The cat reacts to be being filmed.(Reddit/HakunaMatata___)
The cat reacts to be being filmed.(Reddit/HakunaMatata___)

This cat’s ‘no, thank you’ reaction on being filmed has people entertained

“Cats are such weirdos!” reads a comment on the post.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Amrita Kohli
PUBLISHED ON SEP 30, 2020 05:04 PM IST

The Internet is home to wonderful videos of cats doing some adorable and some absurd things. And that’s all thanks to pet parents and animal lovers who record such happy content to share with the world to make it a better place. However, what happens when a cat realises it’s on camera? This video shared on Reddit offers a clue.

The video, all 25 seconds long, shows a cat happily nibbling her parent’s ear. The cat seems to be in a zone of its own, while the woman records the scene. Suddenly, though, the feline realises she’s being recorded. Its reaction is incredible to watch and now people cannot stop commenting on the video.

“Her face when she realizes I’m filming her...” says the caption shared along with the video. And it’s quite something. The cat almost has a ‘no, thank you’ attitude towards the whole thing and it makes for a rather interesting watch. Take a look:

Posted 11 hours ago, the video has collected quite a few reactions. From sharing their own reaction to the cat’s antics to imagining the feline’s perspective, people have posted several comments about the video.

“Cat is like ‘what you were filming me without letting me know. Bye I hate you now’,” wrote a Reddit user. “Is she trying to eat your earlobe?” asked another. To this, an individual replied, “Gross fact: some cats like the taste of earwax!”

“I’ll eat this hooman, mom nom. Holy hack! She got evidence against mee, runn!” added a Reddit user imagining the cat’s thoughts.

“Cats are such weirdos!” reads a comment. Someone added, “Cute weirdos” and we cannot help but agree.

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