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I'm happy with my sense of humour: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan speaks to Princy Jain on the freedom of interaction his blog has given him and the controversies surrounding the same.

india Updated: Jun 30, 2008 20:56 IST
Princy Jain

There is more of Aamir Khan available to his fans than ever — thanks to his blog. But the star asserts he is as private a man as he always was, saying an instant “no” to the question whether he has stepped out of his space that had been closed to the prying public.

Simply dressed in a red T-shirt and blue jeans, sitting crossed-legged in the corner of a couch in his airy bungalow in Pali Hill, Mumbai, he asks for a cup of tea — made to his specifications. Then he begins replying, “Like anyone else, I choose things I want to talk about. There are some things I am comfortable talking about, some things I am not. Beyond that I am fine.”

He also refutes the perception that he doesn’t gel well with his peers from the industry, citing his friendships with the other two big Khans. “I often catch up with Salman, and even Shah Rukh. We live close by, so it’s easier,” says Aamir.

And if he is not a fixture in the Bollywood socialising scene, his reason is simply: “I am like that.” The first one Blogging has become huge in Bollywood now, and Aamir was the first one to take to the medium. It has been a year since he started blogging, and he says he is fascinated by its interactive nature.

“I really enjoy it. I can really have the kind of communication I want. I can express firsthand what I am feeling, thinking.”

The blog, he says, has changed his relationship with fans. “Earlier, it would be only (through) the media, which is an important link still. But now, I have a personal equation with people across the globe. And the most endearing fact is that it’s purely emotional.”

This new-age mode of communication attracts Aamir all the more because his own star-struck days were so different.

“Years ago, I would have never imagined having a personal contact with the stars I admired.”

Shock value

Recently, Aamir posted a blog that said: “Shah Rukh is licking my feet.” The statement caused a stir, though Aamir was only referring to a dog named Shah Rukh.

He says about the controversy, “It was blown out of proportion. In retrospect, I should have realised that this would happen. Seventy per cent of my fans took it in the spirit it was meant to be. Some said I shouldn’t have done so, because they hold me in high regard. And I understand that. But the fact is that we are just the way we are. I am the way I am. I am happy with my sense of humour. If I have upset people — which I didn’t intend to — I am sorry. But I am not sorry for what I did, because that’s the kind of guy I am.”

Smoking gun

He has confessed on the blog that he has started lighting up again. “Whenever my film is up for release, I tend to smoke. This is something I’m not happy about. Once

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

is released, I would give up, hopefully.”

Hopefully? “I will,” Aamir says more firmly. About his vision for his company, Aamir Khan Production, the star says, “I am a very cottage industry kind of guy. I believe in doing what I like.

As a production house, we will only make films we love, scripts we like and movies we are proud of. I may act, or I may not. But the philosophy will be the same.”