India vs England 4th Test, Day 1: Ashwin’s 4/75 spoils Jennings’ debut ton

Ravichandran Ashwin was the star on day 1 as he picked up 4/75. However, England were boosted by a century on debut from Keaton Jennings as they ended on 288/5. Relive all the highlights of day 1 between India vs England fourth Test here

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Siddharth Vishwanathan
Siddharth Vishwanathan
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Ravichandran Ashwin picked up four wickets as India dominated the opening day of the fourth Test against England in Wankhede.(Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

Ravichandran Ashwin was the star as he picked up 4/75, with three wickets coming in the final session. England’s collapse squandered a solid platform that was set up by Keaton Jennings’ century on debut. With the pitch assisting turn, Ben Stokes will be the key if England are to get anywhere near 400. Relive all the highlights of day 1 between India vs England Wankhede Test here. (SCORECARD | NEWS)

Ravichandran Ashwin picked up 4/75, including three wickets in the final session as England managed 288/5 on the first day of the Wankhede Test. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

16:43 hrs IST: Keaton Jennings, speaking after the end of the day’s play: It has been really special couple of months, probably more special last 72 hours. Could not be happier, could not be prouder. I suppose the bigger test would be to sustain for the longer time

16:34 hrs IST: That is stumps and India will be very happy with their work. Ashwin was unplayable in the final session as he ended with a haul of 4/75. England squandered their opportunity after Keaton Jennings’ maiden century. At stumps, England are 288/5.

16:25 hrs IST: Ashwin is into the attack. Potentially, the final over of the day. Will he strike?

16:21 hrs IST: Insult to injury for Jadeja! He strays onto the pads and Stokes goes on the back foot to whip this shortish ball to the fine leg fence, Kohli is fuming and Jadeja is frustrated.

16:19 hrs IST: Appeal for an LBW against Stokes! Umpire Bruce Oxenford gives it not out. Jadeja vehemently tells Kohli to go for the review and he obliges. No spike on Real-Time Snicko, pitching in line and hitting leg stump, however, impact is umpire’s call. Stokes will survive. This umpire’s call decision is so confounding.

16:15 hrs IST: 90 overs are up but we have 15 minutes left. We are going into overtime as far as overs are concerned. For sure, Virat Kohli will not be coping an over-rate fine any time soon. England 274/5.

16:11 hrs IST: Buttler and Stokes are hanging in there as England look to get near 300. They will need a monumental effort if they are to reach 400, which is a par score on this wicket.

16:05 hrs IST: Ohhhh! That was so close. Why would a batsman leave a ball from Jadeja? He bowls wicket to wicket. Buttler chooses to leave on length and the ball just misses the off stump. An extra coat of varnish on that off stump would have led to a bowled. England 268/5.

R Ashwin lead India’s fightback in the final session as he picked up four wickets out of five. (BCCI)

15:56 hrs IST: India are slowly piling on the pressure. Only six overs remain in the day but India will get in a lot more overs.

15:50 hrs IST: Jayant is getting into the groove now. Buttler is trying to attack but he is not connecting. India would love another wicket before the close. England 255/5.

15:45 hrs IST: Another awesome delivery from Ashwin. He gets this flatter delivery to go straight on, Jos Buttler has played this delivery so outside the line that it beats the inside edge.

15:43 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin gets his fourth. He gets this delivery to spin back in on leg stump, Bairstow attempts the sweep but gets a top edge that is taken at long leg, the extra bounce on the pitch means the sweep shot is a very risky proposition, but you live by the sword and die by the sword.

Jonny Bairstow c Umesh Yadav b R Ashwin 14, England 249/5.

15:39 hrs IST: India have opted for the review against Ben Stokes. Jayant gets this delivery to break away and bounce a bit more, Stokes had a feel for it and the ball just misses the glove. India lose the review but since 80 overs are up, the reviews are also topped up. The new ball can be taken but Kohli might not opt to.

15:33 hrs IST: Bairstow breaks the shackles with a boundary but at the other end, Ashwin is severely testing Stokes with some magnificent bowling.

Ravichandran Ashwin’s double stroke helped India regain the initiative in the final session. (BCCI)

15:24 hrs IST: Stokes is facing a big trial by spin from Ashwin. Somehow, he is hanging in there. England 238/4.

15:18 hrs IST: This is excellent stuff from Ashwin. Once again, he pitches the delivery on middle and off stump, it breaks away sharply and it beats Stokes’ outside edge. He is batting well, the batsman, he is not edging the delivery.

15:12 hrs IST: Brilliant! Brilliant from Ashwin. He pitches this ball outside leg stump, but he has given it so much rip that it turns square and beats Ben Stokes outside off. Magic ball! England 232/4.

15:09 hrs IST: And just like that, the game turns on its head. England were looking good for 400 but now even 300 looks hard. Ashwin is into his rhythm.

Ravichandran Ashwin got the key wickets of Moeen Ali (50) and Keaton Jennings (112) in the final session as India fought back. (BCCI)

15:05 hrs IST: WICKET! Double blow for England and Ashwin is the rockstar. Flighted delivery and it dips on Jennings, he pokes at it and Pujara at gully takes a good low catch. Ends a fabulous innings from Jennings. He gets a standing ovation from the Wankhede crowd.

Keaton Jennings c Cheteshwar Pujara b R Ashwin 112, England 230/4

15:02 hrs IST: WICKET! Rash shot and Moeen throws it away. Ashwin tosses this delivery up and Moeen attempts a slog sweep, gets a top edge that is taken at mid wicket.

Moeen Ali c Karun Nair b R Ashwin 50, England 230/3

14:59 hrs IST: Moeen Ali gets to his ninth Test fifty. It has been a sparkling knock from him.

14:50: Jayant Yadav is bowling too short. Moeen taking advantage of the length to play the sweep shot and score runs. Virat Kohli can’t set field for poor bowling. Moeen closes in on a fifty and England 225/2 at the end of 68 overs.

14:45: England are cruising at 4.7 runs per over. Moeen and Jennings have shown the right temperament so far. They have played the spinners on merit and put the loose balls away. England 214/2 after 66 overs. Moeen 28 and Jennings 108. India need a wicket now.

14:41: Moeen Ali is happy to step out and give Jadeja a bit of stick. It’s a SIX at long on! England 208/2 in the 65th over. Moeen is on 37 and Jennings on 103.

14:37: Offie Jayant Yadav joins the attack. So spin from both ends. Moeen and Jennings are cautious and rightly so. Live scores here.

14:33: Moeen Ali faces Ravindra Jadeja straight after tea and pulls a rank short ball to the mid-wicket fence. India must bowl well in this phase. England reach 200 in 62.2 overs.

14:23 hrs IST: A bit of concern during the Wankhede Test as umpire Paul Reiffel gets hit on the back of his head. Read more here.

14:14 hrs IST: Tea and England have moved to 196/2, with Keaton Jennings scoring a century on debut. It has been a magnificent knock from this young left-hander.

14:08 hrs IST: Keaton Jennings joins a very exclusive club of England players to have achieved this magnificent feat. Read more here to find out.

13:59 hrs IST: A superstar has arrived on the international scene. Keaton Jennings, take a bow! Scores a century on debut and brings it up with a reverse sweep. That is audacious and mind-blowing. No nerves. Soaks in the applause from the Wankhede. Great moment.

13:54 hrs IST: The fifty-run stand is up between Moeen and Jennings. The 24-year-old is nearing a special ton. Catch all live scores here

13:50 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav troubles Moeen with spin and bounce but the left-hander survives. Catch all live scores here

13:47 hrs IST: The crowds have flocked to the Mumbai Test to catch India vs England in action. However, poor ticket management has resulted in another problem.

13:43 hrs IST: Edged and dropped! Virat Kohli the fielder! Second catch dropped in the Mumbai Test by India. Umesh Yadav comes round the wicket and gets this back of a length ball to straighten outside off, Moeen plays that with an angled bat and the edge flies to the left of second slip, Kohli dives and tries to catch it with one hand but it does not stick.

Umpire Paul Reiffel was headed to the hospital after getting hit by a ball on the back of his head during the Wankhede Test between India vs England. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

13:37 hrs IST: There are reports coming in that umpire Paul Reiffel is headed to the hospital. Let us hope it is nothing serious.

13:34 hrs IST: Appeal for an LBW and a catch against Jennings. Not out on both counts. Good decision. No bat involved and that ball was sliding down the leg side. England 171/2.

13:27 hrs IST: Jennings enters the 90s as he cuts a shortish ball from Ashwin to deep cover. Catch all live scores here

13:22 hrs IST: Two slips in place as Umesh Yadav comes into the attack. India will love to take at least two-three quick wickets heading into the Tea break.

13:18 hrs IST: Marais Erasmus will be the second umpire. Nitin Menon will be the third umpire.

Umpire Paul Reiffel walked off the field after he was hit on the back of the head by a loopy throw from square leg. (BCCI)

13:14 hrs IST: Lot of activity around as Jeff Crowe, the match referee is moving the officials. Mostly, Marais Erasmus will be the second umpire. However, it could be Nitin Menon, the reserve umpire as DRS responsibilities could play a vital role in determining the role.

13:12 hrs IST: Umpire Reiffel is being taken off the field. He is walking with little assistance which is a good sign. Catch all live scores here

13:10 hrs IST: Drinks have been taken and the physio is still attending to Reiffel. He looks dazed but is alright. Nothing serious, one hopes.

13:08 hrs IST: Ouch! Umpire Paul Reiffel is down for the count. Bhuvneshwar Kumar gives a loopy throw from square leg but the ball hits umpire Reiffel flush on the back of the head. He is down and getting some treatment. He seems to be alright.

13:02 hrs IST: Edged but safe! Ashwin gets this delivery to straighten and he gets some extra bounce, Jennings hangs back and stabs hard at it but the edge flies wide of slip for a couple to third man. Some nervous moments as he nears a century. Catch all live scores here

13:00 hrs IST: Jennings uses the reverse sweep against Jadeja as well as he finds the boundary again. He is nearing a special ton.

Keaton Jennings neared a special ton on the first day of the Wankhede Test against India. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

12:56 hrs IST: After a poor crowd in Mohali, the crowds in Mumbai have turned up in large numbers. However, there has been a problem in that as well. Check this video out.

12:55 hrs IST: Brilliant ball from Ashwin. There is drift, dip and vicious turn away. Moeen Ali beaten all ends up. How did that miss off stump? That was very close.

12:51 hrs IST: Bold stroke from Jennings. He employs the reverse sweep against Jayant Yadav and he finds the third man boundary. Next ball, he presses forward and creams the cover drive for yet another boundary. Jennings will not be bogged down by the pressure. Catch all live scores here

12:48 hrs IST: With the loss of Root, Jennings has slowed down. The number of dot balls are increasing. We are entering that zone where a collapse is not far away from the cards.

Ravichandran Ashwin got the big wicket of Joe Root for 21 as India struck in the second session. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

12:43 hrs IST: The wicket is already starting to take plenty of turn. The plan of operation for India would be to bowl England out for under 300 and then pile on the runs.

12:36 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin gets the wicket of Joe Root. Good catch from Virat Kohli. Catch all live scores here

Ashwin tosses this delivery up and gives this some more air, it dips on Root as he looks to drive it through cover, Kohli moves to his right but the outside edge goes to his left, Kohli stretches out his hands and takes a sharp catch.

Joe Root c Virat Kohli b R Ashwin 21, England 136/2

12:33 hrs IST: Stumping chance missed! Parthiv fails to collect as Root is lured out of the crease by Jadeja. This could prove to be costly.

12:31 hrs IST: It has been a busy innings from Root so far. He is rotating the strike and has not allowed the scoring rate to dip.

12:25 hrs IST: Root is content on taking singles and couples as England maintain a decent run-rate of 3.7. England 131/1.

12:20 hrs IST: Root and Jennings are batting very well as they frequently rotate the strike. England must not go into a shell as that will give Jadeja and Ashwin ammunition to blow them away. Catch all live scores here

12:15 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja opens the bowling in the second session. England must not undo all the hard work which they did in the first session. It was a collapse in the second sessions in Vizag and Mohali that led to their loss in the match.

12:10 hrs IST: Welcome back for the second session. England are in a good position thanks to a magnificent effort from Keaton Jennings, who scored a fifty on debut. Know more about his 24-year-old star here.

Keaton Jennings smashed a fifty on debut as England made 117/1 at lunch on the first day of the Wankhede Test. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

11:33 hrs IST: That will be lunch on day one and it has all been about Keaton Jennings. He has scored a fifty on debut and has looked the part in Test cricket. He survived some testing moments but he has held firm and tackled both spin and pace with aplomb. He is one for the future definitely. England 117/1.

11:24 hrs IST: Lovely batting from Jennings. He gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts Jayant Yadav straight down the ground for a boundary. He is making great progress. Catch all live scores here

11:23 hrs IST: Can India get one more wicket before lunch? Jadeja is building the pressure nicely as he beats Joe Root’s outside edge. The left-armer could be the key bowler for India on this deck.

11:15 hrs IST: WICKET! Rash shot from Cook and Jadeja gets the wicket. Flatter delivery and the England skipper runs down the track, he looks to heave it to mid wicket but the ball sneaks past the gap between bat and pad and Parthiv Patel effects the stumping. Not a good shot from Cook.

Alastair Cook st Parthiv Patel b Ravindra Jadeja 46, England 99/1 vs India

Keaton Jennings scored a fifty on debut as England made a great start in the Wankhede Test versus India. (BCCI)

11:09 hrs IST: Wonderful moment for Keaton Jennings as he scores his maiden fifty on debut. Brings up the landmark by paddle sweeping Ashwin to fine leg for a couple. Great stuff from the 24-year-old. His phone interaction with his father, Ray Jennings, has really helped. England 92/0.

11:03 hrs IST: Jayant is getting some turn and bounce off this wicket. He once again beats Jennings’ outside edge as he remains on 49. Catch all live scores here

10:59 hrs IST: Lovely ball to end the over. Jayant gets some drift in and gets this ball to break away sharply, it bounces a touch more as Jennings gets beaten.

10:55 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav is into the attack. He should enjoy bowling on this surface as it has some extra bounce.

10:54 hrs IST: Beaten! Ashwin gets this delivery to dip at the last moment and it spins away, Cook attempts the drive but is beaten. Lucky that there was no edge. In fact, Parthiv Patel has failed to collect it cleanly. Had he done so, there could have been a stumping chance. England 71/0.

Keaton Jennings started off well on his debut as he eyed a fifty in the Wankhede Test against India. (BCCI)

10:50 hrs IST: Haseeb Hameed is watching from the stands and is pretty happy with the way things are going. Hameed was replaced by Jennings in this Test and he is doing a great job so far. Catch all live scores here

10:49 hrs IST: Lovely batting from Jennings. Umesh Yadav overpitches and Jennings laces the drive past point for a glorious boundary. He moves closer to fifty.

10:45 hrs IST: Jennings continues to bat well. He is seeing the ball till the last moment and is getting the bat down late. He is also looking assured off the back foot.

10:37 hrs IST: The fifty-run stand is up between Cook and Jennings. Nice start to this opening duo. Slip, leg slip and silly point in place for Ashwin. These two are rotating the strike well. Catch all live scores here

10:32 hrs IST: Jennings is growing in confidence as he smashes two more boundaries off Bhuvneshwar. England’s opening partnership has given the team a good start but can they sustain it?

10:28 hrs IST: Ashwin tries the carrom ball against Jennings but the left hander is equal to the task as he drives it off the back foot. The length was slightly short from the bowler.

10:25 hrs IST: Both Cook and Jennings have strung a solid partnership. However, India have maintained the pressure. Catch all live scores here

Keaton Jennings survived some anxious moments but he started off positively in the Mumbai Test against India. (BCCI)

10:21 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar is into his seventh over of his spell. This must be tiring for him but he is known to bowl lengthy spells.

10:14 hrs IST: England are playing out the first hour pretty well. They are negotiating the pace and spin trial pretty well so far. Both Jennings and Cook have looked assured.

10:06 hrs IST: Ravichandran Ashwin is into the attack and England take four runs off him in his first over. Catch all live scores here

10:03 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar has been warned on his follow-through as he treads into the danger zone. No official warning yet though.

10:00 hrs IST: Big appeal for LBW but not given! India have opted for the review. It looks close. Bhuvneshwar gets this delivery to cut back in late off the seam and Jennings is a bit late in getting the bat down, the ball hits the pad and India appeal, however, the impact is umpire’s call but the ball is hitting middle stump. Unlucky for India.

09:52 hrs IST: There is some assistance for the bowlers on this Mumbai deck. There is seam movement but due to the red soil, there is extra bounce as well . Catch all live scores here

Keaton Jennings got going with a couple of boundaries as England made a good start. (BCCI)

09:48 hrs IST: First runs for Jennings. It comes in style. Two back-to-back boundaries off Umesh and he will feel a lot better. He gets off the mark by cutting a short ball past point for a boundary and he makes it even better by pulling the next ball for another boundary to deep square leg.

09:47 hrs IST: Edged and DROPPED! Jennings gets a life on 0. Umesh gets this delivery to lift up outside off and Jennings fends at it, the edge flies wide of gully where Karun Nair dives to his left but fails to latch on to it.

09:44 hrs IST: EDGED but SAFE! Bhuvneshwar slants this delivery wide outside off, Cook chases after it and the edge flies wide of Jadeja at gully. England 9/0. Catch all live scores here.

09:40 hrs IST: Meanwhile, Yuvraj Singh continues to have a magnificent time. This is how

09:39 hrs IST: Some nerves for Jennings as he gets through his first over. There was some misjudgment around his off stump and he was beaten for pace.

09:36 hrs IST: Big moment for Keaton Jennings as he faces his first ball in Tests. Umesh Yadav to begin at the other end.

Alastair Cook started off positively in the Mumbai Test after England chose to bat. (BCCI)

09:32 hrs IST: All set for the game to begin. Bhuvneshwar Kumar opens the bowling with three slips and a gully. His line and length is slightly awry as Alastair Cook gets off the mark with a couple to mid wicket.

09:28 hrs IST: The national anthems are all done. India and England are set to play the first-ever Test at Wankhede stadium without Sachin Tendulkar since 1989. Nostalgia.

09:23 hrs IST: India have been ravaged by injuries. Mohammed Shami is the latest in the list of the injured along with Ajinkya Rahane. Will KL Rahul remain injury-free?

09:14 hrs IST: Here is a bit about Keaton Jennings. He is the son of former Royal Challengers Bangalore coach Ray Jennings. In the 2015/16 County Championship, he was top run-getter with 1548 runs in 16 games at an average of 64.5. He scored seven centuries in that season, the most by any batsmen.

09:10 hrs IST: Here are the playing XIs:

India: Murali Vijay, Lokesh Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Karun Nair, Ravichandran Ashwin, Parthiv Patel(w), Ravindra Jadeja, Jayant Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav

England: Alastair Cook(c), Keaton Jennings, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Ben Stokes, Jonny Bairstow(w), Jos Buttler, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, James Anderson, Jake Ball

Keaton Jennings, who was the leading run-getter in the 2016 County Championships for Durham, made his debut in the Mumbai Test. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

09:08 hrs IST: Alastair Cook confirms that Keaton Jennings will make his debut. Stuart Broad is still unfit and in his place, Jake Ball, who played one Test against Pakistan in Lord’s will play. Virat Kohli adds that Bhuvneshwar Kumar and KL Rahul come back to the Indian squad.

09:01 hrs IST: England have opted to bat at Wankhede. Good call as batting in the fourth innings could be difficult.

08:58 hrs IST: There is a decent covering of grass on the wicket but there are also plenty of cracks. As the game progresses, there will be plenty of assistance for the spinners.

08:57 hrs IST: With Ajinkya Rahane ruled out of the match, Manish Pandey will get a chance to make his Test debut . Bhuvneshwar Kumar might come in place of Mohammed Shami.

08:50 hrs IST: A warm welcome to the fourth Test between India and England from Mumbai. After a 10-day break, the series resumes and India are on the cusp of achieving their fifth consecutive series win. However, England have won their last two Tests at the Wankhede and it will be an interesting contest.

Refreshed after a break in Dubai, England will love to storm India in their happy hunting ground in Mumbai. Keaton Jennings will make his England debut as captain Alastair Cook’s latest opening partner.

The 24-year-old Jennings, who scored six centuries for county side Durham last season, is Cook’s 11th partner at the top of the order in the game’s longest format since the retirement of Andrew Strauss four years ago.

India, needing only a draw to win their fifth straight Test series, are battling injuries. While there are sufficient back-ups, India have lost Ajinkya Rahane and Mohammed Shami is a doubtful starter.

Seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who took six wickets in his last Test against New Zealand in September, is expected to start if Shami is ruled out, with opening batsman Lokesh Rahul returning to the side after missing the third Test in Mohali with injury.

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