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India vs South Africa, 1st ODI, highlights: Kohli 112, Rahane 79 give IND thumping win

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Feb 02, 2018 12:26 AM IST

Virat Kohli blasted his 33rd century and Ajinkya Rahane’s 79 helped India beat South Africa by six wickets in Durban to take a 1-0 lead in the series. Get highlights of India vs South Africa, 1st ODI here.

Virat Kohli showed that he is the ultimate batsman when it comes to a chase as he slammed his 33rd century and his first in South Africa. Kohli’s century and his 189-run stand for the third wicket with Ajinkya Rahane (79) helped India achieve a six-wicket win and take a 1-0 lead in the six-match series against South Africa. This is India’s first win in Durban against South Africa and it was achieved thanks to the skipper and Rahane. Earlier, Faf du Plessis slammed his ninth century but Kuldeep Yadav picked up 3/34 as South Africa managed to reach 269/8. The next match is in Centurion on February 4. Get highlights of India vs South Africa, 1st ODI. (SCORECARD | FULL SCHEDULE)

Virat Kohli blasted his 33rd century as India defeated South Africa by six wickets to take a 1-0 lead in the series. Get highlights of India vs South Africa here.(BCCI)
Virat Kohli blasted his 33rd century as India defeated South Africa by six wickets to take a 1-0 lead in the series. Get highlights of India vs South Africa here.(BCCI)

12:23 AM IST: That is all we have from here. Join us on February 4 for the second ODI in Centurion. Bye Bye and good night.

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12:20 AM IST: Virat Kohli, Man of the Match: I had never scored an ODI hundred in South Africa. Thus, the celebration. It was my knee but my groin took the impact. The outfield for me was quite dangerous. I am ok now. Bhuvi and Bumrah again, we bank on them. The two wrist spinners have been making the difference for us. Having two wrist spinners I mentioned in the press conference is a huge advantage. It augurs well for the team when you have two fearless youngsters. They set their own field as well. They will have to keep this going for the rest of the series. Jinks has a good technique and he took the confidence from the last game and never had doubts in his mind.

12:14 AM IST: Faf du Plessis: We were at least 50-60 short. The conditions were a little slower in the first innings. India with a strong batting line up batted really well. I tried everything. Field placements, different tactics but Virat and Rahane played really well.

12:05 AM IST: Dhoni, the finisher par excellence, finishes it in style as he pulls Rabada to the deep square leg fence to wrap up a six-wicket win. This is India’s first win in Kingsmead, Durban and India have taken a 1-0 lead in the six-match series.

11:57 PM IST: WICKET! Kohli falls to the short ball. Phehlukwayo has executed it well and he drags the pull shot but ends up top edging it, this time Kagiso Rabada makes no mistake at backward square leg. Virat Kohli c Rabada b Phehlukwayo 112 (119).

11:49 PM IST: DROPPED! Sums up South Africa’s day. Short ball from Phehlukwayo, Kohli miscues the pull shot but Khaya Zondo, the substitute drops the catch at deep backward square leg.

11:46 PM IST: WICKET! Finally, South Africa break this magnificent stand and brings to an end a marvellous knock from Rahane. Full and slow ball on middle and leg stump, Rahane mistimes the lofted shot and holes out to long on. Ajinkya Rahane c Imran Tahir b Andile Phehlukwayo 79 (86).

11:42 PM IST: Effortless. Rabada bowls it short outside off and Kohli lifts it over extra cover for a brilliant boundary. India near a famous win.

11:39 PM IST: Virat Kohli, sublime, brilliant, legendary, magical. What a knock. Full and slow ball wide outside off, Kohli reaches out and hammers the delivery to the deep extra cover fence. 33rd century, 20th in a chase and 1st in South Africa. He pumps his fists and shouts Come On to the dressing room. Simply legendary.

11:32 PM IST: Glorious shot from Rahane. Length ball outside off, the batsman swings cleanly through the line and mauls it over long on for a second six. South Africa’s shoulders slump further as Rahane ramps a cut to the third man fence.

11:27 PM IST: Virat Kohli now has his highest score in ODIs in South Africa, going past 87* which he slammed in Port Elizabeth in the 2011 game.

11:23 PM IST: Brilliant shot from Rahane. Full ball on middle and leg stump and the batsman presents the full face of the bat to drill it down the ground for a glorious boundary.

11:19 PM IST: 15 runs in Aiden Markram’s over. This over has potentially tilted the balance in India’s favour. Kohli is nearing yet another century in a chase while Rahane has given him excellent support.

11:15 PM IST: Take a bow, Ajinkya Rahane! Whacks a short ball on leg stump to the fine leg boundary and notches up his 24th fifty. Great knock under pressure and India continue to dominate.

11:07 PM IST: Rahane and Virat are making great progress. South Africa desperately need a wicket.

11:00 PM IST: Brilliant from Rahane. Flighted ball on leg stump from Tahir, the batsman dances down the track and thwacks it over deep mid wicket for a maximum.

10:59 PM IST: Poor ball from Phehlukwayo. Short and on leg stump, Kohli pulls it to fine leg and it races away to the fence. 100-run stand is up and India are coasting

10:52 PM IST: The partnership is nearing 100 and India are currently in the driver’s seat. South Africa running out of areas.

10:44 PM IST: Superb running from Kohli. His knee is holding up well. India are making great progress. They have depth in the batting so it should not be much of a problem.

10:38 PM IST: 46th ODI fifty for Virat Kohli. What a machine. Until he is there, South Africa will not be relaxing. The chase master is at it again.

10:31 PM IST: Kohli handles the googly well as he glances it to fine leg for a boundary to come closer to his fifty.

10:29 PM IST: Duminy floats a flighted delivery outside off and Kohli lashes the drive to the deep extra cover boundary. The partnership is boosting India.

10:27 PM IST: The partnership between Rahane and Kohli is past 50. South Africa have to break this stand if they have to get a chance in this game.

10:23 PM IST: Imran Tahir is in to the attack now. Can he provide the breakthrough?

10:20 PM IST: Superb shot from Rahane. Duminy gives this delivery a bit of air but the batsman jumps down the track and whacks it straight down the ground for a boundary.

10:18 PM IST: We now have a full-fledged match. Technically, there is rain expected round this time. Will need a moment to know whether India are ahead of the DLS par score.

10:16 PM IST: In the air but safe! Kohli dances down the track and Phehlukwayo drags the delivery short on the body, Kohli miscues the pull but it lands safely.

10:13 PM IST: Kohli ends the over in style as he drills Morris to the long off fence. We will have a match on but there are dark clouds hovering around Kingsmead.

10:10 PM IST: Morris misses his line and Kohli glances the full ball on leg stump to the fine leg boundary. In the previous ball, a slow length off-cutter leapt up and hit Kohli on the glove which caused him some pain.

10:06 PM IST: Brilliant shot from Rahane. Full ball from Phehlukwayo outside off, Rahane makes room and creams the drive inside out to the deep extra cover fence.

9: 55 PM IST: Medium pacer Andile Phehlukwayo brought into the attack by Faf du Plessis. A good move as the Indians were too comfortable facing Tahir.

9:51 PM IST: Kohli pulls one Morris bouncer for two runs and when the SA pacer compensates with a fuller delivery, the Indian skipper drives it to the cover for another double. IND 75/2 after 15 overs with Kohli and Rahane at the crease.

9:47PM IST: Just three runs off the Tahir over. The wicket seems to have slowed down the Indians but two solid batters out there for the visitors in Virat Kohli and Rahane. IND 71/ 2 after 14 overs.

9:44 PM IST: Morris’ inswinging delivery hits Dhawan on the pads and the southpaw responded late for the call for a single from Kohli. He fell way short of the crease at the bowler’s end when Markram’s direct throw shattered the stumps. Ajinkya Rahane in now. IND 68/2 in 13 overs.

9:39 PM IST: Dhawan gets out, run out -- a direct hit from Markram.

9:36 PM IST: Dhawan late cuts Tahir to behind point for a boundary. Indian batsmen looks happy playing Tahir. IND 66/1 after 12 overs.

9:34 PM IST: Imran Tahir brought into the attack in the 12th over. But one feels Faf du Plessis should have persisted with Rabada for one more over considering how he was troubling Dhawan.

9:32 PM IST: Some quick running between the wickets by the Indian batsmen in the 11th over. And Dhawan finishes it off by playing a cheeky shot over the keeper for a boundary off Morris. Dhawan is clearly at ease against Morris. IND 59/1 after 11 overs.

9:28 PM IST: Dhawan is having some serious trouble reading Rabada’s pace and line. He nudges at one outside the off stump and misses it completely. Just three runs from the tenth over -- IND 49/1.

9:22 PM IST: Morkel continues from the other end in the ninth over. Virat Kohli is middling the balls but looks intent on settling down for a long innings. The Indian skipper shows the straight face of the bat for a lovely straight drive past the bowler for a boundary in the fourth ball of the over. IND 46/1.

9:19 PM IST: Some fiery bowling from Rabada to Dhawan. The Indian opener manages a boundary in the fifth over as Rabada strayed down the leg in his line. IND 42/1 after eight overs.

9:15 PM IST: Dhawan continues his great form as he drills Morne Morkel down the ground for a lovely boundary.

9:12 PM IST: WICKET! Bad shot from Rohit. Good length ball outside off, Rohit miscues the lofted shot to point, Quinton de Kock runs to his right, keeps his eyes on the ball and takes a well-judged catch. Rohit Sharma c Quinton de Kock b Morne Morkel 20 (30).

9:08 PM IST: Rabada has touched 150 kmph but it does not matter as Rohit hammers a lofted shot wide of mid on for a glorious boundary.

9:04 PM IST: Poor ball from Morkel. Full ball on the pads, Dhawan flicks it to the deep square leg fence for yet another boundary.

8:59 PM IST: FOUR! Dhawan also handles the short ball well. Rabada bangs it on leg stump and the batsman pulls it to the fine leg fence.

8:56 PM IST: Great shot from Rohit Sharma. Short ball on leg stump, Rohit wallops it to long leg for the first maximum in the India innings.

8:54 PM IST: Kagiso Rabada begins from the other end and he too starts well

8:50 PM IST: Good bounce and right areas from Morne Morkel. Rohit Sharma negotiates it well.

8:46 PM IST: Right, we are all set to resume the chase. Morne Morkel will open the bowling. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan on strike. Things have gone slightly overcast in Durban, which could assist the pacers a bit more.

8:20 PM IST: South Africa have finished on 269/8 with Faf du Plessis’ 120 the major innings. India will have to very careful chasing this under lights as the pitch will aid the fast bowlers in the night session.

8:14 PM IST: WICKET! Bhuvneshwar bowls a wide but Rabada is late in starting off for the run. He is run out by miles as the throw from Dhon is accurate to Bhuvneshwar. Kagiso Rabada run out Bhuvneshwar 1 (1).

8:11 PM IST: WICKET! Full toss outside off and du Plessis thumps it to the long off fence. Holes out to the fielder but ends a fantastic knock from him. Faf du Plessis c Kohli b Bhuvneshwar 120 (112).

8:07 PM IST: 16 runs in the 49th over. Bumrah is distraught. South Africa close in on 270-280.

8:04 PM IST: Bad fielding from Chahal and India have allowed South Africa to cross 250. Du Plessis punishes India even further by launching Bumrah over wide long on for his second six.

8:00 PM IST: Rahane does not spot the ball in the sun and he allows it to land in front of him at sweeper cover. Next ball, du Plessis deposits a full ball over long on for a big six. South Africa close in on 250.

7:55 PM IST: Faf du Plessis, take a bow! Scores his ninth century and has held the South Africa innings. Can South Africa go past 250? Brilliant stuff from the skipper.

7:51 PM IST: Du Plessis moves clsoer to a ton with a square cut that takes the outside edge past the gap at short third man and backward point for a boundary.

7:45 PM IST: Missed run-out! Virat Kohli runs in from cover and has a shy at the bowler’s end but he misses. Faf du Plessis would have been a goner. How costly will that miss be from India?

7:40 PM IST: SIX! Lucky escape for Phehlukwayo. Flighted ball on leg stump, the left-hander slogs it to deep mid wicket, Rahane is near the ropes and he attempts to catch it but the ball goes through his fingers.

7:38 PM IST: Kuldeep Yadav’s great spell comes to an end. 10-0-34-3. Brilliant. Now, India have to restrict South Africa in the end. Follow the cricket live scores in the end overs here.

7:35 PM IST: Good over from Pandya. Just two runs from it. Eight overs remain and du Plessis is on 89. Can South Africa get past 250?

7:29 PM IST: WICKET! Finally, India break this dangerous stand. Flighted full toss and it dips on Morris who was attempting to sweep him across the line, he misses and the ball crashes into the stumps. Ends a good knock from Morris. Chris Morris b Kuldeep Yadav 37 (43).

7:26 PM IST: SIX! First big hit of the game. Tossed up delivery outside off, Morris lofts Kuldeep inside out over extra cover for a big six.

7:24 PM IST: South Africa have notched up the 200 in the 40th over. Du Plessis slog sweeps Chahal to deep mid wicket. 10 overs to go, can South Africa score over 70-80?

7:21 PM IST: Couple of tight overs from Chahal and Kuldeep peg South Africa back. But, du Plessis is nearing a ton and South Africa need him to carry on if India are to go past 250.

7:16 PM IST: The 50-run stand is up between Morris and du Plessis. Chahal bowls a short ball and Morris powers it to the deep mid wicket fence.

7:14 PM IST: Bhuvneshwar continues to struggle as du Plessis charges down the track and blasts a full ball to the long off fence for yet another boundary.

7:11 PM IST: Morris is starting to open up now. Short ball from Bhuvneshwar and the batsman wallops the pull shot to the deep mid wicket fence.

7:09 PM IST: Bumrah is not nailing the yorkers. Full toss outside off, du Plessis drills it past extra cover for a crucial boundary.

7:06 PM IST: The partnership between du Plessis and Morris is nearing 50. India have opted for a review against Chris Morris for a catch down the leg side but there is no spike on RTS . Virat Kohli had appealed and opted for the review but it does not go in India’s favour.

7:01 PM IST: Not a good start for Bhuvneshwar Kumar as du Plessis clips a length ball on the pads to fine leg while Morris hammers a lofted shot to the long on boundary.

6:59 PM IST: Morris finally breaks the shackles as he thwacks a length ball over mid wicket for a boundary. South Africa need to get past 250. Only 16 overs remain.

6:50 PM IST: Lucky boundary for South Africa. Short of a length ball angled in, du Plessis is cramped for room and the inside edge goes over the stumps and to the fine leg fence.

6:45 PM IST: Bumrah is introduced into the attack as India continue to tighten the screws on South Africa.

6:37 PM IST: South Africa’s run-rate is barely above four runs an over and this represents a problem.With Miller gone, the onus is on Morris and du Plessis to get going.

6:33 PM IST: Pandya is getting some sharp inswing and du Plessis gets an inside edge twice. South Africa are just hanging in there.

6:28 PM IST: WICKET! Another one bites the dust. Flighted ball outside off, Miller lunges forward and drives it to short cover where Kohli lunges forward and takes the catch, the third umpire has a look and the catch is clean. David Miller c Virat Kohli b Kuldeep Yadav 7 (7).

6:23 PM IST: 30th fifty for Faf du Plessis in ODIs. Superb stuff from the South African skipper. He needs to be there till the end.

6:22 PM IST: Poor ball from Kedar Jadhav. Too full and Miller unfurls the slog sweep to deep mid wicket to get going. Miller and Chris Morris are the key for South Africa along with Faf du Plessis.

6:18 PM IST: WICKET! Superbly done by Kuldeep. He bowls a flatter ball that shoots through low, Duminy is caught on the crease and he is cleaned up. Camping on the back foot has cost South Africa here. JP Duminy b Kuldeep Yadav12 (18).

6:15 PM IST: 25 overs are up. The spinners are doing a great job.However, one must realise that at night in Durban, the deck assumes a different character. It can become the dreaded Green Mamba, where the ball will shoot up.

6:06 PM IST: First boundary for South Africa after seven overs. Flatter ball from Kedar jadhav but too short, Duminy goes on the back foot and crashes it to the deep extra cover fence.

6:05 PM IST: No boundaries have been scored since the 14th over of the innings. India are pulling things back nicely. You can follow live cricket scores of IND v SA here.

6:00 PM IST: WICKET! Chahal does it again. Smartly bowled. Aiden Markram charged down the track and Chahal gave this flatter legbreak a little more rip on leg stump, Markram whips it to Hardik Pandya at mid wicket. Aiden Markram c Hardik Pandya b Yuzvendra Chahal 9 (21).

5:57 PM IST: India’s spin twins - Chahal and Kuldeep are really applying the pressure. South Africa are not able to score freely.

5:46 PM IST: Appeal for a run-out but the dive saves du Plessis. It was a sharp throw from mid wicket and Dhoni whipped the bails off in a flash.

5:44 PM IST: In the LBW off Chahal, the ball was shown to be missing leg stump. De Kock could have reviewed, wonder why he chose to not do it? He is disappointed in the dressing room.

5:42 PM IST: Kuldeep Yadav is into the attack and he troubles Aiden Markram with turn. There is an LBW appeal that is turned down and there is a stumping chance. Super over from Kuldeep.

5:38 PM IST: WICKET! Chahal gets the big wicket of Quinton de Kock, who was looking in great touch. Flighted legbreak and it turns back in, de Kock looks to whip it to mid wicket but gets hit on the pad, the umpire gives it out. Quinton de Kock LBW Yuzvendra Chahal 34 (49).

5:36 PM IST: Kohli is still off the field nursing a potentially injured knee. In the 13th over, India had a faint appeal against du Plessis but they did not review. Replays show he was out.

5:34 PM IST: Du Plessis is playing superbly here. He bottom edges a short ball to the keeper but MS Dhoni misfields and the ball goes to the boundary. Next ball, he punches another short ball to the deep extra cover fence. South Africa are in increasing the run-rate here.

5:28 PM IST: Superbly played by Quinton de Kock. He walks down the track and Pandya shortens the length, the batsman pulls it to the deep square leg fence. Next ball, he runs it down to square third man for a couple. He is looking in good shape

5:19 PM IST: Yuzvendra Chahal is into the attack in the 10th over. He is getting some turn. How will the South African batsmen negotiate him?

5:15 PM IST: Not a good start from Hardik Pandya. Full ball and de Kock wallops the drive past mid off for another glorious boundary.

5:12 PM IST: Hat-trick of boundaries from du Plessis. Full ball and the skipper creams the drive past extra cover, Kohli runs after it and he is limping as he walks off. Next ball, du Plessis pulls a short ball to deep mid wicket and the third ball is steered down to the third man fence.

5:09 PM IST: Huge appeal for an LBW but Faf du Plessis had gotten an inside edge on to the pad. South Africa are 31/1 after eight overs.

5:08 PM IST: WICKET! Bumrah gets this full delivery to curve back in sharply, Amla loses his balance as he plays down the wrong line and gets hit on the pad, Bumrah’s front foot is peilously close to the no-ball but he is just ok. Hashim Amla LBW Bumrah 16 (17).

5:03 PM IST: Virat Kohli is in the dugout as the physio attends to his right knee

5:01 PM IST: Leading edge but safe! Short ball on the pads and it holds its line, Amla gets a leading edge that lands safely at extra cover. South Africa living dangerously.

4:59 PM IST: Oh boy, that is nasty for Virat Kohli. Amla carves this full ball to extra cover, Kohli slides forward but his right knee gets jarred on the outfield. A bit of a turf comes off the track. He is limping but he is alright.

4:55 PM IST: Great shot from Amla. Full ball bowled with a scambled seam outside off, the batsman laces it past extra cover for a boundary. Both batsmen looking to get into the groove.

4:53 PM IST: A maiden over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. So far, Bhuvi has gotten into the groove but Bumrah is struggling a bit for consistency.

4:48 PM IST: FOUR! Poor ball from Bumrah. It is full but too wide outside off, De Kock flays it past cover for an exquisite boundary.

4:44 PM IST: Not much assistance for the Indian bowlers so far. It is a typical ODI deck with some early assistance.

4:38 PM IST: Jasprit Bumrah starts from the other end and Quinton de Kock starts well with a boundary to the long on fence. Presented the full face of the bat.

4:35 PM IST: Not much swing for Bhuvneshwar Kumar. South Africa start off steadily in the first over.

4:31 PM IST: Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla open the batting. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will open the bowling.

4:27 PM IST: We are all set to start the limited overs leg of India’s tour to South Africa. Will India gain confidence from the Johannesburg Test win and put on a stellar show in the ODIs?

4:21 PM IST: There is a bit of brown grass covering on the pitch that will help the spinners get some purchase. However, Durban is known to assist the pacers in the night and that will be an advantage for South Africa.

4:16 PM IST: Meanwhile, in Dhaka, Dhananjaya de Silva has scored his second consecutive ton as Sri Lanka are in a strong position against Bangladesh. Catch live action here.

4:14 PM IST: Here are the playing XIs of both the sides. Remember, AB de Villiers is out while India have opted to play two wrist-spinners

South Africa (Playing XI): Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock(w), Faf du Plessis(c), Aiden Markram, Jean-Paul Duminy, David Miller, Chris Morris, Andile Phehlukwayo, Kagiso Rabada, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir

India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal

4 PM IST: South Africa have won the toss and will bat first.

3:55 PM IST: Toss in a short while. Do you think AB de Villiers absence will hurt South Africa today?

3:45 PM IST: India have been involved in six completed ODI encounters with the Proteas at Kingsmead; South Africa have won on every occasion, the last three by margins of over 130 runs.

3:30 PM IST: The Durban pitch has become slower. But Kingsmead has seen some memorable matches in recent times. The third ODI between South Africa and Australia saw David Miller smashing an unbeaten 118 off 79 balls to guide SA to a mammoth victory target of 372.

3:24 PM IST: India may not have a great record against South Africa in Durban but that should hardly worry Virat Kohli’s team. The last eight completed One Day Internationals played out between these sides have seen the winner alternate; India claimed victory last time out by a margin of eight wickets (June 2017).

3:20 PM IST: Welcome to our live coverage of India vs South Africa, 1st ODI. We are exactly 40 minutes away from the toss. And the weather in Durban is partly cloudy.

The Durban wicket is not one that is tailormade for the quicks. There is scope for spinners and Kohli could opt for his young options in Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav. With limited ODI matches scheduled in 2018, India’s preparation for the 2019 World Cup also starts at Durban. (FIVE KEY CLASHES IN DURBAN ODI)

“We feel that the core of players is more or less sorted. It is more or less pretty strong at the moment. It’s about who takes that one particular spot. Guys who are given the opportunity need to capitalise and really string in performances that convince the management and the team very soon that ‘that guy’ is meant to play at that spot for the team.”

It is the balance of the South African side, a bowling attack that relies on consistency and pace, athletic fielding as well as a mix of pitches that has made things difficult not just for India but for every Asian side touring this part of the southern hemisphere. The absence of an injured AB De Villiers may just give India that extra edge.

“AB is not playing this game so Aiden Markram is coming into his place and we’re giving him an opportunity to bat in different places in our batting order. That’s also a great way to evolve your own game, learn different situations at different times and it will be a nice learning curve for him,” said South Africa captain Faf du Plessis.

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