Vida Samadzai evicted from Bigg Boss House

Miss Afghanistan Vida Samadzai, who had a peaceful stay with not being involved in any major fight, is the seventh contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss House.

tv Updated: Nov 20, 2011 13:18 IST
New Delhi,Miss Afghanistan,Vida Samadzai

Miss Afghanistan Vida Samadzai is the seventh contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss House on Saturday.

Vida, 32, had a peaceful stay in the house with not being involved in any major fight but says it was emotionally draining to see others arguing and abusing each other. She also acused Pooja Missra of being responsible for a majority of the fights in the house.

"Pooja Missra is just not a nice person. She has problems with everyone in the house and picked up fight with everybody. I was fed up of her and just stayed away from her. She is simply doing all of this to stay in the show and for TRP's," Vida said.

The model was the first Afghan woman to participate in an international beauty pageant since 1974 contestant Zohra Daoud.

The Colors TV show co-hosted by Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan is the Indian version of international reality show Big Brother and is known for its controversial candidates that include actors, TV stars, thieves, dacoits and politicians.

In the show's format, 14 contestants are locked in the Bigg Boss house for about three months with over 55 cameras following their every move 24x7.

First Published: Nov 20, 2011 00:09 IST