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Home decor tips to champion contemporary interiors

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Oct 05, 2022 07:01 PM IST

Today, contemporary interiors are rising in popularity and the style broadly features clean lines, natural materials and a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Home decor experts reveal several simple ways in which a contemporary flair can be introduced into interior spaces.

When it comes to contemporary trends, several annual design events held across the world can be considered global trendsetters and one such major fair is the recently concluded Milan Design Week 2022, where curved silhouettes seemed to have taken the interior design world by storm but a successful contemporary space is a balance of clean lines, minimal tones and materials paired with personal touches. Today, contemporary interiors are rising in popularity and as a style, it is ever-evolving, encompassing a variety of trends that are currently in vogue.

Home decor tips to champion contemporary interiors(Max Vakhtbovych)
Home decor tips to champion contemporary interiors(Max Vakhtbovych)

Although the style draws from multiple other styles, including minimalistic, eclectic and bohemian too, its defining characteristic is that it broadly features clean lines, natural materials and a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. There are several simple ways in which a contemporary flair can be introduced into interior spaces.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Natasha N Kochhar, Associate Partner and Principal Architect at LTDF, revealed, “Whether symmetrical and flowy or asymmetrical and disrupted, everything is suddenly rounded. Twentieth-century modernism, which is generally synonymous with linearity, seems altogether upended. In my opinion, the explanation for this trend lies in the demand for “frivolous play” in our lives, especially after the pandemic. Curved edges reflect our need for something soft and comforting, as well as a circular flow of positive emotions.”

Asserting that trends are quite often rooted in human needs and curves have thus arisen globally, she said, “Arched doorways and employing curves in profiles of furniture pieces are great ways to incorporate this trend into homes. Play is also emulated through curves in a sort of ‘retro-futurism’ using bright colours and bold prints. With work-from-home becoming a regular part of our lives, it has given rise to the importance of wellness. This, in turn, has opened more people to develop biophilic living environments with a dash of wabi-sabi.”

She explained, “The fundamental principle of wabi-sabi interior design is a connection to the earth and natural materials (biophilia), but with an undertone of authenticity. The search for more conscious lifestyles has led homeowners away from mass production and towards something that is made organically, is handmade, or has a certain story behind it. Curating conversational pieces is being valued much more, as this trend extends from the home to office and retail spaces as well.”

Natasha N Kochhar added, “An alternate trend follows the concept of ‘YOLO’—You only live once; suddenly, everything is defined by luxury! Helmed by online ideation platforms, this trend seems to have captured digital migrants. Luxury is defined differently for everyone and may be expressed through materials, craftsmanship, technology, hardware or anything other than regular life. It can be gold, bright or printed. It can be silk, cashmere or marble. Personal definitions of luxury are a strong driver of interior decor trends for most homes today.”

Suggesting ways to champion contemporary interiors, Shubhra Dahiya, Partner at Team3, recommended:

1. Flexibility and adaptability - Contemporary design plays with flexibility, moving beyond the rigid constraints of spaces assigned to specific functions. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, homes have transformed from spaces for living into multi-functional ones that accommodate both work and leisure. Contemporary homes need to be built around open-planned spaces lending themselves to changing functions as needs evolve.

2. A balance of hues - Colour plays an important role in contemporary design. While pastel tones and neutral shades are in vogue, these can be paired with pops of colour brought in through statement pieces. Colour and lighting need to be well-paired to achieve the desired ambience in interior spaces.

3. The importance of lighting - As designers, there is nothing better than the abundance of natural light in an interior space; but this is not always available in crowded cities. The lack of natural light can be augmented with the modulation of artificial lighting. Warm light (3000K and lower) can lend a serene contemporary elegance to a home.

4. Material play - The key to contemporary design is not to overdo a material. The material palette can be kept minimal and subtle contrast can be created using varying finishes. Hints of materials like chrome, brass, suede and linen can work to complement minimal material palettes.

5. Reflecting your personal style - The contemporary style is fluid and transitional. Within the overarching framework of the style, homeowners can express their personal tastes and preferences with the use of accent colours, statement furniture and personal artefacts.

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