From dancing in rain to cooking meth: SRK to remake Breaking Bad

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 13, 2015 17:58 IST
Shah Rukh Khan will not only adapt the brilliant series into a Bollywood film but also play Walter White, the protagonist. (AMC Studios, Twitter)

Now this is something that will make Shah Rukh Khan haters and Breaking Bad lovers want to jump off a cliff. The Bollywood superstar has revealed in an interview that he has been wanting to bring the American TV show to the Indian audiences.

SRK told The Indian Express that he has indeed been considering bringing Breaking Bad to India, not in a TV series format but as a film. “I want to make it into a movie. As a series, it is too evolved to come on Indian television. The Indian audience won’t be accepting of meth, drugs and the mafia,” the English daily quoted him as saying.

Well the Indian audience has been mighty accepting of your dancing around trees and exploding cars, we think we can handle some meth and mafia too.

Who will play Jesse? Please God don’t let it be Varun Dhawan. (AMC Studios)

He further said that it is ‘the story of a man who is going to die and takes a chance to save his family that is a good premise for a feature film’. “I have asked some people who have said that they would get me the rights. I am at that age when it will be interesting to take up such a role,” he added.

Breaking Bad began airing on AMC in 2008 and ran for five brilliant seasons. It starred Bryan Cranston in the leading role of a chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with cancer and to be able to leave his family with enough money to live well after him, he decids to cook and sell meth in his city. Of course, things often go out of hand and he has to deal with one adversary after another and also with his own unsatiable greed.

When asked who will play Walter White, the protagonist, SRK replied without even a sliver of humility “Great films don’t work without me, darling!”


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