The Kapil Sharma Show: Audience member interrupts show, demands his money back from Terence Lewis

During the recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, an audience member threatened to stop the show after he said one of Terence Lewis' team members took 50,000 from him. It was all, however, a prank.
Terence Lewis on The Kapil Sharma Show. 
Terence Lewis on The Kapil Sharma Show. 
Published on Oct 08, 2021 01:50 PM IST
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Terence Lewis was in for a shock when a member from the audience, during The Kapil Sharma Show, threatened to stop the show until the choreographer returned his money. A man addressed Terence and told him that one of the members from his team took 50,000 from him with the promise of helping him but never got back to him. 

“I'm a dancer and one month ago, after a struggle, I reached Terence's office. There were four-five others with me and Terence's team was asking us to rehearse. I couldn't meet Terence but he had an assistant so I requested to meet him at least,” the man said in Hindi. 

“The team didn't say anything concrete but they kept telling me that they would make me meet him. After waiting a bit, I finally met him. I couldn't meet Terence but met his assistant instead. He asked me to perform for him and took my details. We kept waiting as they posed different demands like wear this costume and dance, perform to so-and-so song, etc. I said, 'If there's a show coming, at least send us for an audition.' But nothing. They troubled me a lot,” he added. 

“After a month, I called to inquire and they told me, 'We don't like your dance so much and there are other issues. You send us 50,000... You send us the money and we'll at least help you clear the audition,” the man added. “Did Terence tell you this?” Geeta Kapur, who was also a guest on the show, asked him. “No, no, he didn't. I don't know if he's involved in it or not but his assistant was,” he replied as Terence tried to wrap his head around the situation. 

Terence asked for details and the man presented not only the name but also a copy of the 50,000 transaction made. He revealed the name and turned out, that person indeed works for Terence. The development left Terence speechless.

However, he ensured he would sort the issue out immediately. The man refused to leave without taking his money back. He even threatened to stop the show until his money isn't returned. 

As the security team tried to get him off stage, Kapil walked up to the man and said, "I would like to say something here. Please applaud for this man, he's an amazing actor." Realising that it was a prank, Geeta called the artist 'mind-blowing' while Malaika Arora couldn't hide her shocked face. "I thought it was true. I thought it was real," Terence said. 



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Terence, Geeta and Malaika arrived as guests on the recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show to promote their upcoming dance show, India's Best Dancer. The reality show is returning for the second season. 

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