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Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th US President: Highlights of the day

Donald Trump, the real estate mogul and reality television star who upended American politics and energised voters angry with Washington, will shortly be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, putting Republicans in control of the White House for the first time in eight years.

Donald Trump Presidency Updated: Jan 30, 2017 16:04 IST
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Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States by Chief Justice John Roberts as Melania Trump looks on during the 58th Presidential Inauguration at the US Capitol in Washington.(AP)

Donald Trump, the real estate mogul and reality television star who upended American politics and energised voters angry with Washington, was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, putting Republicans in control of the White House for the first time in eight years.

Ebullient Trump supporters flocked to the nation’s capital for the inaugural festivities, some wearing red hats emblazoned with his “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

But in a sign of deep divisions Trump sowed during his combative campaign, dozens of Democratic lawmakers were boycotting the swearing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill. Bearing signs reading “Let freedom ring” and “Free Palestine,” protesters pitching diverse causes but united against the incoming president demonstrated in the early hours of the Inauguration Day, intent on making their mark as Donald Trump prepared to take office.

Catch the highlights here:

10:49pm: To conclude his speech, Trump says: “God bless America.” The crowd goes euphoric.

10:48pm: “We will make America strong, wealthy and great again,” says Trump.

10:46pm: “Time for empty talk is over,” says Trump, sending a stern message to non-performing politicians.

10:45pm: “When America is united, America is totally unstoppable,” says Trump.

10:44pm: “We will follow two simple rules --- buy American and hire Americans,” says Trump.

10:43pm: “We will unite the civilised world against Islamic terrorism, which will be wiped out from the Earth,” says Trump amid a thunderous applause.

10:42pm: “We will bring back our jobs...our borders...our dreams,” says Trump.

10:42pm: “We have to save our borders from ravages of other countries,” says Trump.

10:40pm: “A new vision will rule America,” says Trump, adding his motto is “America first”.

10:38pm: “My oath of office is an oath of allegiance to the people,” says the 45th US President.

10:36pm: “Today is your day...People have become the rulers again...the forgotten people won’t be forgotten now,” says Trump.

10:35pm: “This moment is your moment. It belongs to you,” Trump says.

10:34pm: “With today’s ceremony, we are transferring the power to the people,” Trump says.

10:33pm: Trump thanks Barack Obama and Michelle for smooth transfer of power.

10:32pm: Trump addresses the gathering. “Together we will determine the course of America and the world for many, many years to come,” says Trump.

10:30pm: Donald Trump, the Republican who beat all predictions, takes oath as the 45 President of the United States.

10:24pm: Mike Pence takes oath as the US vice president. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas administered the oath of office. Trump chose Pence, the former governor of Indiana, as his running mate last summer.

Vice president Mike Pence takes his oath of office during the 58th Presidential Inauguration at the US Capitol in Washington. ( AP )

10:15pm: Pastors conduct an invocation ceremony, which will be followed by Trump’s oath-taking.

10:00pm: The US presidential inauguration ceremony begins.

9:56pm: President-elect Donald Trump and vice president-elect Mike Pence arrive at Capitol Hill for oath taking ceremony. The Republican businessman from New York flashed a thumbs-up to the crowd as he was introduced. Trump pumped his fist, and mouthed “thank you,” as he walked to his seat next to Pence.

9:20pm: Promising to be “right there” with the US citizens, Barack Obama in his final tweet as the 44th President of the United States thanked his countrymen, saying serving them was the “honour of his life”.

9:15pm: First Lady Michelle Obama also posted a brief video on her tweeter feed “taking it in one last walk through the People’s House” as she is seen walking with the First Dogs.

9:00pm: The White House said members of the residence staff presented President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama with two American flags that were flown atop the building.

One of the flags was flown on the first day of Obama’s presidency. The other was flown on his final morning as president. The Obamas are preparing to depart the White House for the last time as president and first lady when they head to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

8:50pm: Meanwhile, it’s sarcasm time on Twitter

8:25pm: Trump headed to the White House to meet with Barack Obama, who greeted the President-elect and his wife Melania. Obama’s wife, Michelle, was also present.

The Obamas greeted the Trumps at the grand North Portico, the column-lined entrance facing Pennsylvania Avenue.Obama told Trump that it was good to see him. They exchanged pleasantries, and Melania brought a gift for Michelle.

Melania initially reached to shake Michelle‘s hand, but the first lady instead gave her a hug. The families will have coffee and tea at a reception that’s closed to the media.

** On the way from St. John’s Church, Trump paused to shake hands with a clergy member at the door and then walked to his waiting vehicle. He was followed by family members and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Pence said he was “very humbled” when he was asked about his message for the day.

President Barack Obama kisses first lady Michelle Obama as they await for the arrival of President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania. ( AP )


President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were asking the public to help them develop projects for his new presidential centre on Chicago’s South Side. The Obamas are starting up a foundation website — — in the hours before Donald Trump is inaugurated the 45th president.

7:49pm: Liberal activists protesting Trump’s inauguration scuffled with police in Washington after attempting to block the Republican real estate developer’s supporters streaming in for the ceremony.

About 900,000 people were expected to pack the grassy National Mall facing the Capitol, where Trump will be sworn in, as well as the parade route along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House and other parts of central Washington.

7:40pm:Trump arrived for a church service at St. John’s Episcopal Church here on Friday, in the lead up to his taking the oath of office. The incoming President was accompanied by members of his family.

7:10pm: The Kremlin may have spent years reviling America, but Russians hoping Donald Trump will usher in a new era of detente marked his inauguration with parties and trinkets from commemorative coins to “matryoshka” nesting dolls in his image.

Washington was turned into a virtual fortress with an estimated 900,000 people -- backers and protesters -- descending on the capital. In London, anti-Trump activists draped a banner reading “Build Bridges Not Walls” from Tower Bridge. Protests were planned across western Europe on Friday and Saturday.

Protesters block members of the press as they chain themselves to an entry point prior at the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump in Washington, DC. ( REUTERS )

7:05pm: Germany’s finance minister doubts that the incoming Donald Trump administration in the US will abandon free trade. Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Wolfgang Schaeuble said he can’t imagine “huge damage” being done to free trade.

7:05pm: US bankers, buoyed by a resurgence in profits, are advising their counterparts in Europe to think positively about the new administration of Trump, Reuters reported.

7:00pm: Several hundred people, most of them expatriate Americans, held a protest in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, against Trump, hours before his inauguration in Washington.

6:30pm: Britain’s treasury chief says Donald Trump’s accession to the U.S. presidency is likely to create even more uncertainty for Europe than his country’s unprecedented departure from the EU, AP reported.

6:00pm: Donald Trump tweets: “It all begins today.” He adds: “...THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES”.

First Published: Jan 20, 2017 19:15 IST