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Office interior decor tips: 4 top colour palette trends to elevate your workplace design

Sep 14, 2023 12:41 PM IST

Let's explore the top colour palettes that can elevate your workplace design, helping you strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

In today's changing and competitive corporate climate, workplace design is important to increasing productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall success. The colour scheme of an office may appear straightforward at first, but it is a feature that significantly affects the atmosphere and productivity of the space. Colours are a key component in establishing the overall tone of a space, regardless of the style that the business is trying to accomplish. A colour palette used in office design has a significant impact on the mood, ambience, and usefulness of the space. Incorporating the latest colour palette into office interior design trends will make your workplace more inviting to potential new recruits, friendly to returning employees and comfortable for those who have worked there for years. (Also read: 10 Gen Z-inspired office interior design ideas for improved workplace wellness )

Creating an inspiring and productive work environment begins with thoughtful consideration of office decor. (Unsplash)
Creating an inspiring and productive work environment begins with thoughtful consideration of office decor. (Unsplash)

Top colour palette to elevate your workplace design

Sammeer Pakvasa, Managing Director and CEO of Eleganz Interiors shared with HT Lifestyle the top colour palette trends for your workplace design.

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1. Orange for employee morale:

Orange is an extroverted colour because it is encouraging, enthusiastic, and self-assured. To promote courage, enthusiasm, and regeneration, it combines the vigour of red with the cheer of yellow. A break room or social area with this product would benefit from its stimulating effects, especially on appetite. When attempting to cultivate an atmosphere of invention, orange can lend a lively touch to office spaces as a colour that resonates with creative flair.

2. Lavender for high ideals:

It is often said that lavender and purple represent the worlds of imagination and spirituality. Creating lavender-inspired environments can inspire innovation and a sense of purpose in employees, enriching their workspace. From promoting creativity and individualism to provoking reflection, this spectrum stimulates high ideals and even signifies superior quality. Furthermore, effectively incorporating purple into marketing efforts can improve brand perception, especially for organisations looking to highlight their premium services.

3. Greens for rejuvenation:

Nature's hues take centre stage with green, symbolising harmony, growth, and balance. Akin to a refreshing breath of fresh air, green promotes a sense of calm vitality. By incorporating green into office design, whether through paintings, wall colours or placing actual plants in the office design, employers effectively counteract the strains of the modern work environment.

4. Whites and beiges for calm and focus:

Whites convey clarity and space, creating a visually uncluttered environment that promotes concentration. While these neutral colours are pleasant, they also give a diverse canvas for personalization and creative expression, allowing employees to add their own flair.

"The wisdom of colour psychology shows brightly as companies traverse the complexities of creating an atmosphere that boosts employee well-being and performance. Employers have the capacity to not only accommodate but also promote productivity by carefully selecting and integrating colours into office design. As a result, employees develop a strong feeling of purpose, fulfilment, and connection," concludes Sammeer.

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