When dad says no, it means no: Trishala Dutt

Updated on Feb 01, 2013 01:16 AM IST

Sanjay Dutt's 24-year-old daughter, Trishala, says her dad is strict and it's a problem when the two don't agree on things.

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Considering you grew up in New York, was Bollywood an influence on you at all?
Bollywood was an influence on me when I was younger, not so much anymore. I used to know every movie, every song, every actor that made their debut. I was a child at that time and everyone would come to me and ask "what movie is this song from?" Now, I'm the one asking everyone "what movie is this?"

You used to be quite chubby. How much weight did you lose and how?
I lost around 20 kilos. I got a trainer and I basically ate what I wanted but I did strength training at least 4 times a week for an hour. I really worked very, very hard for my results. I sweated, I cried, I did it all to get where I'm at. I still feel I need to lose more. I'm extremely broad on top and really narrow down below so it's frustrating shopping for shirts and jackets sometimes but I make the best of what I have. There is always room for more improvement

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/1/Trishala_pic_430.jpgWhat is Sanjay Dutt like as a father?

I can tell you the one thing that I learned from him in spite of not even living with him, is that No means No. And there's no question about it afterwards. He's extremely loving when he wants to be, he can fool around with you when he's in the mood but he's strict as well. I think he's stubborn, and so am I. When we don't agree on certain things it can be a problem. We love each other at the end of the day.

What are your memories of your mother, Richa Sharma?
My mother passed away 17 years ago. Thats a long time I've been without her. It's sad to say I don't have many memories of her, but I do remember how kind she was, how beautiful she was, and what an honest loving person she was.

What do you currently do?
I am working on my own personal line of things which I am branding, and manufacturing

Do you miss India? Any plans of moving base?
I miss my dad, that is what I miss about India. I don't plan on moving there. I thought about it, I tried, but it's very clear he doesn't want me to live there with him and thats okay, because I realised where I am is one of the best places in the world.

Your dad said in an interview that it's time to think about your marriage? What do you think about that?
I am laughing so hard right now. I didn't even know he said that. I am too young to get married. I am focusing on my career right now and getting my foot on the ground. Firstly, I want to be able to create something and have a good response from the public. In order for me to get married, I need to be working. I need to be making an income to give my future children a future of their own. My future husband of course will provide for them as well but I want to be able to stand on my own feet. I am not one of those women who can just cook, take care of kids, and be a social butterfly while my husband is doing all the work. No. I need to be my own person. When all that is set, I'll get married.

What are the challenges that you faced while growing up and how did you deal with them?
I faced a lot of challenges growing up and till today I face new challenges everyday but I always find a way to fix them. Unlike other starkids I don't have the luxury to have mommy and daddy help with things. I don't have the luxury of a father to "make a phonecall" or "pull a favour" for me as the others do. It's hard with no help and you have to do everything on your own. Then I look at someone like Shah Rukh Khan who did everything on his own with no parents in the industry, no friends, no connections, no nothing. He had a drive for success and he had talent. If he can do it, so can I. Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

How did you take to the 'star kid' tag? You once came down to India and there was so much media at the airport to take your pictures. Were you comfortable with that?
Oh My God. I think that was the first time I ever experienced something like that. I was extremely overwhelmed. I remember when my dadaji passed away in 2005 there was so much media surrounding our family but nobody came after me in particular obviously given the situation that had happend so I thought it was fine, but then when I came 2 years later, I was in for it! I don't live in India, so I'm not used to it like how other "starkids" are. I didn't even think it would be a big deal but apparently it is..and that was 6 years ago! I can't even imagine how it would be if I came to Mumbai now!

Did your friends in school and college know about your father being one of India's top stars?

Yes, everyone knew. My highschool years (grade 9-12) were the worst. It only takes one person to announce who's daughter I am and then it literally spreads like a disease. It still does to this day because sometimes people cannot even recognize me anymore. I used to be extremely heavy before so when people see me now, it's hard for some to believe it's me.

What do you think of Sanjay Dutt as an actor? Do you watch all his movies? Have you ever told him that you didn't like a film he starred in?
I think dad has progressed as an actor. He plays many different types of roles and he does them extremely well in my personal opinion. I don't watch every single movie of his because I'm not into Bollywood like that anymore. I don't think I've ever told him I didn't like a film of his because I usually only watch the ones that have be noted to be worthwhile but if he were to ask me, I wouldn't be afraid to tell him my honest opinion.

A gift that he gave you that you treasure till date?
Loving phonecalls, and the amount of time and love he gave me when I was younger.

Your pictures make it to a lot of fashion blogs..your hairstyle, hair colour and clothing. What's your current look?
I love fashion. I love playing around with different types of hairstyles and trying on different types of accessories and clothing. I'm not afraid to experiment with anything. I am a true girly girl with an edge. My look is very "New York". However, I'm not going to call myself a "Fashionista". I don't like self proclaiming something. I would rather let others decide that for me. If I am, and if people want to call me a Fashionista than that would be amazing. If not, whatever. As long as I feel confident in what I wear and how I look thats all that matters. However, I do know India is keeping up with my looks and trending my latest outfits, haircolor, etc. I think they even wrote an article saying I have blonde hair now! Which was true. Blondes do have more fun for sure! My current look (since it's Winter months in NY) is a rich chocolate brown hair color which softens my features and is a great look for colder months. Light hair for summer, dark hair for winter is my way to go although it doesn't really matter. I'm wearing a lot of furs with dark denim jeans since it's cold. I took out all my boots and I'm loving it!

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/1/Trishala_430.jpgDo you have any friends in the industry? We never see you accompany your dad to any filmy parties...

I never accompany dad to any filmy parties because I am barely in Mumbai to begin with. I do have some friends in the industry and in the socialite scene but I am not close to anyone in particular because I'm not in India very often to build such a strong relationship like that with anyone, and when I am in Mumbai I spend time with dad and Maanyata because I haven't seen them in so long.

Who are you closest to in your family?
I am closest to my aunt Enna in my family. She is incredibly strong, successful, and level headed. She's my hero. She would do anything to see a smile on my face. She has given me so much already that giving up my life for her wouldn't be enough to show her how thankful I am. You want to see your dreams come true, go to her. I am extremely blessed and I thank God that I have her in my life every single day and I do not take anything for granted.

Are you seeing someone?
I am not seeing anyone in particular but you know I have crushes here and there. There is no one special in my life at the moment, but when there is it will be known! I'll make it known.

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Meet the family
Trishala is the daughter of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and his first wife, actor Richa Sharma, and the granddaughter of veteran actors Sunil and Nargis Dutt. Sanjay Dutt is best known for his films Munnabi MBBS, Vaastav, Saajan and Khalnayak. Richa starred in Anubhav with Shekhar Suman. Dutt later married Rhea Pillai and after divorcing her he married, Maanayata Dutt in 2008. The Dutt-Trishala relationship hit headlines when Trishala said she would join Bollywood even if Dutt disapproved.


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