Bigg Boss 15: Asim Riaz, Himanshi Khurana support Umar Riaz after Afsana Khan's ‘tu doctory kar’ comment

  • Asim Riaz and his friend Himanshi Khurana came out in support of his brother, Bigg Boss 15 contestant Umar Riaz after his profession was attacked on the reality show.  
Brothers Umar Riaz and Asim Riaz  pose together. 
Brothers Umar Riaz and Asim Riaz  pose together. 
Published on Oct 09, 2021 12:27 PM IST
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Asim Riaz came out in support of his brother, Umar Riaz, who is currently seen as a contestant on Bigg Boss 15. Asim’s girlfriend Himanshi Khurana also extended her support to Umar.

During a fight, Bigg Boss 15 contestant, singer Afsana Khan told Umar, "Tu kuch karne layak nahi hai, tu doctory kar (You are not worthy of doing anything. You stick to being a doctor).” Asim Riaz and Himanshi have now reacted to the statement.

Umar got furious with the comment on his job and told Afsana, “Aap nahi ho! Aap sirf gaane gate ho, mai country serve karta hoon. (You are not worthy. I serve the country while you only sing songs). Don’t you dare talk about my profession and mismatch my statements. While you were sitting at home doing nothing, I used to go out to serve the people of my country during the pandemic. All you do is sing all day.”



When Afsana interrupted him to say that he listens to her songs, Umar added, “I listen to your songs and praise you as well. I respect your profession. Do not talk about this hunger for footage for me.”

The contestants then tried to break their fight and calm things down but Afsana said, “Why is he talking about singing. It is my profession and it pays for my meals. I did not start this, he did. He said ‘tu gaane gaane aayi hai? Mute reh (Are you here just to sing songs? Stay silent)’.”

Umar then explained that he said so when Afsana told him that he was seeking “footage”. “I then told her that all she does is sing all day, she won’t get any footage.” Afsana and Umar again started arguing, insisting that their respective jobs are important.

A glimpse of Asim's and Himanshi's tweets.  
A glimpse of Asim's and Himanshi's tweets.  

Asim tweeted late Friday, “When you have a panic attack You don’t play a song call a doctor @realumarriaz.” Himanshi also wrote, “The first and last person you see in your life is doctor......@realumarriaz.”

Asim and Himanshi have been participants on the reality show in a prior season. They were seen on Bigg Boss 13 and Asim emerged as the runner up that year.

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