More than 200 killed in fierce battles near Syria’s Aleppo: Monitor

  • AFP, Beirut
  • Updated: Apr 16, 2016 11:50 IST
Among the 200 or more killed were 34 Islamic State fighters. (AP Photo)

At least 210 combatants in Syria’s civil war have died in a surge in violence around the city of Aleppo this week, a monitoring group said on Friday.

Among those killed from Sunday to Thursday were 82 army troops and pro-regime militiamen, 94 members of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front and allied rebel groups, and 34 Islamic State group jihadists, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The spike in violence, which has threatened to derail a shaky truce, has seen multiple fronts around Syria’s second city flare up as a new round of peace talks got under way in Geneva.

Map of Syria locating Aleppo and showing zones of control on the ground near the Turkish border and the flight of refugees. (AFP Photo)

The heaviest casualties came near Al-Eis in the south of Aleppo province where 50 regime troops and loyalist militia fighters were killed along with 61 Al-Nusra and allied fighters, the Observatory said.

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