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Boards 2023: How to deal with exam pressure and stress

Mar 06, 2023 09:01 PM IST

The pressure on students to perform well during exam and assignment periods is relentless.

In today's world, going to school, or college, and taking an exam is similar to going to a thali restaurant where you are constantly being overloaded with snacks, entrees, and desserts as well as soups, dals, sabzis, various rotis, and various grains of rice. The best course of action is to prioritize the tasks that need to be completed, deal with them, and move on.

Boards 2023: How to deal with exam pressure and stress
Boards 2023: How to deal with exam pressure and stress

Students' lives are now inextricably entwined with anxiety and worry, which eats away at their mental health and throws off their emotional equilibrium. They are under constant pressure, which is amplified during exam and assignment periods. Numerous things cause them anxiety, including the ongoing pressure to do better, acquire better grades, beat their prior records, match their siblings' academic standing, and satisfy their parents' expectations.

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Stress during exams is a conventional and phylogenetic basic response of the human mind. It is an integral aspect of students' lives, consuming their mental calm and upsetting their emotional balance. The pressure on students to perform well during exam and assignment periods is relentless. This pressure leads to dis-harmony, dis-orientation, or dis –ease separating them in polarities.

So how does one handle such anxious situations? You should be aware of the fact that while you as students have done your best, tests are not the be-all and end-all of life. You must also be aware of how anxiety throws off your emotional, physical, and mental balance. It completely shakes up your way of life! It causes havoc in your body by quickening your heartbeat, raising your blood pressure, causing you to perspire heavily, and making you feel out of breath. Do you want to subject your body to such noxious reactions?

Let's look at a few coping mechanisms. Hence, you should first understand the material in your interest tests before putting it aside. Then, move on to the challenging subjects and pay attention to them with interest in light of how they might relate to daily life, uplift mankind, contribute to this universe, and alter the course of human history.

Your studies will be in-depth if you approach them from that angle. Make your reading interesting so that you will want to keep reading it for your own benefit and interest rather than memorizing and studying it. You'll be able to process information in your mind more effectively and things will assimilate more readily.

Keep your life moving slowly to guarantee that you are in perfect flow, rhythm, and harmony with your surroundings, even under any pressure from tests or assignments. Planning, maintaining a schedule, and time management is other crucial abilities that will aid in maintaining composure and a sense of freedom from pressure.

Also, it's crucial to maintain your emotional and psychological balance. One must regularly move around, breathe, relax, stretch, pray, sing, dance, or engage in recreational activities.

Spending time with family and friends, watching comedies, and listening to upbeat music with uplifting lyrics will also help you to release the pressure and tension that comes with examinations and homework.

It is also essential to eat and nourish properly. A healthy body can aid in improving concentration and maintaining composure. Staying hydrated and drinking enough water might also help you concentrate. This will assist you in improving your performance.

Continue taking quick breaks frequently, avoid sitting for extended periods of time, take frequent, brief naps, and avoid reading for extended periods of time. Make sure to listen to music, take baths, step down, move around, and come back, and smell good flowers, fruits, earth, or any natural aromatic oils in between. To feel well and to improve concentration and focus, it's essential that you get plenty of rest and sleep for at least 8 hours every night.

Splashing your face, going to the windows and doors, taking an air bath, soaking up the sunshine, gazing up at the endlessness of the trees, drawing inspiration from the eternal energy, and gazing up at the sky. Your mind's size can be compared to the size of the sky. If the sky can

hold a billion, trillion, trillion stars, then the sky of your mind can hold a trillion, trillion, trillion gigabytes of data.

Yoga is about the confluence of energies, and when this confluence of energies occurs, the energies are balanced and the polarities get harmonized. Yoga is the mother principle of absolute harmony. Yoga opens your body and mind, and as you improve your flow, you get back into the rhythm of your breathing and your movement. Anytime equilibrium is lost, yoga is for it.

All five of these poses—Tadasana, Bhujangasana, Parvatta, Double Pavanmukta, and Naukasana—can help one concentrate, be determined, and hone their will.

Particularly in Tadasana, reaching upward, standing on your tiptoes, straightening your spine, and extending your fingertips high up, one feels relief and an expansion of awareness. It enables one to have good control over the synchronization and movement of the body and mind.

Bhujangasana, which is often performed by arching the spine like a cobra, stimulates both the left and right sides of the brain while simultaneously encouraging nostril breathing, which improves alertness, focus, and concentration. Moreover, it promotes a rise in neuronal firing.

Parvatasana strengthens one's commitment and tenacity, making them as solid as a mountain. It results in a peak in intelligence, evolution, and extension of consciousness.

By performing Double Pavanamuktasana, the core is sucked in tight and the buttocks are tightened, resulting in great inner core strength and becoming one with yourself.

You become secure and steady by holding Naukasana tightly, concentrating on the center of your core, and utilizing both eyes to focus on the toes of your feet. Your core and confidence arestrengthened. Synaptic connections are strengthened as a result.

All of these poses not only aid in stress reduction but also enhance memory, focus, attention, andconcentration as well as increase self-awareness.Nadi-shodan and Brahmari, two pranayamas with controlled breathing techniques, can help you clear your mind of clutter and feel renewed and energized by thinking positively.

All of these will assist you in clearing your mind of distractions so that you can feel rejuvenated and revitalized while thinking only about positive ideas. Practice mindlessness. This will enable you to remain composed in any stressful circumstances, including your exam results.

Author Mickey Mehta is Chairman & Managing Director. Dr. Mickey Mehta's 360° Welness Temple Private Limited. Views expressed here are personal.

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