Krishna Shroff: Comparison with my brother Tiger used to bother me a lot

While she doesn’t mind being termed as the daughter of actor Jackie Shroff, Krishna Shroff is trying to build her identity through her own fitness journey.
Tiger Shroff along with sister Krishna Shroff, who has made her music video debut with Kinni Kinni Vaari.
Tiger Shroff along with sister Krishna Shroff, who has made her music video debut with Kinni Kinni Vaari.
Published on Jul 16, 2021 07:48 PM IST
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BySugandha Rawal

Krishna Shroff feels being a star kid is not all glitzy and comes with the burden of constant comparison and the struggle to find one’s individual identity. And with time, she has learnt to take it all in her stride.

Some might know her as the daughter of actor Jackie Shroff, and some might refer to her as the sister of Bollywood’s young action hero Tiger Shroff. She confesses that at one point, that used to bother her, but not anymore.

“I’m always the one to look at the silver lining, and who can say they had a brother like Tiger Shroff to grow up with? Or who can say that they have that kind of inspiration in their house every single day when they wake up?,” she says.

And that’s how she uses that energy to drive her to push her limits. “Like they say, ‘You’re as good as the company that you keep’, and I’m blessed to have the company that I have through him”.

Reflecting upon her growing up years, Krishna admits, “Being born into this family, you don’t choose that life, you don’t choose to be in the spotlight or in front of the lens constantly being judged or being spoken about. It is very difficult.”

For a teenager, it’s very easy to get influenced by environmental factors or external factors of the starry world of Bollywood. And finding a way to detach is the biggest obstacle.

“As I grew up and got more comfortable in my own skin, I was able to look past all of that and get over all of that very easily and very quickly, but I don’t think that’s the case for everyone. It takes a strong individual to block out everything that comes with that life,” says Krishna, who doesn’t discredit the privileges that come with it.

“I’m proud of what my family has accomplished and is still accomplishing. But I didn’t choose that life,” maintains the 28-year-old, who has made her music video debut with Raashi Sood’s song, Kinni Kinni Vaari.

Fitness is something which speaks to her core, and she is leaning on it to find her own identity.

“Coming from the family that I come from, it’s very hard to steer away from that name and get out of that shadow and create anything for yourself. My brother has done a fantastic job. And fitness has given me a little bit of that identity or that individuality. I’ll forever be grateful to it,” she says.

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