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Cyber threats and risks are rising, warn experts

By, Prayagraj
Feb 13, 2024 06:34 AM IST

Five-day training workshop on ‘Data-driven Entrepreneurship to Catalyse Innovation’ begins at IIIT-A in U.P.’s Prayagraj

National security expert and cyber crime investigator Amit Dubey has said in today’s connected world, the importance of cyber security in entrepreneurship cannot be overstated. Dubey, also a researcher in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, also said cyber threats and risks are constantly evolving, posing significant challenges to businesses of all sizes.

Inaugural session of the five-day workshop underway at IIIT-A in Prayagraj on Feb 12. (HT photo)

Speaking at the inaugural session of the five-day immersive training workshop on ‘Data-driven Entrepreneurship to Catalyse Innovation’ here on Monday, chief guest Dubey shared his vast experience to guide participants through various facets of data-driven entrepreneurship.

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The department of management studies, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, (IIIT-A) has organised the event in collaboration with the ministry of MSME on the institute’s Jhalwa campus.

“From malicious hackers to data breaches, entrepreneurs face a myriad of cyber security risks that can jeopardise their operations, reputation and financial stability. Recognising and addressing these threats is crucial for survival and growth in the digital age”, he added.

As per Dubey, the consequences of a cyber-security breach can be devastating for entrepreneurial ventures. “Apart from the financial implications, a breach can damage customer trust, tarnish brand reputation and result in legal liabilities. Recovering from such an incident can be a daunting task, often requiring significant resources and time. It is essential for entrepreneurs to prioritise cyber security measures to protect their assets and ensure sustainable growth,” he said.

Prof GC Nandi, director in-charge, IIIT-A, said data-driven entrepreneurship offers a plethora of benefits and opportunities for growth. By leveraging data, entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, preferences and market demands.

“This information enables them to create personalised offerings, tailor marketing campaigns and optimise resource allocation. Additionally, data-driven ventures can uncover new revenue streams, enhance operational efficiency, and cultivate an agile and adaptable business culture,” Prof Nandi added.

Principal co-coordinator of the event Anurika Vaish said the workshop on data-driven entrepreneurship aims to ignite innovation by highlighting the power of data in entrepreneurial ventures.

Led by Amit Dubey and a team of industry experts, the workshop would provide a comprehensive understanding of how data can be harnessed to drive business growth and success. Participants will explore various strategies, tools, and techniques to leverage data effectively and gain a competitive edge in the entrepreneurial landscape.

“As many as 20 budding entrepreneurs are participating in this transformative programme,” she shared. Pragya Singh, head of management studies department, IIIT-A, said the workshop is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals interested in leveraging data to fuel their ventures.

“Whether you’re a tech-savvy professional or someone new to the world of entrepreneurship, this workshop would offer valuable insights and practical guidance to help you navigate the data-driven landscape successfully. Attendees can expect an inclusive and interactive environment that encourages learning and collaboration,” she said.

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