Happy Monday: Start the week on stylish note with 7 killer office looks

  • Sanya Panwar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 23, 2016 16:19 IST
Ladies! Not all is lost on Mondays, cause alongside the blues and the weekend hangovers, we get to play with fashion and take style to work. Yay. (Pinterest)

Mondays. They’re the best of times or could be the worst of times, depending on which memes you pay attention to on Facebook et al.

However, the blues and weekend hangover aside, there’s much to cheer for at the start of the week. For you can pull out your fashion playbook and take style to work. Go Mondays, yay!

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We give you seven ensembles to tinker with and still stay professionally cool:

1 Classic look

It is probably the easiest way to dress for office. But it is also the most likely to get you looking boring, unless you remember this one tip: It’s all in the details.

2 Casual business look

This I-can-wear-jeans-to-work-look is actually pretty easy to do and quite versatile.

3 Careless chic

It is a look for those who’ve got penchant for fashion but look like they don’t give a damn.

4 Glamorous look

This is for all those sexy women who rule the world, and would rather do it in bright lips, sky high heels and outfits that can go from 9am to late dinner cocktails.

5 Sophisticated look

This one is about enjoying fashion and always wearing at least one statement piece. The tip is to clash styles: Men-inspired looks with super sexy heels and massive bling, sporty luxe sweatshirts with classy pencil skirts.

6 Feminine look

If you think chiffon and flirty is not for office, think again. If you’re the kinda gal who loves flowy flirty dresses, tiny jewellery and looking casual smart all the time, this one’s for you.

7 Edgy look

This one’s not for the faint hearted, nor for all workplaces. This style is more appropriate for those who have creative jobs, so they can add a bit of their own thing into their clothes.

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