Five books to seduce women!
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Five books to seduce women!

In an era of political correctness, it is becoming increasingly difficult to define what it means to be a ‘man’. Philosophical definitions aside, the most effective method of showing of your manliness is to be able to charm and seduce.

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Vipul Nanda
Vipul Nanda
Hindustan Times
Five books to seduce women!,philosophical,men

In an era of political correctness, it is becoming increasingly difficult to define what it means to be a ‘man’. Philosophical definitions aside, the most effective method of showing of your manliness is to be able to charm and seduce.

To some of you, this may come naturally – but for the rest, a little homework is in order. Without much ado, here’s list of the five books that will help you pick up women.

The Game, by Neil Strauss

DateNeil Strauss is the man who started it all. A journalist looking to cover the emerging pick-up artist (PUA) subculture in the USA, he fell so deep into his own research that he became a pick-up artist himself.

The Game is a gripping read, and if you’re goal-oriented, this book has all the tips you need to make sure you know how to dress and impress a woman – even how and when to make a move!

Read it for Strauss’s insight into the minds of women, and the men who try to seduce them.

Cheat Sheet: Look for ‘indicators of interest’ from her. It helps in overcoming general nervousness. If she asks you your name, compliments you, laughs at your bad jokes, or looks to you for a reaction while saying something, she’s showing that you might have a shot.

Player’s Handbook, Volumes 1 and 2,by Tommy Orlando
Tommy Orlando approaches this book scientifically. So, as opposed to telling a story with bits about seduction, he creates a reference guide to scenarios and strategies that will help in the rough-and-tumble world of meeting women and making them think you’re awesome and totally their type.
Peppered with funny anecdotes and memories of the author, the book tells you all you need to know in a simple manner, even if you’ve only read Powerpoint slides before.

Cheat Sheet: The questions – who are you here with, where do you live, what are you doing tomorrow – give you context to continue conversation. It may be a waste of time to attempt to seduce women who are with friends (they will get in the way).

The Complete A**hole’s Guide to Handling Chicks,by Karl Marks and Dan Indante
This book’s tumultuous journey through the female psyche is astoundingly rude and designed to shock you.
Regardless, it is also accurate in predicting female behaviour. (Now that’s an achievement!) Humourous language and over-the-top analogies and comparisons make this book an entertaining and disturbingly good read. Helpful in explaining how to use a woman’s own instincts to make her want to be with you makes this book the kind that will give you a very strange view of women – like we said, it’s a disturbingly good read.

Cheat Sheet: Don’t turn up on time, never be overdressed, be surly. Be a pain. It will keep them interested for longer. Act like your interest in her is competing with other things you like – videogames, books, alcohol. They love competition and will take extra effort to hold your attention!

The Attraction Code, by Vin DiCarlo
Considered to be the current master of the pick-up scene, Vin DiCarlo’s book is less judgemental, with an approach to seduction that begins from you.
It helps you embody the values that would make you the most attractive ‘you that you can be’, and helps eliminate the kinds of doubts and issues that keep you from being able to be the charming, suave and sophisticated ladies man that you are – deep, deep inside.

Cheat Sheet: Body language is very important. Don’t invade her space unless invited (if she brushes against you or moves closer)
Maintain eye contact.
Don’t make sudden or quick movements - be languorous.
Exude the feeling that she should want to know you.

KissDate Out of Your League,by April Masini

The only book in this list written by a woman, it provides the best insight into what women are looking for, thus teaching you what qualities to embody and exhibit to attract their interest – and which ones to play down.

Masini helps you reach into your own mind, with its messy wants and desires, and helps you identify what it is you really want out of the next encounter with the fairer sex, and which approach will help you reach that goal.

It also helps you battle your indecisions. An effective book, it’s for those willing to put in the extra effort to have something that lasts longer – pun certainly not intended!

Cheat Sheet: One of the biggest problems is that you’re never certain of the kind of woman you want to charm.

Figure out your dream girl. Introspect. Consider your past, and the women who most attracted you.

Don’t waste time on the women that matter less.

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First Published: Jun 27, 2013 18:07 IST