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Flings, girls galore in Imran Khan’s biography

world Updated: Aug 24, 2009 00:38 IST

Though his cricketing career was still in its early stages in the mid-1970s, Imran Khan's “love life" was a constant and he generally brought a 'special' girl with him to his matches, claims a biography of Pakistan's cricketer-turned politician.

“One female undergraduate recalls having feigned an interest in the game ... just to be near him. Imran made it immediately clear to his companion that he was a man of no small ambition, displaying 'brass' which impressed her,” the book penned by acclaimed biographer Christopher Sandford said.

It claimed that Imran generally brought a 'special' girl with him to his matches, or even to watch him practice in the Parks nets.

The 402-page biography noted that 56-year-old Imran, who had studied at Oxford University, was particularly fortunate to play his cricket at the Parks, a handsome, tree-lined ground that was only a short-walk from Keble.

“In the summer term his practice was to go directly from his early morning tutorial to the playing field, returning home again for a late dinner. An Oxford team-mate named Simon Porter remembers him as 'more inherently gifted, obviously (but) also more driven' than his colleagues.

“It wasn't unknown for Imran to attract a 'small harem' of supporters to the ground for even the most insignificant fixture," the book claimed. Another colleague remembers that, on losing his wicket in one inter-college game, Imran went straight to the area where "a blonde in a sports car was waiting for him. He jumped in, and that was the last we saw of him for two days," according to the biography.

A subsequent Oxford girlfriend, another blonde now called Karen-Wishart, thought Imran a 'physically beautiful' man whose charm was nonetheless limited in its scope.

One evening the two of them went off together to 'a little flat above a fruit and veg shop' in the Oxford suburbs. Looking back on the episode years later, Wishart was left to conclude that Imran was a 'music and roses at night, pat on the bum in the morning' type, the biography said.

‘I never said Imran slept with Benazir’

In an interview with CNN-IBN, author Christopher Sandford has denied to have written about physical relationship between Imran Khan and Benazir Bhutto. “I am not saying at all that he (Imran) slept with Bhutto.I said there might be some gossip to the extent...I did not believe in the gossip,” he told the channel. HTC