Struggling with frozen shoulder? Try these simple yoga asanas to get relief

Mar 03, 2023 01:14 PM IST

Frozen shoulder can be an incredibly frustrating and painful condition. But before you turn to medication or physical therapy, why not give yoga a try? Check out some of the most effective and easy yoga poses to deal with frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder is a condition that produces pain in your shoulder. As a result of your inability to move your arm due to this discomfort, you may become stiff and even lose some mobility. Inflammation is typically the cause of a frozen shoulder. The ligaments that connect the shoulder bones to one another are found in the capsule of the shoulder joint. The shoulder bones are unable to move easily within the joint when the capsule is inflamed. Yoga is really helpful to get relief from these issues like frozen shoulder or stiffness etc. It can also help you to gain mobility, enhances the strength of muscles and makes ligaments strong.

Frozen shoulder is common among diabetics because uncontrolled blood sugar levels can alter collagen, a crucial protein that makes up your connective tissue.(Pexels)
Frozen shoulder is common among diabetics because uncontrolled blood sugar levels can alter collagen, a crucial protein that makes up your connective tissue.(Pexels)

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"By practising yoga daily, the patient is able to improve the flexibility of joints, helps to regain confidence and removes mental stress from body and mind. Patients have to understand that only exercise and yoga solely can’t help. Enough water intake, a balanced diet, less stress and good sleep are also a major part of healing" says, Sarita, Yoga expert and founder of Yog Mansa. She further shared with HT Lifestyle some simple joint mobilisation that is important to practice before any asanas as a warm-up and for flexibility.

Joint movement:

  • Griva Shakti Vikasak Kriya - Neck Exercise

Inhale neck up and exhale neck down (don’t forward neck in cervical spondylitis). 10 times inhale neck in the centre position with exhale slowly move to the right side with no shoulder movement. Same with another side.

  • Kohini Chalo Kriya

Place fingers on shoulders and make a big zero by elbows clockwise and anticlockwise 20 Times. Inhale elbows up and exhale elbows close. This is a chest-opening kriya also. People with lung issues, heart issues and stiffness in the dorsal part can get relief with this simple kriya.

Here are some yoga asanas shared by yoga expert Sarita, that can help you to deal with a frozen shoulder.

1. Tadasana

Make sure your weight is evenly distributed across both feet as you maintain a slightly apart stance. Take a deep breath in, raise your arms above your head, and entwine your fingertips with your palms facing up. On an out breath, roll your shoulders back and down your spine to open up your chest and straighten your posture. Raise your shoulders up towards your ears. Your tongue should also be free of tension in your face's musculature. Keep your gaze steady and your eyes relaxed.

2. Standing Goumukhasan with yoga belt or towel

Now raise your left arm up holding the yoga belt and bring it to the back over the shoulder. Bend the elbow and stretch your right hand to the right side, behind the back. Bend the right elbow and try to grasp the yoga belt. Keep your elbows in the same line. Don’t give much pressure. Do this with another side. Hold according to your comfort with breathing.

3. Triyaktadasan

Interlock your fingers with inhale, stretch your arms up and exhale lateral stretch on the right side, stay there for 30 Seconds or with your comfort. Keep on breathing. Keep your spine straight or else can take wall support. Do this from both sides for better movement and flexibility.

4. Paschim Namaskar

You can do this in a sitting position or in a standing position. Stretch your arms backwards and make a namaskar mudra or palms together. In case you are not able to make a namaskar mudra, you can interlock fingers. In this whole asana, the spine should be straight and the shoulders should be in the back. Don’t drop your shoulders.

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