India vs England, 3rd Test, Mohali Day 3: Ravichandran Ashwin’s 3/19 rocks ENG

India’s tail wagged brilliantly as they helped the team to 417, giving them a lead of 134. In response, Ravichandran Ashwin and Jayant Yadav reduced England to 78/4. Relive all the highlights of day 3 of India vs England here.

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Siddharth Vishwanathan
Siddharth Vishwanathan
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Ravichandran Ashwin dismissed Alastair Cook as India continued to pile on the pressure against England.(BCCI)

Ravichandran Ashwin once again dominated with both bat and ball. Thanks to Ravindra Jadeja’s 90 and Jayant Yadav’s 55, India managed 417, giving them a lead of 134. Ashwin was back with the ball as he picked up 3/19 to reduce England to 78/4. Virat Kohli is on the cusp of making it 2-0 in the five-match series. Relive all the highlights of day 3 between India vs England here. (SCORECARD | NEWS)

Jayant Yadav got the wicket of Jonny Bairstow as England were reduced to 78/4 at stumps on day three. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

16:32 hrs IST: That is stumps and India are firmly in the driver’s seat in Mohali. Ashwin’s 3/19 has reduced England to 78/4 and Virat Kohli is on the cusp of extending his series advantage to 2-0. Simply dominant.

16:26 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin gets his third wicket and Ben Stokes goes. Good review by the bowler.

This delivery pitches on middle stump and starts to spin away, Stokes plays down the wrong line and gets hit on the pad, the umpire does not give it out and Kohli reviews, replays show no bat and it pitched in line, the ball was hitting off stump. Big wicket towards the close.

Ben Stokes LBW Ashwin 5, England 78/4, trail India by 56 runs.

16:22 hrs IST: India have bowled out their quota of overs. But, eight minutes remain. Probably time for three overs more.

16:16 hrs IST: Jayant’s day has gotten even better after the wicket of Bairstow. This is the reason why

16:11 hrs IST: Stokes gets going with a boundary. He has had a taxing day, bowling wholeheartedly to get a five-wicket haul.

16:09 hrs IST: WICKET! Stunning catch from Parthiv Patel. Jonny Bairstow gone.

This is a shooter from Jayant, it stays low and Bairstow looks to meet it on the half volley, Parthiv shows good anticipation and collects the catch.

Jonny Bairstow c Parthiv Patel b Jayant Yadav 15, England 70/3, trailing by 64 runs.

16:07 hrs IST: There is not much of reverse swing on offer yet. Jayant Yadav continues

Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root steadied the ship after the loss of Alastair Cook and Moeen Ali. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

15:58 hrs IST: Both batsmen are playing with assurance. India might have to work a bit harder to dislodge these two batsmen.

15:49 hrs IST: The Bairstow-Root partnership has steadied England for the time being. But with the pitch starting to play it’s tricks, England have a massive task on their hands.

15:41 hrs IST: Mohammed Shami is at the other end. He is staying wide of the crease and trying to get the leg-cutter going. Maybe, he is trying for some reverse swing as well.

15:38 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav is into the attack now. He starred with the bat. Will he do well with the ball as well?

15:35 hrs IST: Bairstow collects a boundary off Jadeja. 10 overs remain in the day but 55 minutes remain. India will bowl many more overs.

15:32 hrs IST: Root holds the key for England. He is their best player against spin and will be wanting to make amends after that poor shot in the first innings off Jayant Yadav.

15:25 hrs IST: Nicely done by Root! Ashwin stays round the wicket and gets the delivery to spin back in, Root goes back and punches it past the gap at deep extra cover for a boundary.

Ravichandran Ashwin picked up the wickets of Alastair Cook and Moeen Ali as India continued to dominate. (BCCI)

15:23 hrs IST: Two slips, silly point, leg gully in place for Jadeja. The ball stays low again outside off and Root just about manages to dig it out.

15:18 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin is terrorising England and they are sinking rapidly.

Flighted delivery from Ashwin, Moeen jumps down the track and looks to go over mid on, but he miscues it and the catch is taken at mid-on, poor stroke from Moeen.

Moeen Ali c Jayant Yadav b R Ashwin 5, England 39/2

15:13 hrs IST: The shooter from Jadeja and Moeen is very lucky to survive that. It stays low as Moeen goes back and the ball just misses the off stump.

15:11 hrs IST: Ashwin and Jadeja are piling on the pressure. How much time will England last? One gets a feeling we could be in for a four-day finish.

15:02hrs IST: Sharp turn and bounce for Jadeja. Root edges but there’s no gully. That one jumped alright.

15:01hrs IST: Another promotion for Moeen Ali, who’s come out at No. 3.

14:58hrs: Luck finally runs out for the English captain. No need for reviews here. Ashwin castles Cook for 12.

14:55hrs IST: Cook again hit on the pads by Ashwin. Appeal turned down. No review from Kohli & Co.

14:54hrs IST: Root dances down the track and is rapped on the pads by a quicker Jadeja delivery. An appeal just for the sakes of it.

14:52hrs IST: They might be bothering them with the ball, but Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja frustrated the tourists with the bat earlier.

14:50hrs IST: Sharp turn and bounce for Ashwin. Finds Cook’s edge but falls safe.

14:49hrs IST: Jadeja has rushed through another maiden. England 23 for no loss.

14:45hrs IST: It’s all happening. Now Ashwin catches Cook at the crease. The England captain is given out, he opts for the review after a discussion with Root. Replays show the ball pitched outside leg. Some luck for Alastair.

14:44hrs IST: Finally the replay. Hawk-eye shows the ball would have missed the leg stump. Cook survives.

14:43hrs IST: O....kay. Three minutes, no replay from the third umpire. Kohli is agitated.

14:39hrs IST: An arm ball from Jadeja wraps Cook on the pads. Huge appeal. Turned down and India opt for a review.

14:37hrs IST: Jadeja to Root and it keeps low again. Root blocks it on the front foot and responds with a wry smile.

14:36hrs IST: Quicker from Ashwin who drifts down leg. Cook taps for a single.

14:34hrs IST: Blink and Jadeja’s done with the over. England 19 for no loss.

14:33hrs IST: The ball is six overs old and both pacers have been taken off. Jadeja to Root.

14:31hrs IST: Played softly towards backward point for a single! 

14:30hrs IST: Ashwin to Cook is where it’s at. Terrific line from Ashwin. Cook jabs at it and almost gets caught at short leg. Takes a single to put Root on.

14:28hrs IST: That’s more like it. On the rise drive through point from Root. First boundary this innings for Root, who pulls the next one for a double.

14:27hrs IST: 141 clicks from Shami! He is steaming in now. Ball stays somewhat low off the good length, Root blocks it out late.

14:26hrs IST: Shami drifts down to the pad and Cook scampers off for a leg-bye.

14:25hrs IST: Shami to Root. Short-pitched, Root dabs it around the corner with some unease. Shami’s going to cause problems one feels.

14:24hrs IST: Ashwin’s pitching it way up. Test for Cook, who has opted to block the over out.

14:23hrs IST: This is interesting. Only one over from Umesh Yadav and Ashwin has been brought on.

14:20hrs IST: Cook drives through the covers for a single. He’s playing with confidence. Probably the best way to go about on this track.

14:18hrs IST: Good length from Shami and it has kept low. Root barely managed to get his bat down.

14:16hrs IST: Accurate over from Umesh Yadav, save for a trademark Alastair Cook punch off the backfoot.

14:12 hrs IST: Mohammed Shami starts off well. Right lengths and right areas at good pace.

14:07 hrs IST: Welcome back for the final session. Joe Root is opening the batting. Haseeb Hameed suffered a finger injury and he was seen practising in the nets. Not sure when he will come out to bat.

13:56 hrs IST: Tea has been taken early as India were bowled out with just 30 minutes to go. The final session will be two and a half hours long.

Ben Stokes picked up a five-wicket haul as India were bowled out for 417, giving them a lead of 134 runs. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

13:48 hrs IST: WICKET! Stokes gets a five-wicket haul. Just rewards for some fabulous bowling. Full ball and tailing away slightly, Umesh pokes at it and Bairstow takes the catch. India 417 all out, lead by 134.

13:44 hrs IST: WICKET! Finally, Stokes gets a wicket and Jayant goes after a magnificent knock.

Slow off-cutter on middle and off, Jayant has an almighty heave but mistimes the slog. it is taken by Moeen Ali at shortish mid wicket. He has done his part as India extend the lead.

Jayant Yadav c Moeen Ali b Ben Stokes 55, India 414/9, lead by 131 runs.

13:41 hrs IST: Another DROP! Oh my, England are absolutely crumbling here. Jayant Yadav gets a life as Jonny Bairstow drops him off Stokes. The bowler must be absolutely deflated. By the way, both India and England have dropped four catches each.

13:37 hrs IST: DROPPED! Nothing going England’s way. Short ball outside off from Stokes, Umesh Yadav fends at it and the edge flies to Cook at first slip who spills the catch, Stokes is absolutely fuming.

Jayant Yadav notched up his maiden fifty in Tests as India extended their lead past 100 in the Mohali Test against England. (BCCI)

13:30 hrs IST: Fifty for Jayant Yadav! What a magnificent effort from him. First time he has reached fifty in Tests. Also the first time India’s No.7,8,9 have hit fifties in a Test. Brings up the landmark with a punch to deep point.

13:27 hrs IST: WHAM! Umesh seizes on a flighted delivery from Moeen and slog sweeps it into the stands at deep mid wicket. India bring the 400 up.

13:23 hrs IST: Stokes is into the attack and immediately, he is troubling Jayant. Beats him with the leg-cutter and then troubles him with the bouncer.

13:20 hrs IST: Jayant nears fifty. England are struggling to get the wickets of the Indian tail. More time they spend, the more it hurts England. Only some spectacular batting can save them now.

13:12 hrs IST: Drinks and India continue their domination. Nothing has gone right for England and they are on the defensive in this match.

13:09 hrs IST: Jayant gets closer to a fifty as India near 400. Umesh Yadav gets off the mark after 16 balls.

Jayant Yadav played another solid knock as his average went past 100 for the first time in Tests. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

13:00 hrs IST: Meanwhile, Jayant’s average in Tests is now over 100. Great stuff considering he bats at No.9. He is a decent batsman.

12:56 hrs IST: India’s lead has crossed 100. On a pitch that is sluggish, England now have an uphill task.

Adil Rashid picked up his fourth wicket as he dismissed Ravindra Jadeja for 90. (BCCI)

12:47 hrs IST: WICKET! Oh no! Heartbreak for Jadeja. Rashid gets him for 90 but it has been a splendid knock.

Rashid tosses this delivery up on off stump, Jadeja sizes the delivery up and launches it to long on, but he has not timed it well , Woakes takes it on the boundary and he goes. India are potentially aiming for quick runs and he has done a splendid job.

Ravindra Jadeja c Chris Woakes b Adil Rashid 90, India 381/8, lead by 98 runs versus England

12:38 hrs IST: Jadeja has decided to up the ante now. He targets Woakes as he blasts a hat-trick of boundaries to swiftly move into the 80s. The lead is now nearing 100. England have no clue.

Ravindra Jadeja attacked after the lunch break as India’s lead neared 100. (BCCI)

12:33 hrs IST: The plan from India is simple. They want to grind down England’s bowlers and extend the lead. Stroke-making on this wicket is not an easy task. Catch live scores here

12:31 hrs IST: The stand-out feature of Jadeja’s batting has been in defence. He has blocked very well and has waited patiently for the loose balls. With responsibility comes maturity. That is evident in Jadeja’s batting at the moment.

12:25 hrs IST: Both batsmen are content on playing the waiting game and are not too hassled. They have time on their side. Catch live scores here

12:19 hrs IST: The plan for England is to apparently bowl wide outside off and frustrate Jadeja into making a mistake. So far, he has played out over 150 balls, which is the most he has faced in an innings.

Ravindra Jadeja and Jayant Yadav shared a magnificent partnership as India extended their advantage over England. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

12:16 hrs IST: Chris Woakes will begin from the other end. Although, it would have been wiser had Ben Stokes started the session. He was the best bowler at the start of the day. Catch live scores here

12:10 hrs IST: Back for the second session. Gareth Batty will start off the session. Jadeja will be eyeing a special century while India will be aiming to take the lead past 100.

11:34 hrs IST: Lunch on day 3 and India are firmly in the driver’s seat. They have moved to 354/7, a lead of 71 and Jadeja on 70*. The situation is looking very bleak for England and they are facing an uphill task.

11:27 hrs IST: The partnership between Jayant and Jadeja has gone past 50. Yet another tail-ender duo have stitched a solid stand. This is really consolidating India’s dominance. Catch live scores here

11:25 hrs IST: Jadeja now has his highest individual score in Tests. His previous highest was also against England, in Lord’s 2014. That knock proved to be game-changing. This is also heading towards that path.

Jayant Yadav gave Ravindra Jadeja solid support as the pair extended India’s advantage in the Mohali Test. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

11:18 hrs IST: As India pile on the lead, England’s chances dim further. No visiting team has won against India in India after conceding a lead of 65+ in Tests since 1964, when Australia won after trailing by 65 runs in Chennai.Catch live scores here

11:13 hrs IST: England are slipping up in the field now. A wild throw from mid-off has resulted in four extra runs and India’s lead has crossed 60. Poor stuff from England.

11:04 hrs IST: The lead has crossed 50. Every run from now will be taking the game away from England. India will be eyeing a lead of over 100.

11:02 hrs IST: In Hamilton, it is stumps on day 4 and Pakistan are 1/0, needing 368 runs for a win. New Zealand are on the cusp of securing their first Test series win against Pakistan in 31 years. Catch live scores here

10:58 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav has moved to 21*. His current Test average is 83. Not bad at all for a number nine.

Ravindra Jadeja and Jayant Yadav strung a solid partnership as India extended their lead against England. (BCCI)

10:50 hrs IST: Adil Rashid comes on at the other end. England have found it hard to take wickets and that is why they have turned to their best spin bowler.

10:46 hrs IST: Jadeja has decided to bat aggressively. Short ball from Stokes and on the body, Jadeja stands tall and punches it past mid on for a boundary. Catch live scores here

10:44 hrs IST: Another tailender duo have strung a partnership. This is frustrating England. Over in Hamilton, New Zealand have declared after Ross Taylor’s century. Pakistan’s target will be 369.

Ravindra Jadeja notched up his third fifty in Tests and second against England. (BCCI)

10:42 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja brings up his third fifty and second against England. He really likes batting against them. This knock is vital in the context of this match. Catch live scores here

10:39 hrs IST: Jadeja has to wait a bit for his 50. But, in Hamilton, Ross Taylor has notched up a century. He will be going for eye surgery after the end of this Test. New Zealand lead by 367 against Pakistan.

10:35 hrs IST: Jayant continues to bat with confidence. He stands tall and punches a short of a length ball to deep cover where Buttler gives chase and stops the ball from going to the boundary.

10:30 hrs IST: Jayant has started well. He opens the face of the bat and caresses Anderson to the deep cover boundary. India’s lead is now 30. Catch live scores here

10:28 hrs IST: Lovely stuff from Jayant. Full ball from Anderson and the batsman leans into the straight drive and thumps it down the ground for a boundary.

10:23 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav showed that he could bat in the Vizag Test. India will be eyeing a lead of over 50. Ideal would be 100.

Ben Stokes got the wicket of Ravichandran Ashwin for 72 but India crossed 300. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

10:17 hrs IST: WICKET! Loose stroke from Ashwin and Stokes gets another wicket. Catch live scores here

Full delivery and swinging away wide outside off, Ashwin reaches out for it but ends up checking his stroke, the ball lobs to point and Buttler takes the catch, ends a fine knock from R Ashwin.

Ravichandran Ashwin c Buttler b Stokes 72, India 301/7, lead by 18.

10:13 hrs IST: The partnership is nearing 100 and Jadeja is nearing his fifty. Ben Stokes is into the attack.

10:04 hrs IST: Ashwin continues his rich form. On a good length from Woakes but slightly wide, Ashwin leans into the square drive and times it well to the deep point fence. On the last ball, he once again drives an offcutter to the deep extra cover fence and India bring up the 300.

10:02 hrs IST: Jadeja is closing in on his fifty. The last time he scored a fifty, it was against New Zealand in Kanpur. Catch live scores here

09:57 hrs IST: Woakes is bowling a mixture of cutters and bouncers to unsettle Ashwin. He nearly had his man some deliveries ago when Ashwin inside-edged an off-cutter onto the pad but it landed in front point.

Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin helped India take the lead against England on day 3 of the Mohali Test. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

09:51 hrs IST: James Anderson is into the attack now. The game is slipping away from England and the new ball has not helped their cause a bit. Catch live scores here.

09:49 hrs IST: While India have taken the lead in Mohali, New Zealand’s lead has crossed 300 against Pakistan in Hamilton.

09:42 hrs IST: Ashwin guides a flatter ball from Moeen to third man and India are level with England. In the last ball of the 88th over, Jadeja lofts Moeen over mid off and India have the lead. Catch live scores here.

09:38 hrs IST: Jadeja also gets going with a boundary off Woakes as India close in. England not bowling the right line or lengths with the new ball.

Moeen Ali opened the bowling with the new ball on day 3 as England looked to restrict India. (BCCI)

09:36 hrs IST: Moeen Ali will open the bowling with the new ball. Strange that Anderson has not been given the new cherry.

09:33 hrs IST: Woakes has not found his line with the new ball. He once again strays onto the pads and Ashwin clips him to deep mid wicket. Catch live scores here.

09:31 hrs IST: Chris Woakes starts off and it is not a good start. He strays on to the pads and Ashwin flicks it to deep square leg for a boundary.

09:28 hrs IST: All set for action on day 3. The England fielders are out in the middle. Ashwin and Jadeja ready to resume the fight.

09: 20 hrs IST: Only 10 minutes to go for the start of day 3. Over in Hamilton, Ross Taylor has scored a fifty and New Zealand are nearing a lead of 300 against Pakistan.

09:15 hrs IST: R Ashwin has shown why he is so special. Over 500 runs and 50 wickets in 2016, making him the second Indian after Kapil Dev to achieve this feat.

09:09 hrs IST: England, on their part, bowled and fielded well on day 2. The final session saw them creating pressure. However, they fell away in the last hour. England will be aiming to polish off the tail very quickly.

09:00 hrs IST: A warm welcome to the third day of the Mohali Test between India and England. Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja’s partnership has helped India fightback after they lost quick wickets in the final session. The onus will be on these two batsmen to help India take the lead.

Ravichandran Ashwin (57*) and Ravindra Jadeja (31*) will be the key if India are to take the lead and put England under pressure on the third day of the Mohali Test.

If they can dig in till conditions ease out, Jayant Yadav too can chip in with the bat.

After restricting England to under 300, Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara looked set for a big third-wicket partnership.,But the latter’s dismissal, pulling leg-spinner Adil Rashid to midwicket, triggered a collapse.

Ajinkya Rahane’s struggles continued as he fell to Rashid for nought and debutant Karun Nair was run out to a direct hit by Jos Buttler after a mix-up with Kohli. With Virat Kohli also getting dismissed, India will be looking up to Ashwin and Jadeja to give them a decent lead.

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