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Naya Daur is a timeless masterpiece: Vyjanthimala

Naya Daur is set to hit the marquee again in its colourless avatar. But yesteryears actress Vyjanthimala says she prefers the black and white version.
IANS | By Subhash K Jha, Mumbai
UPDATED ON AUG 09, 2007 01:55 PM IST

Naya Daur is set to hit the marquee again, 50 years after it was first released - and this time in colour. But legendary actress Vyjanthimala, who played the main lead, says she prefers the black and white version.

"Mr BR Chopra had made a such a timeless masterpiece. And the black and white photography had its own charm. Even today I prefer black and white to colour. I guess the colours have their own flamboyant charm and I'm sure Naya Daur will be liked in colour. The colouring is very authentic," Vyjanthimala told IANS.

Chopra was known for making progressive films on social issues and this film, released in 1957, focused on the war between the haves and have nots. In the film, Dilip Kumar plays a tongawala who fights a rich businessman bent on replacing tongas (horse carriages) with buses to earn more profit.

Interestingly, it was when Dilip Kumar fell out with the beauteous Madhubala during the first schedule of Naya Daur that the equally-vivacious Vyjanthimala was brought in as an eleventh hour replacement.

"I know Madhubala was doing Naya Daur first. Then I don't know what transpired among them. That was none of my business. Suddenly she wasn't in the picture at all. I was just asked to take the lead. I heard my role and I was on. Beyond that I know nothing," Vyjanthimala told IANS.

"I just loved my role, that's all that mattered. I've wonderful memories. I've done good work in Naya Daur, I think," she laughed.

Vyjanthimala's pairing with Dilip Kumar was always special. They did a series of unforgettable films after Naya Daur including Ganga Jumna, Sangharsh and Madhumati.

"Yes," she sighed and laughed. "He was such a dedicated professional. The way he practiced riding the tonga in Bhopal, it had to be seen to be believed. He worked really hard on his roles. He believed in very natural acting. And it worked beautifully in Naya Daur."

The actress has been able to watch a bit of Naya Daur in colour.

"BR Chopra's son Ravi has taken great pains. It's not like Mughal-e-Azam where a lot of opulence had to be captured. Naya Daur has a rural backdrop. We had shot near Bhopal. Outdoors are very tough to shoot. Those who've seen the colour version were out of their seats when I do my last dance."

Vyjanthimala later did Sadhana with BR Chopra.

"That too was a very bold subject. Naya Daur was very progressive. BR Chopra was known for his progressive subjects. Even today the songs by OP Nayyar are very popular."

The dancing legend has just undergone an eye operation and is resting at home.

"I had to cancel one of my dance performances. But I'll be back to my first love very soon."

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