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Brain teaser: You can spot 9 differences in these photos in 5 seconds if you’re a super sleuth

May 21, 2024 07:10 PM IST

Brain teaser: Can you spot all the differences in these photos in just a few seconds?

Get ready for a mind-bending challenge from Gergely Dudás, the digital artist based in Dresden, Germany. Known for his unique puzzles that both challenge and entertain, his latest Instagram post is no exception. Can you spot the nine subtle differences hidden in two seemingly identical photos? The clock is ticking - you have just five seconds to find them all.

Brain teaser: How quickly can you spot all the differences? (Instagram/@thedudolf)
Brain teaser: How quickly can you spot all the differences? (Instagram/@thedudolf)

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“Find 9 differences,” reads the caption shared with the puzzle. The photos, which look the same at first glance, capture the adventures of a rabbit and a bear. However, as you know, they’re not the same pictures.

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So, are you ready to take up the challenge to find the differences?

The viral post was shared about 18 hours ago. Since then, it has collected close to 1,000 likes, and the number is increasing. People posted varied comments, from thanking the creator to sharing how it took them long to solve the puzzle.

What did Instagram users say about this brain teaser?

“Gonna use this image to start the day with my grade 5's if that's ok!” posted an Instagram user, suggesting that they are associated with teaching.

“I found six and then gave up,” shared another.

“Found them all because I figured it would be in the smallest details to look for things,” added a third.

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“Very challenging, but I found them,” added a fourth.

“Wow, for a long time I was stuck at 8, but found 9, cool job,” expressed a fifth.

“I did it! I can’t believe I found them all,” commented a sixth.

“Always a fun thing to attempt first thing in the morning! Definitely a great, fun way to wake up my brain!” wrote a seventh.

The brain teaser creator also shared a YouTube video showing the differences between the photos. Take a look at the answers to check how many you got correct.


People often love solving these “find the difference” puzzles. They offer a combination of mental stimulation and satisfaction. These quizzes are also a favourite pastime for many.

What's your take on this brain teaser? Did you find all the differences, or did it leave you stumped?

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