Math phobia: Here's how to get rid of your fear before the board exams

Mathematics instils a fear of failure in many students, making them phobic of the subject. Here are some suggestions that will help you get rid of math phobia and score well in the subject.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 09, 2021 12:08 PM IST
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Board exams are almost breathing down the neck. Both CBSE and ICSE boards have announced final dates of the exams. With the dates approaching fast, the adrenalin rush of the students is high, so is their stress level. While exam phobia is the reality of a large cross section of students, the fear quotient only increases with mathematics. It won’t be unfair to say that it isn’t a subject that most of them don’t like. While some find it boring, others find it difficult.

Fear or phobia of mathmatics generally stems from the inability to understand concepts and solve the problems. In a nutshell, mathematics instils a fear of failure and anxiety in many students, making them phobic of the subject. With board exams approaching fast, we take you through some suggestions that will help you get rid of math phobia and score well in the subject.

Talk to friends suffering from the same problem

Discuss your problems with classmates who are going through similar issues. Listening to others’ problems may give you a fresh perspective. Also, you may find a solution to your troubles during the conversation while they find theirs. This can be a win-win situation.

Take help from your teachers

You should never be hesitant to ask questions. Come forward with your queries to your teacher whenever you are in doubt. If you get clarity about the basic concepts, you will find it less difficult to solve your math problems. This will not only strengthen your fundamental knowledge about the subject but also quell your fear.

Arrange group studies with peers good at math

This can help you clarify your doubts in a fun way. Pairing up with peers who have a strong hold on mathematics can work wonders in while it comes to solving difficult problems. However, while choosing classmates for a group study, make sure that you aren’t inviting the ones who can negatively impact your already low confidence.

Practise deep breathing

Do you get panic attacks while trying to solve math problems? If the answer is yes, then deep breathing exercises can come to your rescue. They will calm you down in those moments of anxiety. Also, it’s a good idea to slot a 15-minute meditation session before you sit with your math exercises. It will enhance your concentration levels.

Make mathmatics interesting

Yes, you heard it right. Studying math can be interesting too if you learn its real-life applications. This is one subject that has relevance in your everyday life. Starting rom estimating prices and totals to measuring something or processing information, you need mathematics everywhere. Use your life situations to pick up the concepts of arithmetic and algebra.

Change the way you study mathematics

Mathematics is a subjects that necessitates you to memorise a lot of formulae and theorems. Don’t just mug them up. Try to understand the theory and logic behind them. Once the concept is clear, you don’t have to make additional efforts to remember the formulae.

Focus on your strengths

If you are slightly confident about some topics of your mathematics syllabus, spend more time on harnessing your skills on them. Clarify all your doubts in them with the help of your teachers and peers and practise those topics rigorously so that you can score full marks in them. Go through previous years’ question papers and figure out the weightage of these topics and calculate how much you can score easily. This will boost your confidence and calm down your fear, at least partially. Move on to the difficult areas after you have mastered some areas of the subject.

Pay more attention to practice, not tests

Well, there is no denying that mock tests are an essential element of your preparation regimen before the board math exams. But time bound tests can aggravate your anxiety and come in the way of your ability to understand concepts and solve problems. So, focus on practising different exercises of your textbook and solving previous years’ question papers and sharpen your skills to a certain degree. Start taking tests only after your confidence levels are a little high.

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