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Every zodiac has its flaws, check what's yours based on your sun sign and how to fix it

ByJahanvi Sharma
Jul 04, 2023 08:18 PM IST

All of us have flaws. Specific problems that need fixing but you don't know how? Luckily, astrology has the solutions for it all. Let's find out.

All of us have flaws. Specific problems that need fixing but you don't know how? Luckily, astrology has the solutions for it all. Let's find out.

Aries: Your need for attention and recognition causes many problems. Being a fire sign, you are naturally assertive, but it is not necessary for people to always validate your ideas and thoughts. Though your reasons might be genuine the need for all of them to be appreciated or accepted might come off as selfish to others. As a solution, try responding rather than reacting. Listen to what others are saying and project yourselves according to the situation.

What if you could figure out your biggest problem in life and actually change it? Read along to find out. (Unsplash)
What if you could figure out your biggest problem in life and actually change it? Read along to find out. (Unsplash)

Taurus: Please stop being stubborn! It's not your way or the highway Taurus. This trait comes out in you when you refuse to see things from different perspectives. You assume your truth is the only one and dislike anyone who disagrees. You are different and so is everyone else. Learn to be adaptive to resolve this problem. Yes, your stubbornness makes you successful but what if you can reach the same goals in a shorter time if you listen to other opinions?

Gemini: Your sign faces criticism for being two-faced. Though it is natural for you to be an extrovert and blend with new people. But it might be really scary for your friends. You may be written as superficial and it might be hard for people to trust you. Try living for more than just the moment, Gemini. You need real connections in life so try spending time with good-hearted people.

Cancer: Being emotional is good, but not great. If you continue to lead your life through emotions you will end up hurting the ones you love. Yes, your feelings matter but so do others. Try talking to people rather than shutting them down or being aggressive. If you keep the mood down, you are a really friendly and approachable sign.

Leo: Turn off that ego button! You can not live alone forever and life is best when you have lovely people around. Your need for being the centre of attraction can not be fulfilled all the time. Remember to give others their due validation too. Being realistic in life and standing up for yourself and others in times of need is a virtue to possess.

Virgo: Take a breath and focus on teamwork. Being a perfectionist you sometimes come out as an obsessive person. If you think someone's work is not at par, teach them rather than overtaking it. Learn to divide and conquer Virgo. Use your observations and build a network of people who excel at different talents.

Libra: You don't need to be superficial to be liked. You are a natural people pleaser and therefore, you tend to change your personality accordingly. Pretension can only last so long, rather be the real you and see who stays. That's the people you should put efforts towards, Libra.

Scorpio: Keep it simple, Scorpio! Not everything is hidden under layers. Things can be simple and still exist. You have a very powerful unconscious mind that makes you suspicious of anything too easy or general. In the search for the truth or the hidden, make sure to have someone you can bounce off ideas with so as to not put unnecessary strain on yourself.

Sagittarius: Speak when spoken to. Your sign is highly knowledgeable but share your opinions when people ask for them. Words matter when spoken at the correct time. If you keep on impeaching unnecessary knowledge people will just avoid you altogether. Be patient, and learn to talk with people rather than at them.

Capricorn: Chill out Capricorn! It is true that hard work leads to success but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Your need for dedication and determination separates you from others. If there is trouble then it should be followed by joy. So enjoy life and reward yourself at times or you will lose it as it passes by you.

Aquarius: Being unique is good but imposing? Not so much. You being different should be good for you, but not harmful for others. You like being rebellious and winning against all odds. Just let's not do it at the cost of others. Your peculiarity and bright ideas are enough to make you shine, trust me.

Pisces: Daydreams VS Reality? Pisces would choose the former. No matter how hard people try to grab your attention you always manage to slip out of their grasp. Share your utopia with others and see if you can make it real together. Visualize your reality Pisces.

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