Armed Forces Flag Day 2023: Here's everything you need to know

Armed Forces Flag Day is dedicated to honour the soldiers, sailors and airmen. Here is everything you need to know

Published on Dec 06, 2023 04:11 PM IST 8 Photos

Armed Forces Flag Day has been observed annually on December 7th since 1949. It serves as a tribute to the martyrs and the brave men in uniform who valiantly defend our borders, preserving the honor of our nation. (Unsplash)

This day is dedicated not only to honoring the martyrs and the living heroes who were wounded in the line of duty but also to acknowledging the crucial role played by their families in these sacrifices. (HT Photo/Pradeep Pandit)

Flag Day emphasizes our commitment to caring for our war-disabled soldiers, Veer Naris, and the families of martyrs who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the country. (Pardeep Pandit/HT File Photo)


On August 28, 1949, the Ministry of Defence declared that December 7 would be commemorated as Armed Forces Flag Day, a day dedicated to honoring the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who serve the nation. 

Additionally, it encourages people to raise funds for the improvement of the armed forces by selling badges and stickers. (REUTERS)