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Holi 2024: Tips to hydrate your skin post Holi

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Apr 21, 2024 05:10 PM IST

Holi 2024: The chemicals used in Holi colours dehydrate the skin. Health and skincare experts share tips to hydrate your skin once Festival of Colours wraps up

Holi, the most colourful time of the year, is almost here but before stepping out, we must remember to be safe and take care of our skin as there are numerous colours available in the market and we never know who uses the correct ones. While organic colours can be eco-friendly and safe for your skin, the chemicals used to make them can cause skin damage.

Holi 2024: Tips to hydrate your skin post Holi (Photo by Patrick Buck on Unsplash)
Holi 2024: Tips to hydrate your skin post Holi (Photo by Patrick Buck on Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, Director and Chief Dermatologist at Alive Wellness Clinics, insisted to always hydrate your skin and said, “The chemicals used in Holi colours dehydrate the skin. The night before, apply a hydrating overnight sleeping mask or Drink plenty of water, coconut water, or fruit juice to stay hydrated. This will keep your skin healthy and hydrated.”

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She advised, “For a few days after playing Holi, avoid using any harsh scrubs or exfoliants. Your skin requires time to heal and recover from the effects of the colours. Remember that prevention is always preferable to cure, so take precautions to keep your skin safe during Holi. After Holi, post the application of colours, use a mild cleanser to scrub them off your skin gradually. Resist using hard soaps or scrubs to ensure you do not break into the skin and cause dry skin or rashes. After applying the cleanser, scrub it off with lukewarm water and soak your skin with a soft, clean towel.”

Following your routine cleansing, Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra recommended, “Moisturise your skin to rehydrate your skin naturally and avoid dry skin, scrubbing, or rash conditions. Use aloe vera gel, coconut oil, or any natural moisturizer, after which you can use the Holi colouring to rehydrate and smoothen the skin. Additionally, apply a moist face mask to help you soothe and rejuvenate your skin after exposing it to the harsh colourants. Post consuming adequate water after Holi, including hydration to your body to help you flush out toxins and keep the skin hydrated.”

Adding to the list of tips, Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, Founder and Medical Director at ISAAC Luxe, suggested:

  1. Moisturise your skin liberally before heading out for the Holi celebrations. You can do the same thing with coconut oil. Use a generous amount of oil to massage your arms, feet, neck and hands. If you have oily skin, you can use a gentle moisturiser on your face. Don't forget to apply oil to difficult areas such as finger gaps and behind the ears. Apply Vaseline petroleum gel or lip balm to the lips.
  2. A high-quality oil champi is the best hair care tip you can use to protect your lustrous locks from the Holi aftermath. You can do the same thing with argan oil or coconut oil. This will ensure that the colours come out easily from your hair.
  3. You can also get treatments like Hydra Facials and Profhilo to give your skin instant hydration. Profhilo creates a natural glow by enhancing your skin’s hydration for a long period of time. Treatment like Porfhilo is to be done at least a week prior if playing Holi.
  4. Begin toning your skin as soon as possible. Toner should be applied every morning after washing your face and before applying moisturiser. This will aid in pore reduction. After all, you don't want any potentially harmful colours to get into your skin.
  5. Before you begin your Holi activities, make sure you apply good sunscreen. Not only will you be exposing your skin to the sun, but also to colours and sunscreen can greatly aid in tanning. Use of sunblock to be emphasised pre and post Holi celebrations.

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