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Life pressure can increase the risk of Multiple Sclerosis. Watch out for these signs, check these prevention tips

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Jul 16, 2023 08:08 PM IST

Study claims life pressure can increase the risk of Multiple Sclerosis. Experts reveal symptoms and signs to watch out for, share prevention tips

Multiple sclerosis is a disorder of immunology it affects young person predominantly and is one of the leading causes of disability in youngsters and study claims that life pressure can increase the risk of Multiple Sclerosis hence, diagnosing and treating multiple sclerosis patient early helps improve life expectancy. According to health experts, multiple sclerosis is a demyelinating disorder affecting the nervous system in which the nerves lose their insulation due to immune system attacking person’s own myelin and it leads to impaired electrical signals that control movement, speech and other functions.

Life pressure can increase the risk of Multiple Sclerosis. Watch out for these signs, check these prevention tips (Photo by Twitter/DgteTourism)
Life pressure can increase the risk of Multiple Sclerosis. Watch out for these signs, check these prevention tips (Photo by Twitter/DgteTourism)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Santosh Sontakke, Consultant Neuro-Physician at Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune, explained in brief, “Common presenting symptoms are vision loss, double vision, imbalance on walking, weakness in limbs, urinary problem. Acute treatment includes injections, immunology insulin and plasma exchange. The disease modifying therapy is the long-term treatment to prevent recurrent attacks. All these treatment modalities are available and these symptoms should immediately consulted by neurologist.”

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Signs and symptoms:

Dr Ishu Goyal, Associate Consultant, Neurologist at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai, shared, “It generally presents as sudden numbness, weakness, loss of balance and cognitive functions and may progress over years leaving a person with disabilities. With the advances in medical science, there are many medications available which halt this autoimmune process and prevents development of new symptoms. However, there are certain personal and environmental factors that predispose a person to relapses and rectifying these factors may prevent relapses.”

She added, “It has been seen that low vit B12 and vit D3 levels may lead to development of symptoms and a special attention should be paid to maintain this nutrient balance. External supplementation of these vitamins is also recommended to maintain adequacy. A proper balanced diet also prevents development of metabolic syndrome which when coexistent with MS may compound the disability. Also maximizing fiber content in diet is useful to avoid constipation which is a common problem faced in people with MS.”

Steps to help prevent life pressure from leading to multiple sclerosis:

Dr Ishu Goyal highlighted, “MS can cause a wide array of sleep problems because of spasms, frequent urination, insomnia and restless leg syndrome etc. A healthy sleeping pattern is of utmost importance as rejuvenation of cells in brain occur during sleep. Sleep hygiene should be given attention by avoiding stimulant drinks at night, restricting water content since evening, eating a light early dinner and reducing screen time at night. If these measures are insufficient for a proper sleep cycle, medical help should be sought for the same.”

She suggested, “Regular exercises play an equally important role in maintaining well being as it helps in muscle strengthening and in keeping the body agile. Moreover, it also ensures cardiovascular fitness and better bladder and bowel control. Aerobic exercises, adaptive tai chi, aqua therapy helps in relieving stiffness of body which is commonly seen in MS. With all these measures, modification of environment is required for normal functioning of individual. Safety features should be installed in bath and shower to prevent falls. It should be ensured that house has enough space to move around without any hurdles. The work environment should also be MS friendly as symptoms may happen anytime leading to imbalance and fall causing severe injuries.”

Simple modifications like these in habits, home and work environment may lead to reduction in overall impact of MS and helps in prolonging independent functioning of individual.

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