The family meeting each other with hugs. (Reddit/CleanMinds123)
The family meeting each other with hugs. (Reddit/CleanMinds123)

Son surprises parents with a visit, video is melting hearts

This family's happy reunion may leave you emotional.
PUBLISHED ON JUN 21, 2021 08:06 PM IST

The ongoing pandemic and lockdowns have been difficult for many. Among them are families that are living away from each other and haven’t been able to meet for long periods. This family is among them. A video shows their happy reunion and the precious moments are leaving many teary-eyed. Chances are the video will leave you emotional as well.

The video has been posted on Reddit. The caption details that the elderly couple hadn’t been able to meet their granddaughter. That is until this surprise reunion.

“My brother lives in Norway and my parents in Sweden and due to what has been going on in the world they have not been able to meet their granddaughter who was born almost a year ago. They decided to surprise them yesterday and this is the first time they get to meet their granddaughter,” details the caption.

The video shows everyone embracing each other through smiles and tears. It makes for a heartwarming watch.

Take a look at the video:

Since being posted a few hours ago, the video has collected several heartening reactions from netizens.

“Aww, your dad's reaction is priceless. Such a lovely moment,” posted an individual. “Your parents are so sweet. What a lovely surprise for them!” posted another. “This hit me hard. I have a ten-month-old who hasn’t seen most of his paternal family as we’re in the UK and they’re in Germany. I’m desperate for them to meet him. Global situation is so hard for new parents now,” posted a third. “I love this! Thank you so much for posting and making my day a little brighter,” wrote a fourth.

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