CoA issues seven-point instruction manual for BCCI officials

The instructions issued for BCCI officials make it clear that the CoA will have the final say over disagreements in particular payments and rules.

cricket Updated: Mar 27, 2017 13:31 IST
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The CoA, led by VInod Rai, has issued seven instructions in their new Code of Conduct for BCCI officials.(PTI)

Following a meeting conducted on Sunday, the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) issued a seven-point instruction manual to the officials of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Vice-president CK Khanna, joint secretary Amitabh Chaudhary and treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary were left as the only eligible office bearers having filed an undertaking in the apex court to allow them to continue to work as BCCI officials.

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Anurag Thakur was removed as the president while Ajay Shirke lost the position of BCCI secretary due to a Supreme Court (SC) ruling on January 2. Another SC order on January 30 formulated the three-member COA under Vinod Rai to oversee the BCCI’s transformation as per the Lodha Committee recommendations.

However, in a discussion concerning the latest SC orders from March 24, the CoA issued seven instructions — almost like a code of conduct — for the BCCI officials when serving as office bearers.

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The instructions also concern CEO Rahul Johri and CFO Santosh Rengnekar.

According to the instructions, CEO Johri will serve as the point of contact for communication between the COA and BCCI officials. It also states that all legal documents will be cleared by the CoA and that payments will be jointly cleared by the joint secretary Amitabh Chaudhary and the CoA.

Further, the instructions make it clear that the CoA will have the final say over disagreements in particular payments and rules.

Here are the seven instructions issued by the CoA:

1. Each of the existing office bearers shall be bound to act in accordance with the instructions of the CoA and/or shall discharge their duties only with the prior written approval of the Committee of Administrators. Any actions already taken by any of the existing office bearers after the order dated 24th March 2017 shall immediately be intimated in writing by the concerned office bearer(s) to the Committee of Administrators for their permission and shall be continued/proceeded with only after written permission for the same is granted by the CoA. The existing office bearers shall not make any statements, representations or commitments on behalf of the BCCI to any third party including to Government, Court, Tribunal, regulatory authority, media or any cricket body or organization without the prior written approval of the Committee of Administrators.

2. The Chief Executive Officer (Rahul Johri) and the Chief Financial Officer of the BCCI shall report only to the CoA.

3. The CEO shall continue to sign all affidavits, applications, etc. in respect of legal proceedings filed by or against the BCCI. The CEO shall continue to issue instructions to advocates/ legal advisors in relation to fresh as well as pending legal proceedings under the supervision and control of the CoA.

4. All payments to be made on behalf of the BCCI shall be jointly approved by the Joint Secretary and the CEO. In the event one of them approves a payment and the other does not or fails either to reject or approve such payment within 3 days, the matter shall be placed before the COA for their decision. If the CoA decides that the payment needs to be made, the said payment shall be processed and made.

5. The CoA may communicate their instructions and approval to the existing office bearers through the CEO.

6. In order for any action/ decision (including without limitation any action/ decision taken by any Committee or the General Body) to be valid and binding on the BCCI, the same must be taken with the prior approval of the CoA.

7. All information, correspondence, communications and discussions involving the CoA and any employee/ consultant/ retainer/ service provider/ office bearer shall be kept confidential and shall not be disclosed to any person (including any office bearer) without the express written consent of the CoA.

First Published: Mar 27, 2017 13:31 IST