I wanted to feel 25. I wanted to reclaim myself, not just in looks but in vitality and energy: Fardeen Khan

The actor, who is planning a comeback to showbiz after 11 years, talks about losing 18 kilos in the last six months.
Fardeen Khan stayed away from showbiz as he took the time off to focus on his family.
Fardeen Khan stayed away from showbiz as he took the time off to focus on his family.
Updated on Dec 14, 2020 02:23 PM IST
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Earlier this month, Fardeen Khan was clicked by a photographer when he stepped out of casting director Mukesh Chabbra’s office. But the actor admits he was not prepared for the photo to go viral or that people would react it him so strongly.

“It felt good to get a warm welcome. I didn’t even know that there was a photographer. People are so generous and talking about how I looked, it most certainly feels good. When you take a break and attempt to get back, especially when so much has changed in the industry, it is daunting. Such a reaction make it bit easier. It felt good that people are still interested in you and haven’t forgotten you,” says the No Entry (2005) actor.


Having been away from showbiz for 11 years now, he reveals that back then getting clicked everywhere and social media weren’t quite the norm as they are today. “We are navigating the digital age and social media, and the latter is a different animal. You are humbled by its power as it can be intrusive too. So, you have to make it work for you, be balanced and be authentic. It’s a great way to communicate with people who love your work,” he says.

Three years ago, a not-so-flattering photo of the actor made its way to the social media and Khan now laughs about the reactions that came his way. Talking about his transformation, he shares, “Back then, I wasn’t feeling my best. I am also dad to my daughter, 7 and son, 3, so I run after them, take them to school, play in the part etc. I wanted to reclaim myself, not just how I look, but how you feel, your energy level. So, six months ago, the lockdown worked for me and I focused on health and nutrition and lost weight. Later, I got a personal trainer and I have lost 18 kilos this year. More importantly, I feel very good. I feel 25, which I had forgotten. We are in a business where you are expected to look good and that is part of the motivation of working again. I am happy and it feels great.”

Khan stayed away from showbiz as he took the time off to focus on his family. His wife Natasha had trouble having kids and took the IVF route. He reveals that he didn’t plan to be away for so long, but there were some serious challenges and family is important to him. “I wanted to be there for her and my kids, who are the center of my world. I enjoy being a dad. Now that I am back, I feel like a newcomer. But I think I come with a certain degree of wisdom. You are calmer while approaching things and you have seen how things work. I am glad to be back,” he signs off.

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