Chhavi Mittal on being diagnosed for breast cancer: Cried a lot; had traumatic nights before biopsy

Actor Chhavi Mittal revealed on Instagram that she is fighting breast cancer. The actor and mother of two, spoke at length about how she found out about the cancer this Monday, and her outlook towards it.
Chhavi Mittal (Instagram)
Chhavi Mittal (Instagram)
Published on Apr 16, 2022 02:05 PM IST
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ByVinay MR Mishra

Actor Chhavi Mittal “found the lump (on her breast) around twenty days back” and since then her world has changed. “I did multiple tests, MRI and was advised a biopsy. I have been processing it for twenty days and preparing myself for the worst,” says Mittal while talking to us.

“The final confirmation came on Monday when I got a call from the cancer specialist. He told me to meet and discuss the options,” Mittal recalls, adding that she was heartbroken when she was asked to do a biopsy. “I cried a lot when I was advised to have a biopsy. The fear of something like that happening is much worse than finding out that this is it. I’ve had some really traumatic sleepless nights before I actually went for the biopsy. That was an emotional struggle for me. It got me prepared,” Mittal adds.

However, the actor is now in a much better position mentally. “When I know something is happening that is beyond my control, my reaction towards it is not distress. I try finding solutions. That’s how I responded to this call as well. I spoke to cancer survivors, cancer specialists, and plastic surgeons, and discussed with multiple people. I’m prepared for what my case looks like. Yes, one cannot anticipate beyond a point but one common thing among all cancer survivors is that we all have to fight. It’s a choice nobody gets. The only choice I’ve given myself is either I fight it crying and lose the quality of life or fight with positivity and give it the best energy I can. I chose the latter one,” she elaborates.

She mentions her doctor has been quite optimistic and so is she. “Everything happens for a reason and I will like to find my cause in this whole thing. I know I will be fine. I will have scars after my surgery, but that scar is only going to make me stronger,” she adds.

Mittal is “blessed to have an amazing husband” but also lucky to have great friends and family around her. “My close family and friends have cried more than I have. They don’t want me to go through this. My mom is going to come here to take care of the kids. My biggest concern is that I can’t be as hands-on as I am with my kids. But I know they are going to be in good hands,” says Mittal who is a mother of a 10-year-old Areeza and almost 3-year-old Arham.

On Saturday Mittal shared a post on Instagram talking about her battle with breast cancer. She says the reason she chose to speak about it is to spread awareness. “I’m horrified at the number of women who go through it. If I can do my bit in helping women detect cancer early… Also, the challenge for women fighting breast cancer is emotional trauma. I want to show women that it doesn’t have to be so emotionally traumatic. If you have a good chance you should be positive about it. There is no point in crying about the things that are not in your control,” she signs off.

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