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Kolhapur struggles with daily routine on the 2nd of internet suspension amid returning normalcy

Jun 08, 2023 08:21 PM IST

Businessmen opened their establishments and people were seen buying items of daily need from shops in Kolhapur city

The situation in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur is gradually returning to normal after local administration decided to suspend internet services until Thursday midnight. This caused significant disruptions to the daily lives of residents. However, despite the challenges posed by the lack of internet access, the situation in the city largely returned to normal, providing a glimmer of hope amid the recent turmoil.

Police personnel during route march after clashes in Kolhapur on Thursday. (Anil Velhal/HT PHOTO)

Notably, the famous Mahalaxmi temple reopened its doors to devotees, further fostering a sense of stability. Businessmen opened their establishments and people were seen buying items of daily need from shops in Kolhapur city.

On Thursday morning, Additional Director General (Law and Order) Sanjay Saxena visited Kolhapur to take review of the situation. Later, he also conducted a meeting with police officials regarding law and order situation in Kolhapur.

The authorities, in an effort to maintain law and order, took precautionary measures by deploying additional police forces on the streets. Two State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) platoons were stationed and teams were called in from neighboring districts to ensure the safety of residents and prevent any further escalation of violence.

In the absence of internet connectivity, the people of Kolhapur faced numerous challenges in their daily routines. Communication lines were severely affected, hindering the exchange of information and making it difficult for residents to stay updated on the evolving situation. Online services, which have become an integral part of modern life, were also disrupted, impacting essential activities such as banking, online shopping, and e-learning.

Students preparing for exams found themselves in a particularly difficult situation, as access to online study materials and resources was restricted. Many were forced to rely on textbooks and offline study aids, which proved to be a significant adjustment in an increasingly digital world.

Businesses and professionals heavily dependent on internet services experienced setbacks as well. E-commerce platforms, which had become a lifeline for many local businesses, came to a grinding halt. Online communication and video conferencing platforms were inaccessible, affecting remote work and hindering communication between colleagues and clients.

The absence of internet connectivity also disrupted emergency services, making it more challenging for residents to access critical information during an already stressful period. Online platforms that facilitate emergency services, such as ambulance booking, were temporarily unavailable, forcing individuals to rely solely on traditional means of communication.

Kolhapur Superintendent of Police Mahendra Pandit said, “Guardian Minister conducted a meeting and instructed police and district administration to conduct a ’peace committee meeting’ at the village-level.Kolhapur police are keeping a watch on social media posts and action accordingly will be taken.”

“Precautionary measures have been taken, with police deployment in sensitive areas of the city and district along with the ongoing patrolling,” he said. Asked about the situation in the city, Pandit said, “The situation is gradually returning to normal. Shops in the main market area have started reopening.”

Rahul Rekhawar, Kolhapur District Collector informed that the situation is under control now. “District administration is keeping closing eye on situation. To maintain peace and stability extra police have been deployed We request people to not believe in rumours and cooperate to maintain peace.”

Additional security

To maintain law and order situation 1,500 home guards have been deployed. Two extra SRPF teams have been deployed from Pune to monitor the situation.

From neighbouring districts like Sangli and Satara 100 police forces including 10 senior police officers have been deployed.As far as Kolhapur district is concerned 300 police personnel and 16 senior police officers have been pressed into the service. One additional superintendent rank officer, two deputy superintendent of police rank officers, 10 police inspectors and 50 police sub-inspectors have been pressed into service, said police officials.

While the city still faces the task of healing and rebuilding, the resilience and unity exhibited by its residents in the face of adversity provide a glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

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