File image of Michael Vaughan(Getty Images)
File image of Michael Vaughan(Getty Images)

‘Lack power in engine room’: Michael Vaughan passes verdict on Team India’s problems in ODIs

India copped a hammering in the first ODI in Mumbai and now are under pressure to stay afloat in the series against Australia.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON JAN 17, 2020 10:33 AM IST

Former England captain Michael Vaughan believes India lacks power in their engine room in ODIs and hence, have not been able to do justice to their potential in the format. He further went on to say that the side will also concede to the fact that they have underachieved in the last 2 World Cups. Taking to Twitter, Vaughan wrote: “Interested to see how #India responds in the 2nd ODI. If they are honest they will accept the last 2 World Cups they have underachieved !! They lack power for me in the engine room, the middle order, they have 3 yrs to make sure they can keep up the tradition of the hosts winning.”


India copped a hammering in the first ODI in Mumbai and now are under pressure to stay afloat in the series. The onus is now on India to respond. Both the series and their pride is at stake for the hosts in the upcoming Day/Nighter at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium on Friday. A three-game series provides little chance of a comeback. Another poor session and the trophy will be gone.

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Iyer was pragmatic about the situation. “You should be ready to bat at any number because it is really important to play in the team (considering) the competition we have now. It is very important for us to be focused and not cry about not getting to bat at a particular position. Experimentation is something we are looking forward to. Hopefully, we will get a good number for each batsman. Hopefully, it will workout,” said Iyer.

“It’s not that we have lost the series, we can still comeback and that’s what we discussed in the dressing room. We need to believe in ourselves and also in our teammates that in a pressure situation somebody will stand up and take the team through. We didn’t do that well in all three departments. A lot of areas we need to work on and we will comeback in the next match,” he further added.

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