the ball races past Haseeb Hameed wide of point and into the ropes. Just a little while ago, Sunil Gavaskar was delivering a masterclass about drives. There's none better than the one Rahul just played.

  • Sep 04, 2021 04:00 PM IST

    Butter-fingers India and England

    In 2021, England have dropped the most number of catches by any team, which is 33. India, on the other hand, have spilled 20. Having said that, India is the team with the better catching in this series.

  • Sep 04, 2021 03:49 PM IST

    FOUR: Another cracking straight drive

    In the slot and driven handsomely down the ground by KL Rahul. Woakes pitches it a bit too full and in such conditions, it's easy picking for Rahul. Takes full toll of it and gets himself a fifth boundary. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 03:46 PM IST

    India bring up their 50

    With a single down to fine leg, Rohit takes a single and brings up the 50 for India. The third time in this series that Rohit and Rahul have put on 50 or more for the opening wicket. For so long, India have struggled to nail an opening pair which could succeed in England, and although it may be too early to say the problem is solved, Rohit and Rahul so far have provided a brilliant solution. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 03:35 PM IST

    FOUR: Rohit creams it down the ground; straight as an arrow

    Delightful shot to get the day underway for India. Rohit drives Anderson down the ground in the first over of Day 3 to get India going. A little movement on offer, as expected but nothing so far to really trouble the batsmen. Up and away.

  • Sep 04, 2021 03:30 PM IST

    It's cloudy and overcast

    Although it's Day 3 of a Test match - the best time for a batsman - it may not be as easy as India think. The conditions over the Oval are overcast and with the ball just 16 overs old, it will do something. If Indian batsmen can see through this first hour, things will get even more interesting.

  • Sep 04, 2021 03:26 PM IST

    Onus on Rohit, Rahul 

    Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul have looked the most assured batsmen so far.  They showed that yesterday too. Yes, there was the odd edge and a drop catch but by and large, both of them have looked good. They will be once again looking to give India a good start and see off the all-important first hour of play on Day 3.

  • Sep 04, 2021 03:08 PM IST

    Umesh hopes for a better second innings from India batsmen

    “In the first innings, there was a bit of moisture on the wicket, there was a bit of bounce and the weather conditions were a bit different. The way our batsmen are batting, I feel they will do well and we will make a good score at this wicket,” said Umesh Yadav. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 03:02 PM IST

    Day 3 pitch report

    The wicket hasn't changed a lot. There are signs of green patches but overall it looks very good. It will be a good batting wicket. As the game goes on, this pitch will grip a little and perhaps the aid spinners Moeen Ali and Jadeja in Day 4 and Day 5: Domenic Cork with the pitch report.

  • Sep 04, 2021 03:00 PM IST

    Weather update

    You really can't predict the weather of England but by the looks of it, it doesn't appear to be that overcast. It can't be called sunny either. More importantly, there are no chances of rain interruptions. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 02:46 PM IST

    Virat Kohli warming up

    We have live pictures with us and India captain Virat Kohli is seen warming up and having a discussion with the Indian physio, perhaps it has got to do with the kind of drills he needs to go through before a long innings. How India would like him to play a long one today. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 02:40 PM IST

    ‘England allowed India a comeback’

    “England allowed India to comeback in this Test match. India appeared a little tired either side of Tea but those soft dismissals of Moeen and Pope allowed India to make a comeback. England did well to take the 99-run lead but they could have got more,” said Mike Atherton on Sony Sports Network. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 02:37 PM IST

    How significant was England's lead

    England took a 99-run lead which otherwise would have been deemed as significant but for the ever-improving Oval track. And mind you, India were bowled out for only 191 so England would have hoped to at least take a 150-run lead. The England bowlers did stage a strong comeback. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 02:23 PM IST

    Day 2 recap

    It was perhaps the most balanced day of Test cricket in this series. India started off well with a couple of early wickets but then Ollie Pope and Jonny Bairstow put up a brilliant counter-attacking partnership to bring England back in the contest. After Siraj got rid of Bairstow, it was Moeen Ali who joined hands with Pope to help England take the lead. When it was looking that England will take the game away from India, Moeen played a rash stroke off Jadeja. Pope too dragged one onto his stumps for 81. Chris Woakes struck a quickfire fifty but India kept getting wickets from the other end to bowl England out for 290. In reply, Rohit and Rahul took India to safety with 43 for no loss. 

  • Sep 04, 2021 11:01 AM IST

    India vs England 4th Test Day 3 - LIVE!

    Hello and welcome to our live blog on Day 3 of the 4th Test between India and England. The onus has once again shifted to India batsmen to save the Test. Can they deliver it today?


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