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Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0 highlights: Treat exams as a festival, says PM Modi

PM Modi Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0 Session LIVE : 2,000 students interacted with PM Modi ahead of board exams.

By HT Correspondent | Jan 29, 2019 13:40 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held his second “Pariksha Pe Charcha” on Tuesday in which he interacted with 2,000 students from high school to college, along with their parents and teachers. The event was held at Talkatora Stadium and telecast live.

Students, teachers and parents interacted with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss exams related issue. He was also talking about the exam stress the students goes through before the board exams.

While last year, only students of Delhi-NCR participated in the event, this year, students from all over India as well as Indian students residing abroad, including in Russia, Nigeria, Iran, Nepal, Doha, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, participated.

Here are the highlights:

12: 50 pm IST

Try to find a friend or a senior with whom you can share your feelings

Talking about depression PM Modi said, “Students living in hostel can also find some senior or person with whom they can share their feelings.”

12: 47 pm IST

Parents should try to connect their child living in hostel to some local person

Talking about depression and homesickness developing among the students moving to another city or hostel for higher studies he said, “Try to connect your child with someone who can help their child in time of crisis or need. A get-together once in a weekend will also help.

12: 42 pm IST

Learn from your life and surroundings rather than running behind ranks

At present, education system has become rank- bound. Rather than running behind ranks, parents and teachers should teach the students to learn from things around them. Live freely, observe and be curious to know new things rather than focussing on achieving only ranks.These days the meaning of education has narrowed downs to getting ranks in exam for many

12: 25 pm IST

‘Parents and teachers should never compare a child with others’

:If parents start comparing their child with achievement of others it disappoints the child. Parents should encourage their children for every small improvement,” PM said.

12: 20 pm IST

Have clarity of thought and conviction: PM to students

We should have clarity of thought and conviction. Then we should work accordingly. Science and maths are important but other subjects are also important. Don’t think under pressure, judge according to your ability and also take help of others

12:17 pm IST

Know your passion, analyse if you can do it and convince parents

When a student asked that how should we convince our parents that we don’t want to study maths or science and want to follow some other passion, PM Modi said, “Analyse your passion and figure out if you have the ability and a plan to follow it. Take guidance from your teachers. Then convince your parents and assure them that you can do it.”

12: 13 pm IST

Exams are not bad, how we look at it is important

Exam is an opportunity. If you consider it as opportunity you will get strength. God has given you lot of strength. Exam gives us an opportunity to test that. But we should not run after exam. We should acquire knowledge and marks will follow. Look at exam as an opportunity, PM said.

12: 07 pm IST

Analyse how you spent the last one week. How you used it? You will know how to manage time: PM on time management

Talking about time management, PM Modi said, “Analyse how you spent the time daily for one week. How you used it? You will know how to manage time. Everyone has 24 hours for a day. Learning about managing time does not need an MBA.

12:05 pm IST

Like a mother works 24 hours for her family, I work for my family of 1.25 crore Indian, PM responds

A mother works 24 hours for her family. Working for family you love automatically gives you encouragement. Similarly I work for my family of 1.25 crore Indians. Everyday I wake up with a plan of work for the present day.

12: 03 pm IST

What makes you so energetic that motivates you to work for over 17 hours, a student ask PM

A students asks PM Modi that what makes him so energetic that motivates him to work in a tight schedule of 17 hours everyday.

11:58 am IST

‘If you miss an aim it can be forgiven, but if you aim low it is unforgivable’

Students should aim high and try to reach their goal. If you miss an aim it can be forgiven, but if you aim low it is unforgivable.

11: 55 am IST

Help your child to discover something new through technology: PM

Sit with your child, give them some work and ask them to discover something new through technology and teach them the right use of technology.

11: 48 am IST

My child has developed lot of interest in online games. How to solve the problem, asks a parent; PM asks if it is PUB G

A parent named Madhumita said her son has lot of interest in online games. PM Modi asks if it is PUBG (game). Technology is a boon and a curse as well. It depends on how a child is using. Here every student is having a mobile in their hands. Parent should help their child to use the technology to better themselves.

11: 45 am IST

Many parents use the report card of their child as their visiting card: PM 

Many parents try to present the report card of children as their visiting cards among relatives and friends. They feel it is important for their social status. However, this is wrong.

11: 40 am IST

Parents should encourage their child when he meets failures: PM

Parents should encourage their child when their children meet failures. When a small child falls while walking, mother claps and the child gets encouragement and starts trying to walk again.

11: 39 am IST

Parents should not impose their dreams on children: PM 

Parents should not impose their dreams on their children. Parents want their children to fulfil their dream. This expectation adds to the burden of their wards. I request to the parents that their desire of becoming doctors should not be imposed on their child. Don’t put the load of what you could not achieve on your ward.

11:33 am IST

Board exams are important but not everything in life: PM Modi

Board exam is just like any other exam. ‘Kuch khilaune ke tootne se bachpan nahi marta’. Our life does not end with board exams. But exams are important for us.

11: 30 am IST

PM Modi starts interacting with students and teachers

PM Modi starts interacting with students and teachers at Pariksha Pe Charcha.

11: 23 am IST

PM Modi pays tribute to George Fernandes former defence minister who died on Tuesday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi starts his speech. He pays tribute to George Fernandes, former defence minister who died on Tuesday.

11: 22 am IST

How’s the Josh asks Javadekar, students respond ‘High Sir’

HRD minsiter Prakash Javadekar asked How’s the Josh. Students respond ‘High Sir’.

11: 21 am IST

Sabko Shiksha, Acchi Shiksha is our moto: Javadekar

Sabko Shiksha, Acchi Shiksha is our moto says, HRD minsiter Prakash Javadekar

11: 19 am IST

Modi is the first PM to interact with students for their exams: HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar

PM Modi is perhaps the first ever PM to interact with students for their board exams and relieve their stress, he said. Last year 7 crore students had participated . I belive this year around 12 crore students will participate online.

11: 13 am IST

Specially abled student plays musical keyboard, PM claps

A specially abled student Rini of Class 11 plays musical keyboard (instrument). PM claps on her performance who encourages students to fight all odds and move ahead in life.

11: 11 am IST

Cultural performances by students begins

A cultural performance by students begins. The performance has a message on how parents should contribute in relieving stress of the students.

11:05 am IST

PM Modi arrives at the centre stage of the venue, students cheers with Modi Modi

PM Narendra Modi arrives at the main venue of the stadium where students were waiting for him. Students cheers with Modi Modi as he arrives at the venue.

11: 03 am IST

HRD Minister Prakash Javdekar tweeted ‘How’s the josh’

He tweeted See, How’s the Josh

11:00 am IST

HRD minister Prakash Javdekar arrives

HRD minister Prakash Javdekar arrives at the venue

10:56 am IST

PM Modi arrives at Talkatora Stadium

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived the Talkatora Stadium. He visits the art exhibition put up by the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya.