Cyclone Michaung: Flooding in Chennai claims 17 lives

As Cyclone Michaung made landfall on Tuesday, Chennai endured persistent heavy rain, even as its intensity had noticeably decreased from

Published on Dec 06, 2023 09:46 AM IST 8 Photos

The flooding in Chennai following heavy rains triggered by Cyclone Michaung have claimed 17 lives so far, officials said on Tuesday. (PTI)

The Greater Chennai police, through a release issued on December 5, stated that 17 people have been reported dead in various incidents due to floods in the city. (PTI)

The India Meteorological Department on Wednesday informed that Cyclone Michaung has weakened into a deep depression over central coastal Andhra Pradesh. (PTI)


A rickshaw puller wades through flooded road after heavy rainfall owing to Cyclone Michaung in Chennai.(PTI)

The heavy rains and flooding caused by the storm brought Chennai to a halt, disrupting daily life and leading to both loss of life and damage to properties. (PTI)